Raiders WinCraft NfL Snack Helmet

Since I’m in California, I’m going with the Raiders, but each snack helmet is similar — except for the logo and color.

These are great for your football fans!! They are a very attractive container for displaying your various game time snacks. And a wonderful way to cheer on your favorite team!RaidersSnackHelmet

Although this helmet is made of plastic, it is quality material. It’s made in the USA!!! It’s an officially licensed product. The trays are removable and microwavable and dishwasher safe.

This is a full-sized replica helmet with 2-compentment tray in the facemask and large bowl in the helmet. As you can see in the picture, it’s great for chips, dips, candy and even an ice bucket.

Everyone goes nuts about these helmets at tailgate parties.

And, your favorite college team won’t be left out . . . they have snack helmets for them, too!

Here’s one with a special shout out to my friend Melonie in Alabama!!!

I know how serious fans are of their team. My pictures are mere examples of what the product looks like — and, of course, it would look great with your team logo right there in your living room or on your tailgate.

The time is right to get your team snack helmet now while supply lasts. These helmets are selling like hot cakes in both the NFL and NCAA. I thank everyone who has purchased a helmet from me. You can do it by clicking a helmet and then searching for your team to buy it.

It’s my loyal visitors here who clued me in to these wonderful snack helmets. Thank you so much!!!

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Invite A Monster To Lunch

For Halloween, it’s great to have fun nutritious lunches and snacks for the kids.MonsterSandwiches

Everyone would love to have one of these sandwiches! So why not make up a platter of them for your Halloween Party!!!

Now, normally, you’d attach toothpicks to the olive “eyes”, but for a school lunch, I’d prefer to attach them with something edible. I’d go with pretzel sticks. And, I’d do the same for the party platter.

As you look at the picture . . . they are a lot of work with the cutting of the bread and the cheese . . . but they definitely add to the Halloween theme of your sandwich platter.

When you get down to it, it’s fun and it’s about having fun . . . tell me about it after 100 sandwiches . . .

In the end it is all worth it when you receive the compliments and see them being gobbled up . . . wanting another platter of them.

So, this time you bring out a platter of bread, condiments, cold cuts, cheese, olives, pretzel sticks — see how many people will cut their bread into a circle and make their cheese look like spikey teeth. You’re going to have them make themselves a sandwich!!! A real sandwich with olives and pretzel sticks on the side. So, you got to be the great hostess and then feed the hungry crowd . . .

You can have other things besides sandwiches, but those will come as the season progresses. It’s just that sometimes “finger food” isn’t enough to satisfy an appetite. How many times have you gone into the kitchen to make a sandwich after a party? Oh, yes you have!!! Admit it!!!

These are cute sandwiches and fun for a kid’s lunch — maybe two would be good. Very few monsters travel alone.

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Interesting Craft Idea For All Occasions

I love crafts, especially those I can do for every holiday.


This pictorial tutorial shows you exactly what you need to do.

I like the coffee cup concept with the saucer, too. I may want to experiment with a wine glass or other glassware and also kitchen or other household objects that would be special to you, a member of your family or for whomever you’re making this “centerpiece” or the holiday or celebration.

We’re approaching fall and Halloween. You could use a witch’s shoe or a plastic pumpkin or plastic cauldron or even a plastic skull . . . I’m sure you could think of something else. And, of course, you could be thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year.

You can add whatever you desire to the “plate/saucer” and use artificial leaves or other foliage that fits your holiday theme to cover the fork. I would truly love to make a miniature scene using small figurines for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There could be artificial snow to cover the fork handle and the fork on the saucer. I may want to use a brandy snifter to spill out the pieces that magically are later placed in the saucer scene. It could be people being poured out of the snifter or elements such as trees or whatever fits the particular holiday.

The flowers and eggs do work out nicely with this concept, but I believe it is worthwhile to create something for the other holidays — it would definitely be a challenge. I’d have to do a lot of experimenting to see what looks and feels right for me. I’m confident something would work, it will just take a bit of trial and error to make it work.

I hope this pictorial tutorial was helpful and gave you considerable food for thought. I’ll be thinking about it and gathering various objects to see what would work for the concept I have in mind.

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave me a comment. I’ve love to hear your ideas.


Centerpiece Witch’s Hat

I’m all into fall decorating and this witch hat is an excellent place to begin.WitchHat

You can check out any left over items from last fall that would be excellent to decorate this hat for your table.

I love the rustic natural feel of the decorations. I have some small plastic cauldrons I’d add plus maybe a frog and a black cat.

It may be a good idea to put batting or tissue paper inside the witch’s hat to keep it standing up. The stars are a nice touch.

I’m sure you have dozens of ideas and items you could use to decorate your witch hat and proudly display along with the party food.

This hat truly needs a party!!

I’ll try to attach a witch’s broom to the display to let your guests know the witch is home for the night.

Have fun!!!

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Unofficial End of Summer

It’s Interesting How Labor Day Unofficially Marks The End Of Summer.labor-day

I go by the weather and also the calendar. However, they don’t necessarily coincide in California, but maybe someplace in the world.

Labor Day became a Federal Holiday in 1894 and is observed on the first Monday in September to celebrate the contributions and achievements of American Workers.

It’s a day of backyard bbq’s and eating hot dogs and hamburgers hot off the grill. It gives me the impression of a mini 4th of July. We are always eager to get together with friends and family and have a great bbq meal. It’s a celebrated day off work that everyone enjoys.

However, you celebrate Labor Day, have a good one!

Here’s a video you may enjoy:

It’s good to look into history from time to time to understand why we celebrate certain holidays and what made it happen. Most often such events don’t happen easily. It’s unfortunate that workers had 12-hour days all 7 days of the week and they were barely making enough to provide for their families. Times were tough. It’s good to get a perspective of what was and what is now.

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