Month: November 2015

Catching Up

Have You Noticed That You’re Always Catching Up On Tasks? I am. I promised my brother I’d print out some pictures for him . . . that was months ago . . . I finally decided to get to it. Once I got started it wasn’t that big of a deal. Maybe you’ve found the same to be true for you. It’s embarrassing how I put things off. I know it is a bit early for New Year’s Resolutions, but this procrastination is one thing I need to stop . . . or at least get a handle on...

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Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher

I Found This Great Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher  It’s a way of getting everyone to think of how thankful they are for so many of life’s blessings. This is fun for kids and adults, too. I hope you enjoy it. You can get the Cootie Catcher Here. Some like printing it out on card stock so it doesn’t wear out as quickly, but regular printing paper works fine. It may actually be easier for folding. I like this cootie catcher. Here’s a quick look inside: How can you show people that you are grateful? How do you feel when you...

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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Product Review

It’s not the best quality, but it is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It’s an Amazon Best Seller for good reason. It reminds us all of the True Meaning of Christmas. It’s a delightful conversation piece that would be excellent on a buffet or dessert table. This is a 24″ Lonely Tree with a blanket inspired by Charles Schultz Peanut characters. One red ornament and Linus’ blanket is included. This is for indoor use with some assembly required. Here’s a video you may enjoy: Yes, this lonely little tree is a delightful remembrance of what Christmas is all about...

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One of Life’s Many Journeys On Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving’s Travels I love Thanksgiving. The anticipation and the preparations. It’s all about bringing family and friends together to celebrate life’s numerous blessings. A time of caring and sharing. Yes, Thanksgiving can bring much joy and happiness into your life. It’s all about the journey. With “journey” and “travels” the concept comes together nicely. It’s about the process much more than the destination. Yet we are delighted when we “arrive,” but there is so very much more. It’s Your Focus Two brothers found a treasure map. They planned their journey and dreamed of the “treasure” they would find....

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Thanksgiving Is Almost Upon Us

The Days And Weeks Are Going By Quickly. Thanksgiving is less than a week away! I was out shopping yesterday and the Thanksgiving grocery displays were moved front and center. It was so easy to find just about everything in that one section. I could feel the excitement of the approaching holiday. Family is gathering this weekend to spend more time together. There is much excitement and anticipation all around the city. It’s easy to get caught up in it. No matter what your plans, take a moment to reflect upon your favorite Thanksgiving Day celebrations. It’s good to...

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