Catching Up

Have You Noticed That You’re Always Catching Up On Tasks?

I am.

I promised my brother I’d print out some pictures for him . . . that was months ago . . .

I finally decided to get to it. Once I got started it wasn’t that big of a deal. Maybe you’ve found the same to be true for you.

It’s embarrassing how I put things off. I know it is a bit early for New Year’s Resolutions, but this procrastination is one thing I need to stop . . . or at least get a handle on it.

I used to be much more organized and task oriented. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe getting involved in too many things.

It’s difficult to go back and discover when it all started, but it may be a sense of overwhelm I was experiencing or maybe starting something new that took up most of my time.

I’m not looking for excuses, but an explanation. What I know for sure is that procrastination hasn’t worked out for me. I’ve let others down and myself as well.

I don’t remember what was so important. That’s the truth of the matter. Sure I was taking a writing course, but that shouldn’t stop me from doing other tasks.

Yes, I was building websites . . . there was room to do other things right along with it.

I have no explanation and no excuse for procrastinating on important tasks. Have you found the same to be true for you?

Sorry For Making It Personal

I’m frustrated with myself for procrastinating.

It’s also embarrassing to be called on not following through. Even with the best of intentions, I don’t like letting others down.

It’s not right, in my way of thinking, to essentially tell someone that what I’m doing is much more important than what you asked me to do. It’s not how I felt at the time, but my lack of follow through showed that or conveyed that thought.

I’ve found that when I truly want to change my behavior, I make up my mind to do it.

At this point I’m tired of catching up. I want to be more organized and maybe get on a schedule . . . maybe that’s going a bit too far . . . but I may have to do just that to achieve the change I’m seeking.

Life Demands Multi-Tasking

I don’t know if the days, weeks and months seem to go by quickly for you, but they sure do for me.

It’s always “I’ll get to that tomorrow” mindset that has me catching up all the time.

I have found some priorities, though. It has to do with bill paying and answering letters, but when it comes to other tasks, I’ve found I’ve messed up.

Having a schedule may be important to get started. I want to eliminate procrastination from my behavior habit.

I’m all right with a flexible schedule. Maybe one that has the tasks written down for the whole month and then checking them off as they’re done. And maybe numbering them to get the most important ones accomplished first . . . but also squeezing in other tasks along with them. It may make my time more productive.

My websites are a priority. I love blogging, but find I’m not as dedicated as before. It may be due to having more websites than I can handle or losing interest in some and this frustration has resulted in allowing my favorite ones to suffer as well.

I know I’ve been struggling with a couple of websites that have gotten me down. This has been weighing on my mind for quite a long time. I think it may be time for me re-evaluate them and let them go to give me time to devote my time to those websites I enjoy.

Yes, there is a time to let go when you find things aren’t allowing you to progress.

Have You Noticed How Your Priorities Change Over Time?

I’m sure this is only natural.

We’re always learning something new. This could be conscious or subconscious or even unconscious. We’re picking things up from all forms of media as well as snipits of conversations we hear when we’re out and about.

Something clicks within our minds without us being aware of it at times. And I believe it gets us thinking about it on some conscious level to make sense about it and how it applies to us.

Not to sound selfish, but honestly it is about you and about me. We’re always wondering how something is going to affect me. It’s natural, not selfish.

It’s a basic part of human nature. We hear about a drought and wonder how it affects us personally. We want to know what we can do to help the situation rather than make it worse.

We do want to play an active role in many issues, mainly so it won’t impact our lives  or lifestyle unfavorably. I like being comfortable and not worrying about things.

I want to improve my life and my skills. I want to continue learning, but not at the expense of other things that are equally important.

There are only so many hours in the day. I know I need to be as productive as possible. And also to give myself some time to relax and recharge.

My priorities have changed to some degree. And in order to be true to myself, I need to address those issues that are draining me and putting me into a procrastination mode.

For me it’s some websites that are draining rather than fulfilling. Yet, it’s difficult to let go . . . that’s my struggle right now. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to let go of that struggle and other struggles that are dragging me down?

It’s almost a no-brainer . . . so why is it so difficult?

When I figure that out, I may have something important to share that will be helpful to others.

If you have any suggestions be sure to let me know. I’m eager to learn something new and beneficial that makes my life easier and easier for others as well.

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Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher

I Found This Great Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher ThanksgivingCootieCatcher

It’s a way of getting everyone to think of how thankful they are for so many of life’s blessings.

This is fun for kids and adults, too. I hope you enjoy it.

You can get the Cootie Catcher Here.

Some like printing it out on card stock so it doesn’t wear out as quickly, but regular printing paper works fine. It may actually be easier for folding.

I like this cootie catcher. Here’s a quick look inside:

  • How can you show people that you are grateful?
  • How do you feel when you say Thank You to someone?
  • Three things I’ve Thankful for today are.
  • Why is it important to be grateful for things in your life?
  • Which book are you thankful for reading?

This may get everyone talking about their memories of personal experiences they’re grateful for having — maybe not at the time, but now that you’ve had time to reflect. It’s a wonderful activity for young and old to share their thoughts and feelings.

And the Assembly Instructions.

Have a great Thanksgiving!



Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Product Review

It’s not the best quality, but it is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

It’s an Amazon Best Seller for good reason. It reminds us all of the True Meaning of Christmas.

It’s a delightful conversation piece that would be excellent on a buffet or dessert table.

This is a 24″ Lonely Tree with a blanket inspired by Charles Schultz Peanut characters. One red ornament and Linus’ blanket is included. This is for indoor use with some assembly required.

Here’s a video you may enjoy:

Yes, this lonely little tree is a delightful remembrance of what Christmas is all about and may it brighten this Christmas season for you and yours.

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One of Life’s Many Journeys On Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving’s Travels

I love Thanksgiving.

The anticipation and the preparations. It’s all about bringing family and friends together to celebrate life’s numerous blessings. A time of caring and sharing.

Yes, Thanksgiving can bring much joy and happiness into your life. It’s all about the journey.

With “journey” and “travels” the concept comes together nicely. It’s about the process much more than the destination. Yet we are delighted when we “arrive,” but there is so very much more.

It’s Your Focus

Two brothers found a treasure map.

They planned their journey and dreamed of the “treasure” they would find.

From studying the map, they knew where their treasure was located . . . and they knew how to get there.

During the early morning hours they gathered their equipment and set out for their hike in the woods. The boys hiked those woods on numerous occasions . . . but this time they had a mission . . . treasure.

The “treasure” was foremost on their minds. They walked briskly through the debris on the path. Their first “marker” was up ahead . . . the huge boulder separating the path.

They stopped briefly. They were going up the trail.

They set off, when suddenly the earth started shaking and the roar of thundering hoofs. Wild sheep were on their way. One brother dove right while the other left.

The brother on the left disturbed a mother skunk who didn’t take kindly to the intrusion.

The herd of wild sheep passed and the brother on the left was yelling and crying out in pain.

“I can’t see!”

His brother came to his rescue, bathing his eyes with water to clear his vision.

They leaned against the old tree, stumbling over the gnarled roots — their second “marker.”

Giving Up

The boys didn’t realize they were only a few feet away from their treasure.

They didn’t notice the second marker. They lost their focus.

They returned home, stumbling on every rock and rut on the path they previously covered so effortlessly.

It’s so easy to give up and to not see what is right before you.

Life gives us many obstacles, but it is our clear focus that gets up through them. When you lose your focus . . . it’s difficult to build up that enthusiasm again.

That’s how many people feel about the holidays and the preparations.

Yes, it can be a huge undertaking, but it can also be a labor of love . . . when you focus upon your goal.

Journey’s Aren’t Without Obstacles

It’s all about your focus.

You can focus upon everything that could possibly go wrong . . . or focus upon how things are coming together . . . Traffic is always an issue, but it’s your perspective that makes it bearable or horrible.

With focus, you can head-off obstacles. Find solutions and alternatives to keep you on your path.

I remember one Thanksgiving getting a flat tire.

I did replace the tire. Called to let my folks know of my delay.

Yes, I did miss out on the company and feast, but as it turned out, this is a Thanksgiving I truly did enjoy. I was grateful for the gas station that was open and how I wasn’t charged a fortune for the tire.

I was thankful for parents who kept my Thanksgiving dinner warm and ready when I arrived. I did enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

My mother spoke of that day often. She said she got two Thanksgivings. One with my brother and his family and one with me. It made the day last longer for her.

I could have returned home, but I did continue on my journey.

I was grateful for the man who stopped and helped me change my tire and told me of the gas station that was open. I was also grateful for our conversation of how he was going to visit his grandmother. He spoke so fondly of her . . . by the time the tire was changed, I felt I knew her and the young man she raised.

I was grateful for the attendant at the gas station and his wife who brought us coffee and sandwiches.

Some Obstacles Can Be Blessings

It’s stopping for a bit to really see what is around us.

My flat tire was a blessing. It allowed me to meet some interesting people I would never have met otherwise.

It gave me a new perspective on the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the may blessings we miss, because we’re not looking for them. They come in all shapes and sizes . . . and even in disguise.

May you be blessed this Thanksgiving Day!


Thanksgiving Is Almost Upon Us

The Days And Weeks Are Going By Quickly.KidsPlayingInLeaves

Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

I was out shopping yesterday and the Thanksgiving grocery displays were moved front and center. It was so easy to find just about everything in that one section. I could feel the excitement of the approaching holiday.

Family is gathering this weekend to spend more time together. There is much excitement and anticipation all around the city. It’s easy to get caught up in it.

No matter what your plans, take a moment to reflect upon your favorite Thanksgiving Day celebrations. It’s good to remember loved ones who have passed and how they have made Thanksgiving and other holidays so special.

Is It The Food Or The Company?

For many it could be the traveling to see loved one.

My neighbor has an expression I truly love, “Family is like fish, it spoils after three days.” So she limits her visits. It’s a way to visit various family and friends before arriving at their final destination for Thanksgiving.

I’m sure many would like to spend more than three days together, but I can understand not imposing on the kindness of others.

My brother and I were talking about food yesterday. That really gets you in the mood for the Thanksgiving Feast before us this Thanksgiving. This got me thinking of how special Thanksgiving was when we were kids. That’s why I love the picture of kids playing in the leaves with the Pilgrims and Native Americans in the background.

It’s remembering the reason for the holiday and also allowing you to be a kid again . . . at least in memory.

My father and I would rake leaves together Thanksgiving morning. It became our tradition. Surprisingly, I do miss it. I loved seeing the progress we made in getting the driveway cleared off first and then the front lawn. I do love the sound of crunching in the leaves.

Each family may have priceless memories that have nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but we do make the association nevertheless.

Make Your Own Traditions

There are so many “built in” traditions centered around Thanksgiving.

It’s mainly the food, but it could be something more . . . like raking leaves or making the beds . . . even bringing out cots for the kids to sleep on . . . or setting up a place for kids to play in the backyard.

Football is a tradition . . . watching or playing it with family and friends . . . also a favorite movie or board game . . . or video game . . . each family has traditions that are uniquely their own . . . or maybe not so unique.

Then, the day after Thanksgiving . . . Black Friday special shopping trips . . . putting up the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights . . . or whatever you and your family find appropriate to do.

It’s always fun to have something special to share with loved ones that will be a treasured memory for many years to come.

It’s never to late to create your own Thanksgiving tradition.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!