Month: January 2016

I Love A Rainy Day

Yes, It’s True. Rainy days are truly a blessing. It’s a time to relax and get into crafts. I did give you a wide variety of Disney Character Treat Boxes to make for your children. And let’s not forget the Free 3-D Printable you can made of R2-D2 for all your Star Wars fans. For many, rainy days bring up thoughts of Halloween . . . I don’t know why, but ghost stories and the like are a favorite on rainy days around my house. Also thoughts of all those urban legends you heard as a child or teen....

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Grandma’s Baked Caramel Corn Recipe

Baked Caramel Corn From Scratch Yes, you make your own caramel and pop your own corn. No, not the microwave stuff. You’ll need a popper . . . it’s about flavor, which must be savored . . . and anticipated. This is an old family recipe . . . it does pay off to save old recipes tucked away . . . I can’t for the life of me know why my grandmother put this recipe . . . never mind . . . let’s just say she hid her recipes in clever places. All right! Enough chatter ....

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Valentine’s Day Cards Free Printable

Yes, Indeed! has you covered with their free printable Valentine’s Day Cards. I don’t know how you or your children’s school handles Valentine’s Day, but I know this was a fun day with a Valentine’s Day Party when I was a going to school. It was fun to pass out the cards and also to receive them. I know of some people who like to make their own or they buy packets from their local grocery store. Isn’t it amazing how the grocery store has all these extras for the holidays? It’s a good idea to begin a...

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Let’s Get Ready For Valentine’s Day

Yes, Indeed, It Will Be Here Before You Know It I know I did rush right into Easter . . . but I’m slowing down a bit and get with the calendar. And I’ll do you one better . . . I’ll include St. Patrick’s Day . . . All Free Printables. Yes, I have been focused on crafts lately. And it may continue for awhile . . . I’m getting serious about paper crafts . . . getting into the mechanics of the process . . . and seeing what I can make on my own . ....

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Pin The Tail On Eeyore

I Love Paper Crafts!! And paper crafts with a purpose . . . are even better. Do you remember the classic game of “pin the tail on the donkey”? Well, we’ve come a long long way from that . . . we can pin the tail on Eeyore or Bullseye. And instead of using pins or tacks we’re using double-sided tape. It is still a fun game for children. Each tail has the name of the child on it so you’ll know which child got the closest to sticking the tail on Eeyore or Bullseye. Toy Story’s Bullseye Pin...

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