It’s Easter Craft Time

    Yes, is ready for EasterEaster

    You’ve probably concluded that I’ve been procrastinating.

    Well, yes and no . . . I’ve been thinking . . . thinking about crafts and how to make them work for me. I love doing various crafts for all of the holidays. I’ve been watching a lot of “how to” videos and doing a lot of research. Just when I think I know what’s going on . . . I realize I don’t know where I’m going . . . and if I don’t know where I’m going, I can’t help get you there either.

    I’ve been thinking long and hard about the process. I am amazed how people figure out their templates for boxes and how they can add other parts that all seem to fold into place.

    Yes, I did get lost within this “figuring” process. One minute things are so clear, then in the next . . . it’s lost.

    I don’t know about you.

    I just know it’s important to make things easy so you can spend some quality time making some exciting Easter boxes to fill with Easter goodies for your family.

    I guess it is all about the children, but adults are just big kids at heart, too.

    Minnie Mouse’s Easter Candy BoxMinniesEasterCandyBox

    Disney characters are always popular.

    For Easter, Minnie Mouse is on the scene. She’s been out and about gathering Easter goodies.

    You’ll be able to assemble her quite easily and she has a box you can fill with your favorite Easter goodness. Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the download page. The free print-able is complete with instructions for assembling these delightful boxes.

    I love these! They’re great for decorating a shelf or a mantle. I have a table in my entry that I fill with these candy boxes. You see, has the whole “family” of characters decked out for Easter.

    You May Also Enjoy:

    I hope these brighten up your Easter celebration. No matter what type of crafting you’re into, I’m sure these candy boxes will fit right in to something you can use. They’ll be a big hit with your family and friends.

    I wish you all the best!


    R2-D2 Free Printable

    Yes, I May Be A Bit Late With ThisR2-D2Printable

    But a free printable is welcome any ol’ time as far as I’m concerned.

    R2-D2 has always been a favorite Star Wars droid. And, right here, right now you can click the image and print it out. You’ll need to assemble it, but that’s fun to do. And then you can have your very own droid.

    It’s a great craft for your kids . . . depending upon their age. Print out several and they’ll have plenty to make and share with their friends.

    I know of several adults who would love to have one of these little guys on their desk or book shelf. It is a definite conversation piece.

    Soon, all family and friends would be asking you where you got it . . . and if you could make one for them.

    I do love these 3D images from they are colorful and great fun to print out and assemble.

    I hope you enjoy this R2-D2 Paper Craft.


    Let’s Have Some Fun With Sizzix Framelits

    I Absolutely Adore The Bird Crazy Die Set

    Yes, it’s Sizzix and it’s a Tim Holtz die set.

    You’ll need a Sizzix machine and some other items. To get started with scrap booking or creating your own cards and invitations . . . even whimsical gift boxes and tags . . . these birds could be your signature piece . . . they are so cool and will accompany you throughout the year . . . for every holiday and celebration.

    Aren’t they adorable!!! They each seem to have their own personality . . . I don’t know if the designer Tim Holtz named these birds, but you can . . . They can be guys or gals . . . they can be all guys or all gals . . . once you buy them, they’re yours to embellish however you choose.

    Are you excited?

    I hope so. This is a wonderful adventure into die cutting, embossing, stamping, coloring and adding some creative touches to your new “friends.”

    Like I said, you’ll need some other items to go along with this die set, but it is all well worth it. And, if you’re just beginning on your journey into scrap booking, paper craftings, etc. this is a great place to begin.

    You’ll need a Sizzix Die Cutting Machine

    Here are some examples. They will get the job done . . . I prefer the easier the better . . . but some people like to go for something a bit more fancy. It all depends upon what you want to do with your Sizzix. I’m into paper crafts and I don’t mind cranking the handle.

    The Vagabond is electric with a forward and reverse button. Many people like it, especially those with shoulder problems. Now the BigShots, the gray and white one is The Sizzex Big Shot Pro Plus. It has a wider platform which accommodates more materials and saves time by using multiple dies at once.

    It’s all a matter of taste as to which Sizzix cutter you need. I’ve found I cut out images individually because I’m using different paper for different parts. But, when I have several dies to cut out using the same paper, it would be nice to have a wider cutting area. Just as with the need for a wider printer . . . but that’s on my wish list.

    And Now For The Fun:

    There are stamps and another die cutting set of balloons, hats, ties, glasses . . . one or several of your birds could be a witch or an Easter Bunny . . . you can have some fun with this collection.

    You may want to check out more cutting dies, ink pads, stamps and paper. Or just have some fun with these birds. It will spur your imagination in delightful ways.

    Many people take their die cutter/embosser to crafting parties. They also take it on vacation to get in some relaxation and creativity. It’s always fun to have family projects that are enjoyable for all ages. You’ll be amazed by how creative your kids truly are . . . and don’t discount the adults . . . even seasoned citizens . . . it is a good activity for them to join in, too.

    My friend, Julie has a thing for birds. She finds pictures and puts them in various settings. She’s going to flip over this collection.

    Enjoy!!! I hope this was an informative post for you . . . and maybe got you moving forward with your craft projects.


    The Power Of Forgiveness

    No, I’m Not Getting Preachy On YouAThousand-Words

    I was watching a movie.

    A Thousand Words with Eddie Murphy. What I got out of it was all the useless words we spout regularly. How much of it is truly valuable?

    As a blogger, it got me thinking. A thousand words for a blog post is normal . . . and for some much too long, but it is usually a goal.

    The Essence Of The Movie

    Eddie Murphy is an agent for writers.

    He was excellent at his job and was top in his industry. Then one day, he connected with this tree. And with every word he spoke, leaves would fall from the tree.

    Once the leaves were gone . . . so would the man, played by Eddie Murphy.

    So, once he realized what was happening, he was forced to stop talking. He tried to get help from a spiritual guru, but to no avail . . . but it had to getting his life right . . .

    And, once he did . . . the “old” man became a “new” man . . .

    Yes, that was a movie . . . but is there at least a grain of truth to be gathered from it?

    The New Year Is A Time Of Reflection

    It’s about Resolutions.

    That we’ll either keep . . . or forget about after a few weeks or months.

    We always want each year of our lives to be better than the previous one . . . or build upon previous ones. We aspire to success is many areas of our lives.

    But, do we need to forgive?

    Could we be happier by forgiving?

    I believe I could be a happier person by forgiving. I can’t speak for you.

    I Try To Be More Positive In Word And Deed

    Of course, I’ll have opinions . . . I’m endeavoring to be more positive and less negative.

    Now, when it comes to making a review . . . it either works or it doesn’t . . . I may enjoy it or I didn’t find it worthwhile — in the case of a book, game or movie, for example.

    Those latter categories are subjective. And an opinion is merely an opinion . . . unless there is an intention to hurt others . . . that, I try not to do.

    Yes, there are definitely gray areas that make a general discussion difficult.

    In my everyday interactions, I’m trying to be more positive. When I think back to old hurts and disappointments, I strive for forgiveness. It doesn’t mean the other person may forgive me . . . that’s not the point . . . it’s what I can do for making me a better person . . . and forgiveness is sometimes necessary.

    It does sound a bit selfish on my part . . . this gives me more to think about and understand.

    I just don’t want to harbor negativity within me. I never set out to make enemies. But, the truth is, not everyone is going to like me. And I must accept that. I’m not out to changing minds.

    This Discussion Started From A Movie

    I thought it worthwhile to discuss here . . . just in case it would ring true with you.

    If it does, wonderful. If not, that’s wonderful, too.

    This was basically written to give you some food for thought. And maybe suggest a movie, you may enjoy.

    I enjoy learning something new in an entertaining way . . . and think about how I can apply it to my life . . . to make me a better person.

    Thank you for stopping by. I do hope this post was informative.

    Until next time,


    Happy New Year

    Yes!!! 2016 Is Finally Here!!latte4

    We have such grand hopes for the year ahead . . . as we always do this time every year.

    Throughout the year, we’ve been able to count our many blessings and be truly thankful . . . then giving and the spirit associated with that . . . and throughout the year we’ve been filled with love and appreciation for so very much.

    Then the New Year comes . . . a time of reflection . . . a time to make goals for the upcoming year . . . or not officially, but to take a bit of an inventory.

    Of course, I think about my websites and how to use my time more productively. This applies to more than just my blogging. There is so very much to life that I don’t want to take for granted . . . which I may have in the past.

    This Christmas season has had an impact upon me.

    It made me think about what is truly important. Also to keep that wonderful feeling of Christmas linger throughout the year . . . no matter what is going on in the world . . .

    It’s not hiding my head in the sand, but realizing that there is only so much as an individual I can do. So, if I can be upbeat and positive throughout the year, I can accomplish so very much more and perhaps help others. I do want to be a place where worry and frustration are not to be found. It is a place where we continue on no matter what . . . unless the internet crashes . . .

    Worry Doesn’t Accomplish Anything

    Have you noticed that?

    Yet, I find myself worrying about things I can’t change. I know I can change myself . . . not by a snap of the fingers or a twitch of the nose . . . but through consistent effort I can change my behavior.

    Worry is something I no longer need to do. It also does me no good to be upset or frustrated by the behaviors of elected officials . . . local, statewide and federal . . . I can voice my concerns to those individuals, but besides that I must continue living my life the best way that I can.

    We must be strong for our family . . . I want to be strong for my many visitors, by giving them a safe haven to come to and learn something interesting that doesn’t have to do with the affairs outside of your own home or circle of friends and family.

    I won’t be able to eliminate worry entirely . . . a bit of it is necessary to make sure I get my bills paid and continue to function as part of a community. But I don’t have to allow worry to consume me.

    I don’t know if it was the books or movies that gave me this food for thought. Perhaps a combination of the two. I am grateful that I no longer need to hold on to this burden.

    A friend of mine would talk about having a donkey in a box. It’s there wherever you go no matter what. And, there is a time to let go of it . . . allow it to be free and in the end, you free yourself.

    It’s also true about “living in the now.”

    This seems such an easy concept, but in reality it is difficult to do. We’re always projecting to the future and dwelling on the past . . . I’m going to appreciate what is before me. That is my moment. It could be the beautiful day before me . . . or that stack of mail I need to go through . . . Or taking down the tree and all the decorations throughout the house . . .

    It doesn’t matter what . . . that is one way I’m noticing if I’m in the “now” or soaring into the future or into some nebulous void.

    Life is to be experienced and enjoyed in a most positive and loving way. It’s to express how wonderful things are and the abundance around you . . . look at things in a more positive perspective and you’ll find you have a bit of a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.

    Things won’t bother you as much as they once have. Your perspective will be more positive and you’ll have nothing but goodness to give to others in thought and deed.

    Yes, there will still be disagreeable people and events that are upsetting . . . but by sidestepping them, and continuing on with a positive outlook, things won’t seem as horrible.

    Yes, tragic things may still happen . . . you’ll be able to deal with them appropriately . . . by taking a brief break from your grieving to notice a sunrise or sunset . . . the sounds of nature around you . . . just those little things to remind you that you’re still alive and have things to do. And to appreciate those who have been in your life and how much you still love them.

    Grief can be concurred with love. Just as fear and many other emotions. You’ll still be down and in the dumps, but you’ll also have moments of wonder and happiness when thinking about those who are no longer here.

    I guess we still have things to accomplish here . . . and we need to make it all as pleasant as possible . . . even when our personal world seems to be crumbling down around us . . . It comes down to what you choose to focus upon.

    Many people move on knowing that their loved ones would want them to do so.

    On Holidays There Are Too Many Accidents That Impact The Lives Of So Many

    It’s difficult for me to hear about traffic accidents . . . and other tragic events.

    I don’t understand how this could all be avoided. It seems inevitable. I may not like to accept it, but with years of this happening . . . there is a time to accept what is and to learn something value from these events, then move on determined I’m not going to be the cause of anything harmful to others.

    It comes down to using common sense. We all have it. We need to employ it more over our needs.

    Every life is precious and worthwhile . . .

    I suppose that could be debated, but the lives of those around me seem to be valuable . . . outside my circle I can’t judge for lack of information. I’m not going to draw unfounded conclusions that are not my place to comment.

    I know what I can do for myself . . . and you know what is best for you. That’s what is most important. And in the end, it may be beneficial for others as well.

    Happy New Year . . . may this year be better than the last one . . . and may your future be bright.