Month: March 2016

Cold And Wet Outside

I’m sitting on my patio, drinking a hot cup of coffee. It could be considered gloomy, but I’m feeling good. We need the rain and I was enjoying hearing it. I do find it relaxing. I am a bit cold, so I’ll move inside. It’s interesting how a previous post can fill one’s mind . . . especially a craft idea. I’m thinking of using elements from something I shared on my website It is spring and I’m thinking Halloween. I guess with crafts, it’s never too early to get started. I do subscribe to a scrapbooker who...

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Cloudy And A Chance Of Rain

This is an opportunity to get into crafts. Rainy days seem to be creative days for me. An opportunity to write or make something. I am completely captivated by this. It works for all seasons and holidays. You just need the basic structure and then allow your imagination to run wild. You may be inspired to have a little cabin figurine included with your flower display. Or something else may come to mind. With the bare bones of this craft idea, you can make dozens of original pieces you will be proud to display in your home or to...

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Spring Brings Happiness

It’s all a matter of perspective. I find it refreshing to sit back and observe . . . nature, people, pets . . . just watch and learn. At times it is difficult to sit quietly. I sometimes feel I need to be doing something . . . or at least thinking about something . . . about my blog or a project . . . something meaningful and worthwhile. I did receive an email about “breaking the cycle.” It was about getting your emails and posts noticed . . . but I wasn’t thinking in terms of marketing....

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Beautiful Spring Day

Life is truly precious. And beautiful days are days to celebrate. I love being outdoors with my precious Yorkshire Terrier Diva. There is something about being outside, enjoying the flowers, blossoming trees and my vegetable garden. It is important to dig in the dirt from time to time and to thoroughly enjoy the abundance nature has to offer. Diva enjoys being out in the sunshine and sniffing around. Also sitting with me on the patio. I like to work on craft projects. Gluing paper together to make 3-D houses or pop-up pages for mini albums. I never outgrew that...

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Garden Goblin

Oh Goodness!! A Garden Goblin!! I don’t know whether to be alarmed or delighted . . .  It’s spring . . . and with spring comes some surprises in your garden. I know my California live oak tree is blooming!! I have that fluff all over the yard, porch and sidewalk. I clean it up and after an hour or so, it’s time for me to sweep and rake again. Yes, it is a huge tree . . . it’s been here a long time. And this little guy . . . he may be a garden guardian ....

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I’m a blogger, antique collector and love ghost stories. Visit this site regularly — you never know what I’ll be sharing. — Sharon

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