Month: April 2016

New Beginnings

Every Spring Is A New Beginning I find it interesting how nature takes care of itself. There’s the growing season and after the harvest, then a period of rest . . . then back to new growth. So, if nature does this naturally, do we as humans run through similar cycles? Usually a new school year begins in the fall . . . the spring brings a closing . . . then summer vacation which sometimes brings catching up or getting a head start on the fall . . . I’ve always thought of fall as the new beginning,...

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Flip Books

Are You Familiar With Flip Books? These are primarily for pin pal creations that you send through the snail mail service. They’re relatively small books that include a letter and a mail tag where you ask questions or give information — it’s your choice. The pages are decorated much like a scrapbook page with various embellishments. There are also little fun gifts or goodies included. So, it’s a paper craft project you intend to put in the mail. It is more than a card . . . it is much more elaborate. A flip book is typically 3 double-sided...

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Free Printable Recipe Binder

Having Problems Getting All Of Your Recipes Organized? There is help on the way! Just click the image to the right for the download of the recipe binder pages. I’m always saying I’m going to organize my recipes, but I never do . . . they’re stuffed in drawers and in recipe books, I also have a file folder full of them in a drawer . . . And everywhere I look, I find another recipe. Enough!!! This is finally the time for me to get my recipes organized!! I’d add seasonal recipes or make another recipe binder for...

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Dr. Seuss True-isms

I found this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist adding it to my blog. These are but 5 Dr. Seuss True-isms . . . I’m sure there are dozens more that you enjoy and may apply to your life. Some of the stories were probably your favorites . . . all because they seemed to speak to you . . . giving you some insight to something you had been thinking about . . . or it just made you feel good . . . or made you laugh. Even as adults we have learned many things from our childhood...

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Blogs and Vlogs

I’ve conducted my own study of blogs and vlogs . . . and video tutorials . . .  People do love talking about themselves and what they’re doing . . . or about members of their family . . . which includes friends . . . I don’t seem to share a lot about what I’m doing . . . but maybe I do more than I realize. I do love holidays and special occasions that we have in common. is about sharing crafts and recipes and products . . . just stuff I find interesting and may...

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Just A Little Bit About Sharon

I’m a blogger, antique collector and love ghost stories. Visit this site regularly — you never know what I’ll be sharing. — Sharon

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