Month: May 2016

Holiday Weekends Mess Up My Week

I don’t know about you, but after a Monday holiday my week is messed up. I’m always a day off . . . The same with the weekend — did I have two Sundays? Well, it seems that Tuesday is upon us and I’m trying my best to keep up with the week the best I can . . . with my irregular sleep schedule — that may be more of the reason than a long weekend. I do love writing during the wee hours of the morning . . . There are no interruptions . . . no...

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Mass Production Vs. Personalization

For most crafters this can be an issue. I know it can be for me . . . that’s why I’m writing about it. You see, I enjoy making boxes . . . lots of boxes . . . some for my family and friends and neighbors and some for special occasions. When it comes to special occasions, a wedding or anniversary or even graduation party . . . I need to get a lot done in a relatively short span of time. So, mass production is the way to go when I can get things pre-cut using my...

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Passion For Quilling

I know I’m a bit obsessed about quilling. First I was curious. Then I became excited about the 3-D construction. Now . . .  I am completely blown away. Turish Artist Sena Runa quit her paying job to devote her time to quilling. This shows true passion . . . and a true artist. There is definite attention to detail . . . and it seems as though Sena is having some fun along the way. That is truly passion to me. Many of us would “rather be” doing just about anything than “work,” but very few of us...

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Paper Quilling

Do you know about quilling? I heard about it several years ago, but didn’t think much of it . . . until now. I got thinking about the layering of paper many crafters do. Then I wondered how quilling could be a part of that, especially when it involves 3-D objects. And the ability of designing them out of paper. The rolling of paper and manipulating it into different shapes is absolutely amazing as in the picture on the right. Quilling does allow the image to come out of the paper background without the use of pop-dots or foam...

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Halloween In A Jar

How much Halloween can you fit in a jar? I know it is way early to be thinking about Halloween, but . . . it doesn’t hurt to get started with some of your Halloween decor. I know people who plan for their Halloween party immediately after their last Halloween party . . . the guests haven’t even gotten home when one friend of mine is thinking about next year . . . or maybe a summer Halloween bash. Some people love this season so much that they celebrate it throughout the year. With some crafts, it does take...

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