Cute But Creepy Quorory Panda Printable

    This Quorory Panda’s Eyes Follow You . . .

    That seems really creepy!PandaPaperCraftSet

    They are cute and adorable. They’re Panda’s for goodness sake!

    I love paper crafts . . . but lately I’m finding things that creep me out. There was Ray Keim’s “Halloween” house and now these pandas . . .

    But, I had to share them with you . . . It may just be me . . .

    I think they’re creepier than that Elf on a Shelf . . .

    Just click on the image and you’ll be taken to the PDF of the Blue Panda to download and make.

    Of course, you want them all!

    Have fun with them . . . creep out your friends!

    Let me know how many of these you made . . . and what you did with them. If you gave them away, what was the initial reaction . . . and what did they think after they had it for awhile?

    This is something that can cause nightmare or that uneasy feeling . . . like you’re being watched!

    Please leave me a comment below!

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    Curvy Keepsake Gift Box — Free Printable

    These gift boxes seemed to have been popular a couple of years ago.

    It may be time to bring them back!CurvyBox-Pumpkins

    I do seem to get excited about things after their time has passed. I can’t believe that they’re not still popular. They are definitely cute.They are appropriate to decorate for all seasons and all holidays and special events.

    Perhaps you can say that about all gift boxes.

    I just know that these are a shape that seems to capture one’s imagination with all kinds of critters and holiday icons. They’ve been made into pumpkins and apples, turkeys and mummies, Santa’s and elves . . . even those ninja turtles and minions . . . and just about everything else.

    What’s truly great about these gift boxes is that they go together without any glue. You just need to use a bone folder to curl the sides to help them along a bit and the end pieces fit together. They do hold together quite well and there’s plenty of surface space to decorate and add embellishments. And there’s plenty of room inside for some tasty treats.

    Click the picture of the pumpkins and you’ll be taken to the PDF template to download and print out on your personal computer.

    CurvyBoxCowI do like the giraffe . . . You can get as creative as you like with these. They are the perfect shape for a special gift by just using designer paper and adding a tag or a ribbon.

    You can deck them out in the colors of your favorite football team or basketball team or baseball team or . . . and then there are all the great cartoon characters and super heroes . . . and the list can go on and on and on.

    I’m sure there are some animals or food or characters you’d like to put on your curvy gift box. I’m wondering how it would work with a haunted house for Halloween . . . or a graveyard . . .

    Maybe you could do something Steam Punk or Pokemon Go . . . That should definitely be a hit with the kids . . . young adults . . . and even older adults. It’s amazing how some things have taken off . . .

    Well . . . I think you have plenty of ideas now . . . probably without my help . . .

    Be sure to click on one of the pictures and you’ll be taken to the PDF template to download and print it out. I think once you get started you’ll want to do more. And when the kids see them . . . they’ll want to make them, too.

    Have fun!

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    Free Printable Tags

    I love tags for mini albums and for gifts.

    These are great for you to add your own images for various seasons and holidays.vg_tags_2

    I like the background. It works well for most generic purposes.

    This vintage look seems to be quite popular. I like it and use the style for most of my tags for all seasons and for all reasons.

    I like to use my Silhouette Cameo Design Studio software to change the size of the tags and to add images. Then I can duplicate them to fill the page. Then get them cut out quickly and easily to use on gifts and for inserts in mini-albums and scrapbooks.

    These tags are also great to add your own messages to them — could be seasonal greetings and add the “To and From”. On the back I like to add a personal message of some kind.

    Enjoy your new tags.

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    A Really Creepy House By Ray Keim

    I’m sure you remember Ray Keim from Haunted Dimensions.

    He’s a master artist and creates impressive paper craft 3-D buildings you can print out and assemble.Haddon

    His newest one gives me chills just thinking about it. That’s why I’m telling you about it . . . or I’ll do a warning . . . Halloween . . . Mike Myers . . . The Halloween Movies . . . Murders . . . Well, Ray has a new model entitled Haddonfield 78 . . . That the house . . . his house . . .

    It doesn’t look all that creepy . . . but the movies . . . those images . . . the story . . . yes, it is definitely the story . . .

    Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the PDF on Ray’s Haunted Dimensions website. It would be nice of you to give a generous donation to him in appreciation of all the great paper craft printables he has created for our crafting pleasure. And to give us chills and that spooky feeling of being watched . . .

    It would be a nice addition to your collection of Haunted Dimensions paper crafts. As for me, I’ll pass on this one . . . it really gives me an uncomfortable feeling.

    I hope you enjoy this paper craft or others on Ray’s website. I really like Phantom Manor with the double staircase to the front porch. It is an attractive manor that will take quite some time to build . . . but it is definitely worth it. And with school starting back sooner than we may like, there’s The Skoolhouse along with lots of other places you may enjoy exploring.

    Have fun!


    For All You Wild And Crazy Shoppers!

    After my last post creeped me out . . . I’ve been focusing on fun stuff.

    I may have reviewed these stamp sets before, but they’re worth revisiting! I absolutely love them!

    They’re from Art Impressions and they’re called “Girlfriends.” I believe most of you can relate . . . if they don’t remind you of you and your friends . . . maybe your mother, aunt . . . grandmother . . . or those ladies you see out shopping everywhere!

    Yes, the creators of this set have it all together . . . they always make me laugh.

    It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they’re having a good time!

    Something I need to remember. Everything can be fun . . . even housework with the proper outlook. I don’t mind dusting as much as I used to . . .

    It’s always fun to add a bit of humor in everything you do . . . Yes, even going to the dentist.

    These are quite popular stamps. They’re at the movies wearing those funky 3-D glasses and at the beauty shop and acting like kids . . . which we enjoy doing from time to time.

    I do encourage you to check these out . . . some other ones may catch your eye:

    I could definitely go on and on . . . Sorry the links show a sideways picture, but that’s how they’re packaged . . . I believe you’re in for a real treat while looking through these stamp sets. You can make some lovely cards and art projects with these . . . good enough to frame and put on your wall or give to a friend or relative. Oh, you’ll need some markers and stamp mounts and stamp pads . . .

    These Copic Markers are all the craze with stampers! I added them so you could check them out! I like colored pencils — the ones can be brushed with a damp paintbrush and blended out nicely. If you go that route, maybe some watercolor paper would be helpful.

    Have fun!

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