Month: June 2017

Ninja Squirrels Family Board Game Review

I love board games and one that is fun for all ages, that’s a definite bonus! This Ninja Squirrels Family Board Game is recommended for ages 7 years and up. The game reinforces color recognition and motor skills — This fast paced game is about color matching and acorn snatching by RoosterFin. The object of the game is to collect the most acorns. Players take turn flipping cards looking for a color match. Be the first to grab the right acorn and you may be on your way to becoming the winner of the game. Ninja Squirrels is for...

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Silly Street — The Award Winning Game Review

Silly Street gets you up and moving and being creative and just plain silly. This sounds like a fun game to have to play this summer! The game consists of: 1 40 inch puzzle board 55 silly cards 4 wood game pieces 1 cotton storage bag This is an excellent game for building confidence, communication skills and uses imagination to continue moving down Silly Street. It’s a good family game for preschool and up. It’s a game grownups like to play, too. The game begins by drawing a card and performing the action to move the game piece down...

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All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa Product Review

Amazon has a kid’s tablet, but once they reach 5 years of age, they want a grown-up tablet. These tablets are going to be released on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 and Amazon is having a great discount if you buy 3 tablets. This is for a limited time and while supply lasts. I believe if you are in the market to buy 3 tablets it would be worth your while to click the image on the right and check out the discount code and jump right in. They all don’t have to be the same tablet, but I’m sure...

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Cool-Shop Premium Easy Grip Jar Opener Product Review

I definitely need an Easy Grip Jar Opener for soda bottles. I’ve been using my kitchen scissors — they have this grip thing between the handles. It works but scrapes up the bottle top. I’ve decided to get something that is made for the job intended. %he Cool-Shop Premium Easy Grip Jar Opener gives that extra leverage for easy opening and it fits most jar sizes. That’s excellent for just about every jar and bottle in your house. I believe this would be an excellent gift for some family and friends who have complained about opening jars. I know...

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Video Vs. Blog

I know some who blend their videos into their blogs quite nicely. I don’t believe it has to be one or the other. As much as I’d like to, video doesn’t seem to be for me. It seems easier to record doing some task than stopping every few minutes to take a picture. I think, for me, it has to do with my comfort level. While I’m doing a paper craft, I don’t have a running commentary as I’m cutting, scoring, folding, gluing, etc. I may make a casual comment here and there about it coming together nicely or...

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