Month: September 2017

Halloween Charades

Anton Publications Halloween Charades — the perfect Halloween Party Game This original charades game has characters from your favorite Halloween Horror Movies and Halloween TV Shows. This Halloween themed charades game is great for the whole family. It’s not too scary. Place the Halloween Cards in a bowl and start having some fun. You’ll be guessing your favorite classic and modern Halloween Movies, TV Shows and spooky Halloween Characters from Wizard of Oz and Hocus Pocus to Friday the 13th. If charades aren’t your thing maybe you would like: You may also like: I could include some jig saw...

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Do You Like Open-Ended Movies?

When I invest my time in watching a movie I like to have it come to a conclusion. Too often I’ve been watching movies on Amazon Prime and I have been left hanging. I do find it a bit frustrating to get involved with the characters and the story, then left wondering . . . In many situations it may be good, but in most I do like to see how things work out for all concerned. Now, not all of these movies on Amazon Prime are opened-ended, it just seems some of those I selected lately have been....

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Autumn Is In The Air

This morning was a bit chilly with the temperature reaching 80° F later today. There are only a few days remaining of summer. We’re passing into another season and getting closer to some major holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then the New Year. It all seems to be coming quickly. I do wonder if you’ve had the opportunity to get your Halloween costumes or whether you’ve planned your All Hollow’s Eve Party . . . maybe you’re thinking of a theme for your party . . . or having one that is family friendly — maybe there are...

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Echo Show

Just when you got used to Amazon’s Echo, they improved it! That’s true!! Now there is Echo Show — that’s right — you can now see the weather report, the breaking news, a message from friends and family and so much more than I can tell you about. Echo Show has 8 microphones and beam-forming technology so it can hear you across the room while music or the tv is playing. It still uses the Alexa App, but it can do so much more. Click the image to the right to learn about it for yourself and imagine how...

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Glutton For Punishment

I not only have been revamping one website, but decided to do another. There could be something about the anticipation of fall for me that marks a new beginning. We’re pretty much programmed in childhood to a new school year in the fall. Summer may be a time of recharging for the new school year ahead. Or it is all the holiday celebrations — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve . . . Valentine’s Day . . . that get us thinking and planning ahead. This could be the “kick in the pants” of making appropriate changes — changing...

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I’m a blogger, antique collector and love ghost stories. Visit this site regularly — you never know what I’ll be sharing. — Sharon

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