Tim Holtz Stamp Platform By Tonic Studios

I’ve needed a stamp platform for quite some time.

Tim Holtz introduced his quite some time ago, but I didn’t purchase it right away.

I wanted to see how it worked out . . . and if I really needed one.

The stamp platform is excellent. Watch this video:

What do you think?

I find it works great and allows me to get better stamped images.

I work a lot with the photopolymer stamps and this gives me a clear image . . . and a repeat performance if I don’t get the pressure just right.

I’ve found my problem has been with the even pressure and also not twisting my stamp as I lift it up. With this platform, there is no way I will be twisting my stamp as I lift it up — the platform lifts straight up.

I’m pleased with this platform and find it makes stamping much more enjoyable for me. I especially like it when I’m making several cards and want a precision placement of an image or a sentiment. It does save time.

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Things Going Bump In The Morning

I just finished writing a ghost story on my website OldHauntedStuff.com  when I jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud “bump” . . .

It is interesting how I get involved with what I’m writing — in this case it was writing about an experience that happened quite some time ago that someone had shared with me.

I had just posted it and was coming here to add something interesting . . . but I guess it was still on my mind so when I heard a loud thump — probably from a neighbor putting out their various trash barrels . . . I was startled to say the least.

Early this morning around 6 o’clock I put my barrels out and when the neighbor’s sprinkler sputtered to life, I jumped . . . so I guess it may have nothing to do with the ghost story and more to do with me being a bit jumpy this morning.

Maybe today I should do something light and fun . . .

NEW Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Made-Up Movies for ages 8 years and up.

I do like this family game which allows you to be creative.

No movie trivia required. It is just a game where you roll the genre die and flip over two premise cards to discover what the Schmovie is about.

This game can be played by individuals or groups. It’s fun for all ages and would be excellent for the upcoming holidays.

The object of the game is to collect the most trophies for coming up with the best movie title. It’s a fun game that will keep you laughing.

Although Schmovie is great fun, it doesn’t hurt to have some other games to play, too:

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Halloween Is In The Air

October is scooting by quickly.

We had some cooler temperatures . . . and then it got warm again . . . Anticipating cooler temperatures again.

There is something about autumn and getting ready for Halloween.

I found this image and just had to use it. It is a bit spookier than I like, but as you look closely, there isn’t a skull moon, but it is made from the tree branches. I think this is quite clever along with the children walking along in their pursuit of candy.

Initially I didn’t see the children walking. My focus was captured on the moon.

That may have been the whole point, but once we begin to look around, it needed to be more of an All Hollows Eve picture . . .

This is something I need to keep in mind when I’m doing my paper crafts. It is great to draw the eye into the card initially, but there does have to be a complete “picture” once one decides to look around.

This reminds me to get your Halloween Treat Boxes together and ready to fill with delicious treats.

Remember our friend Ray O’Bannon over at Ravensblight Paper Toys . . . 

Remember all of his great treat box coffins?

This year I’m favoring the weathered crate for my Halloween Treat Box. I can decorate it with pumpkins and may have a spooky cat or a witch . . . maybe her feet sticking out of it or at least have her hat on the crate.

The weathered crate can be made spooky by having a skeleton trying to get out . . .

What’s great is that all of Ray’s paper toys are free to download and assemble — he has excellent instructions.

I do love Ray’s Haunted Houses.

I especially like The Ghost House.

It has a secret chamber under the house that is a great place to put some treasures.

If you’re into building a paper craft Haunted Ship, Ray O’Bannon has a collection of them along with cars and trucks and even a train. You can have some great fun exploring everything he has available to download, print out and assemble.

Click the image of the Ghost House to the right to be taken to the PDF and click here for the assembling instructions.

It would be best for you to begin right away with the Ghost House or one of the ships — this will take some time to assemble.

Depending upon the number of “coffin” treat boxes you have to make, time is of the essence.

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Take Advantage of Great Deals

I’m always torn at this time of year whether to focus upon Halloween or think ahead to purchasing Christmas gifts.

Well, it’s worthwhile to follow-up on any “great deals.”

It is essential that we check out sales throughout the year. We should not get hung up on the time of year, but what gifts we need to give throughout the year and actively seek out the best deals.

Let’s face it, giving gifts throughout the year for family and friends can get expensive. 

It is essential to focus on bargains.

Sometimes we can’t plan ahead for kids who absolutely want something one day and could care less about it a few days to a week or month later.

So, in some cases, planning ahead won’t pay off. Be sure to keep up-to-date with the interests of the children in your life. That includes adult children, too. We’re all changing our mind.

I was really excited about buying a GoPro camera.

I was close to making the purchase.

What stopped me?

I had a camera I wasn’t using regularly and thought it best to learn the camera I had than to run out and buy another camera that I may or may not use.

Sometimes it is good to slow down and think through your purchases.

I’m not promoting any products in this post.

I’m just thinking about gifts and projects for the upcoming holidays.

I love making paper crafts. This includes cards and treat boxes.

In some ways it is necessary to have the right tools and equipment to make my project creation and mass production done in a timely manner. I do have many necessary tools and products to create just about anything I desire for the holidays.

I’m finding it is about using my time wisely and getting things accomplished in a timely manner. I know for Halloween, I’ll be making hundreds of gift boxes. I must begin now to mass produce these. Then when that project is completed, I move on to Thanksgiving and then to Christmas. I do like making hostess gift boxes and filling them with goodies. This is something I do and enjoy.

I do use templates and use my Silhouette Cameo to cut out these templates for me. This is a major time saver. It gives me time to embellish them and have them ready when the “event” comes around for me to fill them with treats.

I also have dies I use with my Big Shot to cut out templates of boxes. This seems more hands on, but it, too, saves me time.

And there are times I do love cutting things out and putting them together one at a time. It all depends upon my mood and how rushed I feel.

It’s wonderful to have technology to make your life easier.

I would be lost without my laptop.

And many of you are now thinking of items you could not live without.

I know at one time — years ago, how a microwave oven was a major life improvement. I even remember when having a telephone not on a party line was a big deal . . . Many of you may not know what I’m talking about.

I’m not that attached to my cell phone, but I do marvel how others are able to do everything on their smart phones.

Technology is here to stay and will only get bigger and better.

Well enough of my rambling this morning.