Month: October 2017

Tim Holtz Stamp Platform By Tonic Studios

I’ve needed a stamp platform for quite some time. Tim Holtz introduced his quite some time ago, but I didn’t purchase it right away. I wanted to see how it worked out . . . and if I really needed one. The stamp platform is excellent. Watch this video: What do you think? I find it works great and allows me to get better stamped images. I work a lot with the photopolymer stamps and this gives me a clear image . . . and a repeat performance if I don’t get the pressure just right. I’ve found my...

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Things Going Bump In The Morning

I just finished writing a ghost story on my website  when I jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud “bump” . . . It is interesting how I get involved with what I’m writing — in this case it was writing about an experience that happened quite some time ago that someone had shared with me. I had just posted it and was coming here to add something interesting . . . but I guess it was still on my mind so when I heard a loud thump — probably from a neighbor putting out...

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Halloween Is In The Air

October is scooting by quickly. We had some cooler temperatures . . . and then it got warm again . . . Anticipating cooler temperatures again. There is something about autumn and getting ready for Halloween. I found this image and just had to use it. It is a bit spookier than I like, but as you look closely, there isn’t a skull moon, but it is made from the tree branches. I think this is quite clever along with the children walking along in their pursuit of candy. Initially I didn’t see the children walking. My focus was...

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Take Advantage of Great Deals

I’m always torn at this time of year whether to focus upon Halloween or think ahead to purchasing Christmas gifts. Well, it’s worthwhile to follow-up on any “great deals.” It is essential that we check out sales throughout the year. We should not get hung up on the time of year, but what gifts we need to give throughout the year and actively seek out the best deals. Let’s face it, giving gifts throughout the year for family and friends can get expensive.  It is essential to focus on bargains. Sometimes we can’t plan ahead for kids who absolutely...

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I’m a blogger, antique collector and love ghost stories. Visit this site regularly — you never know what I’ll be sharing. — Sharon

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