Uninvited Ghost

I suppose most ghosts are uninvited.

Janet moved into her new apartment. All seemed well with the landlord bringing in a refrigerator and an antique dining table and chairs.

Immediately, my thoughts are to cleanse the whole apartment and especially the items brought in by the landlord. But Janet was more concerned about getting her belongs moved in and set up.

Everything seemed fine at first, but one morning she walked out of the bedroom and noticed her living room furniture had been rearranged. She wondered if the landlord had been in her apartment . . . or something else.

She had a friend in the building, Sara, and ran over there . . . unnerved by having her living room furniture rearranged.

Sara immediately followed Janet into her apartment to see what Janet was talking about . . . but then saw that not only was the living room furniture rearranged, but the chairs to the dining table were stacked one on top of the other on top of the dining table.

Immediately Sara thought of poltergeists as in the movie, but didn’t say anything.

No way could Janet have done that and no way could Sara and Janet take them down without having the chair configuration topple down. They called the landlord.

The landlord and his crew set things to right, but Janet felt as thought something paranormal was going on and debated about moving into another apartment in the complex or finding an apartment elsewhere.

Things settled down for a few days, but then her refrigerator had “fallen” face down on the kitchen floor and everything in the cupboards and drawers were on the kitchen floor. No glassware or dishes were broken just on the floor as thought they fell out of the cupboards. Silverware and cooking utensils were added to the mess.

Janet contacted Sara and in turn contacted the landlord.

It was time for the landlord to come clean about the apartment. Something was going on and now Janet wasn’t feeling safe at all.

When the apartment complex was first built there were injuries reported and the builder plunged to his death while inspecting the roof.

It was unknown if the builder committed suicide or he slipped and fell to his death. But, construction was stopped for several years.

There was talk that the apartment building was built on an old cemetery. That was later proven to be false.

Eventually, another developer took over the project and the apartment complex was completed with two more wings added.

As far as the residents were concerned, they had no disturbances as experienced by Janet.

So, it was pretty much concluded that Janet was the cause of these activities.

Janet knew something paranormal was going on. No way would she rearrange her furniture and forget she did it . . . and the chairs on top of the dining table . . . and knocking over the refrigerator and emptying out the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen . . . She couldn’t imagine being responsible for all of that.

One evening while Janet was preparing for bed, her bedroom door flew open. Scared, Janet called Sara and the landlord to come over . . . she heard footsteps walking throughout the apartment.

The landlord called out to Janet to open the door . . . not hearing a response used his key and let Sara and himself into Janet’s apartment calling out to her.

As they walked into the living room, they heard the banging of doors slamming . . . bedroom doors and bathroom doors . . . Both Sara and the landlord felt a cold breeze pass them, open the front door and pass through . . . 

Janet, finally came out of the bedroom . . . the landlord and Sara were standing with shocked expressions on their faces and basically speechless . . .

Over coffee, they concluded that something was definitely going on in that apartment. And maybe, just maybe it decided to go . . .

As strange as it may seem, it did leave . . . Janet did move out of the apartment complex . . . Sara still lives there. No one has experiences any ghostly encounters.

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Don’t Play With Ouija Boards

I don’t play with Ouija Boards . . . but for some strange reason I enjoy hearing the creepy experiences of others who have.

I seriously encourage you NOT TO PLAY WITH OUIJA BOARDS!!

Yes, we’ve all been warned . . . and some fool brings one to a party . . . and all heck breaks loose . . . or nothing happens at all . . .

Lori studied up on Ouija Boards . . . doing a prayer before contacting a spirit and being sure to say “good-bye” after the session.

Well . . . things didn’t go as Lori planned . . .

She wanted a bit of a “heads up” for an exam she was having at the end of week and decided to contact the Ouija Board . . . Maybe some spirit could look at the exam and tell her what areas to study . . . But, of course, Lori wasn’t satisfied by that . . . Yes, you guessed it, she wanted the questions and the answers.

I suppose this is no different than asking a psychic or a Ouija Board for the lottery numbers.

Plus, on many college campuses tests are sold . . . perhaps not the current test, but there are lots of tests that have circulated via former students in various classes.

All right, back to Lori and her Ouija Board session . . . 

She and a few of her fellow classmates, during a study session decided to consult the Ouija Board.

They did their prayer of protection and were very specific about the professor, the name of the class, the college they attended . . . all the important details about the test they sought to get.

Surprisingly, they did get some interesting information about specific questions. They knew they were studying the right stuff . . . but they were getting suspicious about one of Leon, accusing him of pushing the planchette.

Leon gladly stepped aside to give Rich a turn . . . and more questions were being uncovered . . . but this time the suspicions turned to Lori and Robin took her place.

They did receive a whole lot of questions and answers . . . nothing they didn’t know from their study sessions . . . but they knew there were going to be some essay questions which the Ouija Board spirit didn’t reveal.

They were going to have another study session that evening and ask the Ouija Board about it . . . but during the day Lori, Robin, Rich and Leon felt as though they were being watched. They also thought they were being followed. Out of the corner of their eye, they would see something . . . but when they turned their heads to look at it head on . . . nothing was there.

Robin, however, shared a strange creature she encountered with kind of a cupie doll shaped head, but not a cupie doll face. The face was scary . . . with dark menacing eyes that seemed to look though her and made her feel sick to her stomach.

The others thought she was just nervous and upset about their seeking the questions and answers to the test using the Ouija Board.

But they didn’t want to stop until they got those essay questions.

Yes, they did receive them . . . but that night they each experienced nightmares. Not those creepy ones, but something more sinister . . . a nightmare that told them they each had a task to do for the spirit in gratitude of his giving them the test questions . . . especially those essay questions.

Each member of the “study group” and those participating with the Ouija Board were also involved in a competitive activity — two were involved in sports, one in drama and another on the debate team. Their task was to knock out the best player, the lead actor and the best debater.

They decided they weren’t going to complete their task. They weren’t about to hurt anyone and they reasoned the spirit didn’t give them any information they didn’t already know from studying.

It began with Rich. He was on the wrestling team and during a practice session, he dislocated his shoulder and was going to need extensive surgery — perhaps even a shoulder replacement. Which pretty much knocked him out of the competition, plus also missing his exams.

Leon, Lori and Robin were not going to give the Ouija Board spirit credit for Rich’s injury and decided not to complete their tasks even when they received another nightmare with an additional task to complete.

Lori was feeling guilty for dragging the others into her Ouija Board experiment. She decided to help Robin by knocking out the top runner on the track team by knocking her down the stairs after their biology lab.

The corridors and stairways were always crowded. She thought she would push Melissa through an open spot on the stairs and fall down to the bottom breaking her leg . . . but instead of only breaking her leg . . . she suffered a severe brain injury.

Melissa didn’t die, but she was in a coma.

Lori felt awful about what she had done, but she felt confident no one saw her push Melissa. As it turned out, she was wrong. Several students reported Lori when the police came to investigate the incident. And there was a student who recorded the incident on his cell phone.

Lori was arrested . . . she wasn’t able to complete the tasks the spirit commanded her to do . . . plus Robin and Leon were given additional tasks.

Robin wasn’t going to compete in her track event, but she knew she couldn’t avoid it and tried to figure out how she could complete the tasks the spirit assigned to her.

On the bus ride, the bus driver got distracted by a swarm of bees that attacked him . . . thus losing control of the bus, hitting the guard rail and plunging down into the canyon below. All members of the track team were killed on impact except Robin who suffered from her legs being severed from above the knees.

She was near death when the rescue team came . . . Robin willed herself to die, but the spirit wasn’t finished with her yet.

Yes, another dream and another task, even though she, too, missed her exams.

And, Lori wasn’t left off the hook either . . . she had horrible nightmares and more tasks to complete as well.

This left Leon and the debate team. 

He had enough of this and took his own life by jumping from a bridge.

This seems like one of those urban legends warning of not playing with Ouija Boards . . . but it isn’t. It is a true story told by Lori’s sister.

Lori is still plagued with nightmares and additional tasks to complete by the spirit. She received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Plus, she pretty much went insane. Her sister believes she’s now possessed by the psychopathic Ouija Board spirit.

As for Robin . . . she is in a wheelchair and has started a ministry . . . she willed herself to die initially, but later prayed and promised to do positive work for those in need of spiritual guidance and financial assistance.

Rich is no longer wrestling, but he is a sports caster at a small radio station. He works at a youth center and warns anyone who will listen not to play with Ouija Boards.

Leon’s body was never recovered, his family is still searching for him. They have no idea of his Ouija Board experience . . . perhaps this suffering by his family is what the spirit rejoices in as Leon’s completion of his tasks.

I know it is a sick story. No one knows that they release when they consult a Ouija Board for personal gain or advice.

I suppose the truly sick thing about this story is how Lori and her “study group” didn’t need to cheat on their exams. They were studying and were prepared for all of their exams . . . not just the one they sought the Ouija Board for answers.

They knew they didn’t need the Ouija Board . . . but for some strange reason they proceeded . . .


Ghost In The Rocking Chair

Natalie and Mark found an old rocking chair on the side of the road.

It was old, but in perfect condition.

They picked it up, put it in the back of the truck and continued on to town to run their errands.

You may be thinking that picking up the rocking chair was an ill-advised decision for Mark and Natalie. I agree.

There are many items from furniture to jewelry that have been known to be “haunted.”

But . . . Natalie and Mark’s story turned out to be different.

Yes, they did pick up the rocking chair and set it in the bed of their truck and went on about the business they had in town.

When they returned to their truck . . . the rocking chair was gone . . . evidently someone stole it.

A few weeks later, when Mark and Natalie were returning to town, they once again saw the rocking chair on the side of the road.

They didn’t stop to pick it up, but agreed if it was still there on their way home, they’d pick it up and take it home.

Natalie thought it was an omen that the rocker was meant for them. She knew where she wanted to place it in her house.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a creepy feeling about that rocking chair — the same creepy feeling I got when Natalie and Mark were telling me of their experience.

Yes, the rocking chair was still there and, of course, they picked it up, took it home and placed it in their home.

That night, Natalie couldn’t sleep. She made a hot cup of cocoa, sat in the rocker and relaxed sipping her cocoa and thinking of planting her garden and thoughts of burning down their farmhouse.

Disturbed, Natalie immediately got up, cleaned her mug and as she glanced over at the rocking chair on her way upstairs, she saw an old woman with white hair rocking in the chair and laughing . . . 

She felt momentarily paralyzed . . . she called to Mark, but no sound escaped her lips . . . Natalie couldn’t remember what happened, but when Mark woke up, he found his wife sleeping on the staircase.

Over breakfast she told Mark what she remembered of the night before.

They decided to move the rocking chair out of the house.

They completed their chores about the farm and when they returned to the house . . . the rocker was inside and rocking . . . They both swear they heard laughter.

Mark decided to take the rocker outside, take an axe to it and scatter the pieces out into the woods near their home. But Mark’s truck wouldn’t start. He decided to take the rocker pieces to a clearing on the farm and burn the pieces, but the rocker would not burn.

He then dug a hole and put the pieces in it . . . only to find the rocker back in the farmhouse.

Mark and Natalie were frightened. They had no idea what to do next . . . except leave their home . . .

They did contact a psychic. They didn’t care if the psychic believed them or not. They were desperate to get rid of that rocker . . . and save their farm. Natalie was sure that old woman ghost was going to burn down the farmhouse and they didn’t want to be inside when she did it.

Well, the psychic believed their story. She had experienced other “haunted” or “possessed” items and knew a simple cleansing wouldn’t work for them. She contacted a priest for advice.

He would not perform an exorcism. He didn’t want to have anything to do it. The psychic and the young couple felt as though the priest knew more than he was telling them. They had no other choice but to sell the farm . . . and take what personal belongings they could pack and store in a storage unit until they sold the farm.

Fortunately, they did sell the farm . . . with the rocking chair inside . . . 

They never picked up anything on the side of the road again . . . but a few years later, they drove by the farmhouse . . . only to find it had been burned to the ground.

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Beach House Scare

I find it extremely heartbreaking when someone finally finds and purchases their “dream house” only to be scared to death to move in . . . 

Brenda and Josh have been saving their money for years to finally purchase their 3-story beach house.

After escrow closed on the property, Brenda was feeling uncomfortable about it . . . but thought it was merely “buyers remorse.”

She didn’t say anything to Josh . . . but she later learned from her father-in-law that Josh had some second thoughts as well.

For Josh it began with disturbing dreams . . . 

Something evil was chasing him away from the house . . . but he had to get back in to rescue Brenda.

Josh and his father went to the beach house a week after escrow closed to do some minor remodeling. They were planning to surprise Brenda by converting a couple of rooms on the top floor into a craft room with a sitting room loft where she and Josh could relax, watch television, read . . .

One of the other rooms was already set up for an office that Josh was going to use.

But . . . after the dreams . . . Josh was afraid to go inside. He heard about haunted places and how spirits didn’t like construction . . . even minor changes . . .

“Dad, do you know anything about dreams?”

“Dreams . . . like nightmares?”

“Sort of . . . can they be premonitions?”

“Tell me . . .”

Josh told him and braced himself for hearing about “buyer’s remorse”, but his dad told him of a paranormal experience he experienced when he was younger and went camping with his older brother.

“We decided to sleep on the beach. We set up a tent and had our sleeping bags. Grandpa gave us the key to the cabin we were staying in if we got cold, but he meant if we got scared. Grandma gave us some peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches in case we got hungry . . . and a thermos of hot chocolate.

“Of course your Uncle Bert was trying to scare me . . . but we just laughed off the sound of surf . . . and the wind and decided to turn off the lantern and go to sleep.

“I don’t believe I was sleeping very long when I heard a woman whisper in my ear . . . I couldn’t quite make out what she said . . . and thought it was Grandma telling me to wake up . . . but it was pitch dark out . . .

“I turned on my flashlight and looked around. Bert was sleeping . . .

“I ate half of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and washed it down was a cup of hot chocolate and decided to go back to sleep.

“Bert was shouting, ‘Get away from me!!'”

“He got out of his sleeping back, grabbed his flashlight and walked around the outside of the tent a couple of times . . . he called me to come out and look with him. The only footprints were Bert’s . . . and then mine . . . Bert was so sure someone came into the tent and . . . Bert never told me what the guy said, but he was scared and we ended our camp out and went back into the cabin.”

“Was it a dream?” Josh asked.

His father just shook his head . . . “I don’t know . . . but we both experienced something that night . . . ”

Josh concluded that dream or premonition . . .he should honor how he felt about the beach house and talk with Brenda about it. But his father beat him to it when she came to talk with him about her uneasiness of moving into the beach house.

“I know I’m being foolish . . . but I’m afraid to move into that house. Josh loved it . . . ”

“Maybe he did, but he has second thoughts as well.”

“Really? Did he see her?”


“The woman in the window. I saw her on the lower level when the realtor was showing us the house. I thought someone else was looking at the house. I forgot all about her when we walked in and looked around.”

They had a positive conversation which prompted Brenda to do some research on the beach house. She wanted to know if she saw a ghost and the place was haunted.

She found that an actress back in the 1920’s drowned in the ocean nearby. There was no mention of the exact address, but it got Brenda wondering if the actress had owned or lived in their beach house.

Unfortunately, Brenda didn’t get a good look at the woman, spirit or ghost that was in the house during their first visit . . . but Brenda thought she saw her again looking out of the third story window . . . all she remembered was the woman was dressed in white.

As Brenda continued to follow the story, years later there was a man who had been romantically involved with the actress who was charged and convicted for her murder.

Brenda made a copy of the article with the photograph of the man to show to Josh.

As you may have guessed, Josh just about fell off his chair when he saw the man . . . it was the man chasing him down the beach.

Josh and Brenda agreed to put the beach house back on the market. It did sell quickly. They decided to research different locations before house hunting again.

It is always good to follow your instincts — whether it’s just a feeling or in a dream. We are not alone . . . who knows who or what may be living in your own home.

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