My Creepy Antique Mirror

    Although I love real ghost stories, it doesn’t mean I don’t get creeped out and down right scared when strange paranormal activities happen in my own home . . . and with my personal belongings.

    Antique mirrors are known to have some of the silver reflective “mirror” coating worn off. The glass may become warped . . . which makes the image seem like a carnival fun house mirror. And perhaps . . . just perhaps there may be something more sinister afoot.

    I try to be logical . . . not everything has to be sinister or ghost related. Some things are just old and strange.

    Well, now that I said that . . . you and I know I don’t believe it . . . stay with me and I’ll tell you why.

    Aw, geez . . . with my antique mirror, it doesn’t seem to reflect what is directly in front of it, but gives a skewed image of what is beyond it.

    Initially this intrigued me . . . giving off a kind of Alice in Wonderland imagery . . . That’s why I bought the creepy old thing . . . but once I hung it up, it made my walls and furniture look a bit topsy-turvy . . . and I didn’t look that great myself.

    As I glance in the mirror, I see other images floating around inside, very similar to peering into a crystal ball.

    I’m not sure if these floating images are ghostly spirits within the mirror or reflecting what is in the room. Is it possible that it is reflecting ghostly apparitions within my living room and dining room?

    Are you getting a bit creeped out? I know I am and I’ve had this mirror hanging on my wall for quite some time now . . . 10 years!!!

    I sometimes do my paper crafts at my dining room table . . . and I eat at my dining room table . . . and I have friends and family eat at that same dining room table . . . I may have some “uninvited guests” joining me . . . Aw geez!!

    Well . . . if you aren’t a little spooked by now, you soon will be . . . but . . . not everyone finds the mirror creepy . . . 

    I find it interesting how some of my invited guests do see the floating objects within the mirror and others don’t. I’m beginning to think those who don’t see anything out of the ordinary to be the lucky ones. They are spooked by it and don’t spend time gazing into it.

    Yet, I have noticed some of my guests walk quickly past the mirror and don’t want to sit opposite it. Could be some sort of an internal “thing” they’ve picked up on subconsciously.

    Yes, I’ve had blessings and smudgings done on this mirror . . . numerous times, in fact.

    I’ve also moved it to various locations throughout the house . . . and it has basically decided where it resides now.

    Oops!! I kind of let the cat out of the bag there . . .

    Since purchasing the mirror and bringing it into my home, I heard strange sounds coming from within the walls of the house where the mirror hung . . . goodness, even when it was setting on the floor, there were strange sounds coming from under the house and seemed to run through the floor in all directions.

    A psychic told me that the mirror didn’t want to be there . . .

    I inquired whether it didn’t want to be in that particular location of the house . . . or it didn’t want to be in my house at all . . . 

    I was assured that the mirror wasn’t opposed to being in my house (oh lucky me!!) . . . in fact the mirror chose me to purchase it . . .

    The psychic didn’t have to say that . . . I wish he hadn’t said that, actually!!!

    So . . . when the psychic left I got the antique mirror out of the house!!!

    I set it out in the garage. Besides draining the battery of my car . . . it returned to the entry of my home, propped against the wall — not hung on the wall.

    I was foolish enough to return it to the garage . . . And, you guessed it, it returned . . .

    So . . . I decided (yeah, right, my decision . . . ) to hang it on the wall where it would be happy . . . and that turned out not be in the entry, but on the wall of the living room where it gets a nice view of the living room and the dining room.

    I sit with my back to it mostly . . . it doesn’t seem to mind. I do get goose bumps from time to time and that creepy feeling that I’m being watched . . . and when I dust it, I do peer into it, just to make sure everything is in place . . . (those floating images) . . .

    I suppose I’ve made peace with it . . . it does hang straight . . . it does seem happy . . . and I’ve learned a lesson . . . some antiques you own . . . and some . . . own . . . you . . .

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    Please leave me a comment if you know anything about antique mirrors or have one of your own . . .


    Haunted School House

    On Canada’s East Coast, there’s an old haunted school house.

    I’m intrigued by this real ghost story as well as the school. It’s a 3 story building with a rooftop observatory and fire escape slides on both sides of the building. All grades are taught at this school — kindergarten through the 12th grade.

    As you can imagine, those slides were an attractive nuisance for school personnel.  Of course the kids were informed they were for emergency use only . . . but kids being kids . . . and slides being slides . . . It was only natural that the kids would sneak up to the roof and slide down the slide from time to time.  No harm was done as long as no one got hurt, but one day the bolt holding the slide dislodged and the slide and passenger fell the three stories.  Needless to say the child was killed on impact.

    The school is still in use today . . . and it is haunted.

    People claim when driving by the old school house at night they see lights or a figure moving from floor to floor with a light of some sort.  Some say a candle, because it makes it spookier, but a lantern or a flashlight would cast hideous shadows about, too.

    One of the more spiritually active rooms was the library.  During the daytime books would fall off the shelves or one would find a pile of books on the floor. These spirits seemed quite mischievous by leading the librarian on a merry chase of dropping books — like leaving bread crumbs to a destination.

    The destination was the basement that housed the old boiler.

    I met Elsie quite a number of years ago. She was the librarian at that school until her retirement a couple of decades ago. She recalls on one particular day when she was retrieving books that led to the basement, she felt lightheaded and nauseous.  She thought it was from bending over every few paces and picking up books.  She did have a book cart with her so she didn’t have to carry all those books back into the library.

    She paused in front of the door leading into the basement.  She felt a cool to icy breeze coming from under the basement door.

    Elsie knew she was brought down there for a reason.  It wasn’t just to retrieve the books and return them to the library.  There was something she needed to see.  If she could help children, even children from decades earlier, Elsie was going to stifle her fear and boldly move forward.

    She reached for her master key to the basement.  All the locks were keyed the same except for the school administration office.  She heard voices of children through the door.  This made Elsie more determined to get inside and get to the bottom of this.  The door opened before Elsie put her key in the door.

    A dark figure stood blocking her entry.

    As the door opened a bit more, she saw the figure of a man hanging from the rafters.

    It was a known fact that a janitor back in the 1930’s hung himself in the basement after the boiler exploded and caused a fire in the school.  Some children were killed from the blast and many more injured.  He couldn’t bare working there and committed suicide when the school was empty and the repair crew was gone for the night.

    Elsie was more concerned about the children she heard in the basement than the dark figure and the hanging man.  She did have a book in hand, and being the librarian she was, started reading to the invisible children.  She told them she would return the next day and they were welcome in the library.

    Before her appointed hour to go into the basement, Elsie heard children giggling and the running of little feet.

    She looked around to see if they had chosen a book for her to read.  Elsie didn’t see anything out of place and picked a book she read hundreds of times to classroom children over the years.

    She was getting to the good part when she heard someone shout, “Stop! Get out!”

    Elsie felt little hands tugging her to her feet.  She ran out of the basement and out the front door of the school, not stopping to close or lock the doors.

    Once safely outside, she stood feeling a bit foolish, but that emotion changed immediately when she heard popping sounds, a crash and the alarm system going off.

    She heard the siren of the fire trucks coming her way.  The crew got out and immediately went to work inside the school.  Elsie was rooted to the spot.  Then she thought of those precious children.  Were they out?  Were they safe?

    On the third floor, the ceiling caved in from water damage that hadn’t been repaired.  The popping sound was light bulbs popping and soon the ceiling crashed to the floor, and the alarm went off when the electrical matrix caught fire.

    Fortunately, students had gone for the day, but there was a janitorial crew in the building and some teachers. Everyone got out safely through the fire escape and the slides.

    As teachers and janitors joined Elsie in front of the school, she heard stories of a young boy running through the school leading everyone to the fire escape.  Elsie believes along with the others that the children haunting the school saved their lives.  This young boy (the one who lost his life on the fire escape slide so many years ago) must have been the one Elsie heard shout at her to stop reading and get out.

    It is quite comforting to know that the children who lost their lives in that old school house are still around to help future generations of children, teachers and staff. I only hope the librarian who replaced Elsie reads to these ghost children and allows them in the library to play with the books — pushing them off the shelves, stacking them on the floor . . . and leading a path down to the basement.

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    Haunted Old Train Station

    I’ve always been interested in old train stations that have been abandoned or converted into shops and restaurants.

    No I don’t explore them — the abandoned ones, but I will visit a converted one.

    There is always an interesting story to be heard.

    This one took place in Indiana. I’m sure there are many similar stories from all over the United States . . . and perhaps the world. But this particular Indiana train station was converted into a restaurant and bar.

    As the story goes . . . It goes back to the first world war when men were traveling by train to join the troops.

    Many women tearfully said good-bye to their husbands or boyfriends at the train station along with many families.

    This real ghost story centers around Peggy and Marvin. They recently broke up. Marvin joined the army and was leaving town with other local boys. He was surrounded by his friends, family and new girlfriend.

    Peggy showed up wanting to have an urgent word with him. Marvin did his best to ignore here, but she was as persistent as a gnat. Reluctantly he leaves his family, friends and new girlfriends and steps outside near the tracks with Peggy.

    She tells him she’s in the “family way.”  Marvin tells her it’s her problem. Plus some other choice words that were unkind and uncalled for . . . but he was going off to war and he had a new girlfriend . . . so what did Peggy expect. Marvin walks away to rejoin his friends, family and girlfriend . . . Then boards the train.

    No one remembers seeing Peggy leave the train station . . . they do, however, remember seeing her talking with Marvin down by the tracks. This is what her parents were told when they came looking for her around supper time.

    By the next morning, police informed Peggy’s parents that her dead body was found in a packing crate at the end of its route.

    It’s still a mystery of what happened . . . but rumors spread. Marvin was never charged with Peggy’s murder . . . And to this very day there are sightings of a sad, lonely figure of a young woman walking along the railroad tracks after dark.

    This seems to me to be an urban legend . . . which it very well could be . . . As I mentioned earlier, there were rumors . . . speculations, perhaps, but nevertheless a popular belief that Marvin told Peggy to meet him on the train . . . which, of course, she did — hoping he had a change of heart and would marry her . . . but instead murdered her and put her in a packing crate along with goods that were being delivered several counties away.

    Well as it happened, after about 40 years, Marvin is found tending bar at the old train station. It’s no longer the train station, the tracks are still out back and used by freight trains primarily. He did return from the war, married, had kids which have grown, married . . . Marvin is a grandfather . . . 

    Yes, the days of his youth are well behind him . . . the memory of Peggy . . . faded the day he left for war.

    Marvin is tending bar when a young woman, wearing a straw hat and sun dress walks in and orders a gin and tonic.  She sits at the bar playing with the thin straw in her drink.

    There’s something familiar about her, but Marvin can’t place it.  They engage in small talk and she says she’s there visiting relatives.  No, she’s not related to Peggy, but she resembles her in looks, voice and mannerisms.

    The strange thing is that no one else in the bar saw this mysterious woman and the gin and tonic was untouched on the bar.

    Marvin got some ribbing about seeing things and serving imaginary customers.

    On other visits to the bar, this mysterious woman would walk in, catch Marvin’s eye and walk out back.  He could see her waiting for him down by the tracks, but each time Marvin resisted the urge to follow her.

    After this went one for several weeks, Marvin finally decided to follow.  He wanted answers.  Yes, he followed her outside, then he saw her walking slowly beside the tracks.  Marvin sprinted after her.  He was more concerned about following than being aware of his surroundings and met his death when the 8:30 express came barreling through.

    Did Peggy get her revenge?  It seems so.  Now this Indiana depot, converted bar has Peggy and the bartender in residence.  They can be seen playing a cat and mouse game on the railroad tracks  reliving his death night after night.

    Yes, there have been sightings of Marvin’s meanderings down the railroad tracks . . . some have seen him following the young woman . . . but most just claim to see Marvin . . .

    This a true paranormal experience many have shared . . .

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    Is That A Haunted House?

    You’re driving down a road in an older part of town.

    You spot an interesting old house.

    You want to get out of the car and explore the house . . . it may be haunted . . . do you really want to go inside . . . Are you prepared for what you’ll see?

    I’ve always wondered what is worse . . . seeing something . . . or hearing something . . . something you know is there?

    You sense it is just a few steps away from you . . . but you don’t know what it is . . . or where it is.

    That’s the way Sam felt . . . he just bought a house . . .

    His friends joked about it being haunted. Oh yes, everyone knew about the stories, but being a skeptic, Sam dismissed it as paranormal poppycock. He bought the house at an excellent price in an excellent location. It was definitely a dream come true. He was a homeowner!!

    His friends helped him move in. It was a busy day for Sam . . . he took all the joking and ribbing about his house being haunted in stride . . . but after his friends left . . . he wasn’t too sure. Sam did fall asleep on his couch . . .

    He woke up with a stiff neck, but went up to his bedroom . . . stretched out on his bed and fell asleep.

    About two or three in the morning, Sam heard a loud thump . . . it seemed to be coming from downstairs . . .

    He was sure it was his buddies who helped him move in. They probably returned to scare him. No way was Sam going to fall for that!!

    Sam decided he was going to stay in his bed and let them come to him . . . he reached for his hockey stick, but it wasn’t where he knew he left it . . . He shook away the drowsiness of sleep. He waited . . . tried to clear his mind. Sam realized he was holding his breath. He was listening . . . and he felt his whole body tense up.

    He felt a chill. He was sure the room was getting colder. He tried to get out of bed, but couldn’t move . . . something was holding him down . . .

    Sam knew this was ridiculous — he was a skeptic . . . there was no such thing as haunting . . . he must be dreaming . . . sleep paralysis . . .

    If this was a dream, then Sam was determined to control it. All he had to do was turn on the light, the lamp on the night table . . . Just reach out . . . Sam scolded himself. Shake it off! There’s no such things as ghosts.

    There it was again! Bump, thud, scrape. Bump, thud, scrape. Bump, thud, scrape. Oh good, Sam thought, it’s moving down the stairs. He breathed a sign of relief.

    Oh my gosh! Sam just realized . . . whatever it was WAS in the bedroom with him and it was holding him down!!

    Sam threw back the blankets and reached for the light. The closet door was open — he reached for his hockey stick . . . and crept down the stairs. He noticed he was tip-toeing. So much for being a skeptic . . . he smelled the aroma of coffee. There was a bang of a heavy skillet being put on the stove. He could hear the sizzling of bacon . . .

    He was going to rush into the kitchen with hockey stick in hand in a menacing gesture to catch his buddies in the act . . . of cooking breakfast . . .

    Then Sam heard singing . . . a woman singing . . .

    “Oh what a beautiful morning . . . humming . . . Oh what a beautiful day . . . humming . . . I’ve got a beautiful feeling . . . humming . . . ”

    Sam found himself singing along with her, “Everything’s going my way . . .”

    He set down the hockey stick . . . he heard the cracking of eggs.

    He heard the last line of the song again, “Everything’s going my way . . .”

    What? Sam wondered. If everything’s going her way . . . what does she mean?

    This was his house!! He picked up his hockey stick walked into the kitchen to confront the intruder.

    He flicked on the light.  Nothing.  Just the lingering aroma of coffee, bacon and eggs.  And the faint sound of humming . . . and the bump, thud, scrape echoing as it went up the stairs.

    Even for a skeptic, it wasn’t difficult for Sam to realize he did indeed have a ghost living in his house . . . and his friends were right . . . he bought a real haunted house!

    Just to rub salt in the wound a little . . . Sam realized how his ghost got the upper hand?  He was awake, out of his comfortable bed, branishing a hockey stick in an empty kitchen during the wee hours of the morning.

    Now Sam was fully aware of the meaning of the song lyrics:  “Everything’s going my way!”

    Was that a chuckle coming from the bedroom?

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