Haunted Elevator

    My local coffee shop is a great place to meet my fellow ghost hunters and friends who have an interest in the paranormal. It’s also a good place to meet new people who have had experiences they can’t explain.

    We don’t usually have an agenda when we meet. Sometimes we just talk about the ordinary things of home, family and friends.

    There’s an old abandoned haunted hospital that we’ve all visited from time to time. It seems an investigation is never completed, it has only reached another point in our personal experiences.

    This old hospital is not a place I want to visit at night. There is no electricity running in the place and it has been abandoned for years. I’ve received permission to visit it from time to time as have my friends. It’s always a good idea not to visit abandoned properties haunted or not alone. No one knows what one will find or the dangers that are afoot with rotted flooring and ceilings that could cave in or critters that have crawled in or worse.

    This particular hospital is very haunted, built in the early 1800’s and used as a sanitarium for those with tuberculosis, incurable diseases, mental or physical disorders and various nervous conditions. Just standing in front of the old building makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve heard odd sounds, both mechanical in nature, screams and maniacal laughter that chills me to the bone.

    Of course such places get a reputation with unkind labels, but from what we’ve investigated, the rumors may be more fact than fiction. The place was closed down 20 to 30 years ago and there are people still living who had worked there or had family members who had worked there and told of their strange experiences.

    I do get visions of it being a Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. There is definitely something odd about the 5th floor. At night people have reported lights in the hospital, electrical lights lighting up the whole place. They know it is impossible, but they know what they saw.

    The one thing that was singled out for our discussion centered around the elevator. I had been there when I heard it moving on old metal grating metal gears. I’ve seen the doors open and close. I’ve watched the old half clock hand move up to the 5th floor and stop.

    Graham was brave enough to go into the elevator and ride it up to the 5th floor and step out.

    “I carefully walked around, holding my EMF meter up. I followed it where it led me.”

    He stood in one particular spot, closed his eyes to concentrate on the room generally and the one spot where he was standing.

    He spoke aloud, “Tell me about this place. I’ve heard rumors, but I need verification.”

    Graham waited and heard shuffling first to his right, then left and he felt surrounded by energy. He heard one voice in particular say, “True.”

    This brought chills to everyone listening.

    The elevator made a grunting noise, according to Graham and he decided to take it down to the lobby. The stairway was not safe to maneuver.

    While in the elevator, he had a conversation with an entity that seemed to know what had happened on that particular floor. The words, “Failure.” “Complete failure.” rang through the elevator.

    What Graham gathered was that there were experimental operations that failed. From the screams and shuffling of feet there were many failed experiments that resulted in the patients being worse off than before.

    The elevator didn’t stop at the lobby, but took him down to the basement. This, he knew, was the morgue.

    Although everything had been removed from the basement, there was a built-in freezer that was used to stack the bodies. The words, “35 high” echoed in the basement. The word “murdered” was also heard.

    Our imaginations went wild with this news. It did seem logical and with the rumors that many patients who were no longer able to pay, instead of being released to family, “volunteered” to have operations in the hopes of being cured.

    Graham was also shown a place where bodies were buried behind the hospital. This was a field that had been sold by the city and now has warehouses on it.

    Graham’s investigation is taking him to contact some of the warehouse owners and talk to them about any paranormal activity.

    It’s times like this that makes one wonder if digging for the truth would do more harm than good, both for the living and the dead.

    Home Cleansing and Shielding Recipe

    This is for those of you who feel there is something going on in your home or within you — attracting negative forces into your life.

    This can take two or three days to complete.

    On Day One:

    • Open all curtains, blinds, windows and doors. Allow the fresh air and sunshine into your home.
    • Open all closets, cabinets, drawers and other dark spaces open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces and all the nooks and crannies.
    • After about two to three hours you are going to figuratively sweep out each room — you can physically do the sweeping, but it is usually symbolic. You’ll focus your thoughts on pushing out all the negative energies, entities and thoughts.
    • After completing each room, close it up. You don’t want to leave it open so the negativity of another room can get into your clean one.
    • Don’t forget garages, basements, attics, sheds, etc.
    • I usually burn sage during my cleansing, but some have found sandalwood or dragons-blood incense works for them.
    • You may also want to play your favorite spiritual music or sing a favorite hymn before doing the sweeping or pushing process.

    Day Two and Three:

    • Once again open all the curtains, blinds, windows and doors.
    • Take a white candle to the center most point of your home. Sit on the floor and place the candle in front of you.
    • Light the candle and focus upon the flame. Visualize the flame to be filled with positive thoughts or positive energy. You may want to say a prayer … asking for cleansing positive energy to fill the candle’s flame.
    • Hold this image in your mind and visualize the flame slowly expanding outward. Visualize it filling the room where you are sitting, every corner, nook and cranny.
    • Continue to visualize the flame expanding — the outter edges pushing away/burning away any and all negative energies or entities out and away from each room in your home.
    • Once you have visualized this flame filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines — all the way around your property — the front and back of your home as well as both sides.
    • Hold this image in your mind for a few moments. Then visualize anchoring this flame where you are sitting — the centermost area of your home.
    • Once you have done this, take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle.

    You may now want to create a shield for yourself using this same technique. Instead of focusing on your home, visualize the flame surrounding you. 

    It is best to do this after a shower using a rosemary scented soap — rosemary is good for purification and protection.

    I sometimes get a bit creeped out about visualizing a flame, so I have sage smoke getting into all the nooks and crannies … and also for creating a shield surrounding me. It is the same sage smoke.

    And I do have the smoke go around me — I use a feather to bring the smoke from the bowl out into the air surrounding me. It is helpful to have a friend help you out with this process.

    I know it all does seem a bit strange … but try it and see if you feel differently about your home environment and how protected you feel as you venture out into the world.

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    Can Evil Spirits Affect A Loving Relationship?

    Demonic Entities love causing problems.

    Ryan and Liz didn’t know what was going on with them. It seemed little things would set them off.

    For their wedding anniversary they decided to get away and work on their marriage.

    When they reurned home, Liz noticed the silver candle holders they received as a wedding present were missing. Ryan noticed the bracelet he made for Liz was missing. Instead of getting upset, they decided to sit down and discuss the situation logically without emotion.

    When did all of this begin?

    Ryan and Liz sat down and thought about when they moved in. They also went over the wedding gifts they received. They also listed the furniture they bought or was given to them. They were narrowing down when they started arguing about petty things. They knew something was in the house that wanted them to argue.

    Ryan knew that demonic entities feed off discord and can cause it. Liz was aware that demons can be in objects as well as houses.

    Finally they narrowed it down to a dresser they found in the basement and were using it in their bedroom. They emptied it and instead of returning it to the basement, they set it outside to the curb. They also removed other items left by the previous owners. Liz was quite fond of the hutch where she placed their fine china and crystal stemware, but she knew it had to go.

    Liz cleaned the basement from top to bottom. She said a prayer and demanded that any evil leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

    They felt confident when they went to bed that evening.

    Around midnight they heard loud banging on the front door.

    Turning on the porch light, they saw that the furniture they put to the curb was on the porch. Was the furniture trying to get back in the house?

    As strange as it sounds, that’s exactly what they believed was happening. They didn’t have a sage smudge stick. They did have a rosemary herb candle that they lit and did their own ritual of blessing their house and demanding that all evil leave their doorway.

    The banging grew louder and more insistent. They continued praying.

    By day break, the pounding stopped.

    Liz and Ryan were exhausted. They slept for a few hours before Ryan called his brother to help him take the furniture to the dump. Or to take it out to be burned.

    They were awakened by loud banging on the door.

    Oh no, not again they thought.

    When they looked out, it was a young couple who wanted to know about the furniture on their porch.

    Liz and Ryan were hesitant about allow the young couple to take the furniture away, but it would solve their problem.

    Liz did try to explain that they should smudge the furniture before putting it in their house, but they were told they didn’t believe in that mumbo jumbo superstitious nonsense.

    With the furniture gone, Liz and Ryan did have their house blessed. The said a prayer for the young couple who took the furniture.

    Everything has been calm and peaceful in their home.

    A few years later I saw a beat up old truck with antique furniture stuck at the side of the road.

    The couple sitting on the hood of the truck looked bruised and battered with scratches on their arms, legs and face. Being the curious person that I am, I stopped to ask if they needed help. They waved me away saying, “You don’t want any of our bad mojo.”

    They were right, I didn’t need their bad mojo, but I had to know if they were the young couple that took Liz and Ryan’s furniture.

    While we were talking, a man stopped and asked what they were planning to do with the furniture. He seemed interested and gave them an offer they immediately accepted.

    Once the furniture was removed from the old battered truck, it started right up. I met the couple at my favorite coffee shop to hear their story.

    Yes, they did find the furniture on someone’s porch. They were hesitant to confide in me that the furniture was possessed and demons attacked them while they slept. Their life was one problem after another since they took that furniture. The pipes burst in their apartment and they had to move. They were both having problems with their jobs. Their friends and family abandoned them. Bad things happened to people around them. They were given the reputation of being jinxed.

    Having sold the furniture to the man on the side of road, I wondered if they felt anything about not warning the guy about the furniture.

    All I can say is “Buyer Beware.”

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    Daytime Ghost Hunting

    I’m a daytime ghost hunter.

    I prefer to do my ghost hunting during the day.  There are plenty of dark places to go and I like to be able to run out into the daylight, not the dead of night.  Maybe I am chicken. I can get scared and creeped out during the day just as easily as at night. It may not be as exciting with that “chill factor” built in during the daylight hours, but when I have a choice I choose daytime.

    My friend Dorothy is a realtor and she found a 5 bedroom Victorian that she just couldn’t resist.  The house was built sometime in the 1880’s and had been empty for close to ten years. For some strange reason it kept falling out of escrow. She was paying cash, so that wasn’t going to be a problem.

    She lost her husband a little over a year ago and was thinking of downsizing, but then she thought of holidays and being able to entertain her family in her Victorian mansion.  She was excited about getting repairs and improvements done well before the holidays. And with luck she’d have her house sold by the time she was ready to move in.

    With all the repairs, Dorothy was having “buyer’s remorse.”  She wanted me to see the place and tell her what a great buy she made and after the repairs, she was going to have a real treasure of a house.

    I love old Victorian houses, but one thing I’m not too fond of is wallpaper. Some of the designs are flowery and just too large for the space. That’s another thing about the floor plan, there are usually a lot of little rooms, but this one did have some walls taken out and the woodwork was beautiful. It was fortunate that a new roof was put on before the house was put on the market, but the yard needed work and the gate out in front gave me the creeps. I don’t know what kind of creatures those were, but they did seem like they were watching me.

    That was one thing that Dorothy really liked. So I didn’t insult her gate. I did try to be as positive as possible, but the house was dark and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe in there.  I did go outside on the porch, I thought the place would catch on fire any minute.

    While I was out on the porch, I heard talking.

    It was unnerving. I believe whatever was in the house was talking about me.

    “She knows.”


    “Yes, she does.”

    “Will she tell.”

    “We’ll have to stop her.”

    I had no idea what they were talking about, but that was enough for me. I stayed on the front porch and even went into the driveway so I wouldn’t hear any more of the conversation. I knew it was none of my business.

    I did tell Dorothy when she asked why I was outside that I had trouble breathing in the house.  I was afraid the whole thing would catch on fire and I hoped she had smoke alarms installed.

    Then she got this wild idea to have a séance in the house.  I told her I would prefer to pass, but it was a good idea for her to learn all she could about the house.

    I refused to step foot in the house again. I felt sorry for Dorothy, but I knew I wasn’t welcome there and I didn’t want to offend the spirits that were in the house.

    As it turned out, that night, the house did catch on fire from poor wiring. It did burn pretty much to the ground, but the fireplaces and chimneys were still standing . . . and the gate.

    Dorothy was heartbroken. Her dreams pretty much went up in smoke, but I was relieved. There was something evil in that house. I don’t believe Dorothy would have been comfortable there.

    I did go look at the old burned out place recently. Dorothy had it cleaned up nicely. It’s a vacant lot with that ugly gate. I don’t know what she plans to do. There’s no For Sale sign up on the property yet. I think it’s only a matter of time, but I do believe the property is cursed.  I would like Dorothy to have her séance, without me, to find out what is on her property.

    I thought it strange how such a lovely house would give me the creeps … but it did and I honor my instincts. I have no idea about the spirits in the house or what secret they were keeping … I’m a bit curious and also cautious when it comes to investigating haunted places where I know I’m not welcome.

    I do hope you enjoyed this real ghost story in a real haunted house.

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    Hauntings In Normal Everyday Places

    You really don’t need to venture far from home to encounter ghostly apparitions or orbs.

    It doesn’t have to be late at night, it can be during the daylight hours. Granted, they are easier to see at night, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only time they are present.

    You may not like hearing this, but there could be ghosts in your house. There could be ghosts walking down the street right along with you in your neighborhood, at the mall or downtown. It’s rare I don’t see one or two or more as I’m going about my normal routine.

    You can either accept this, be skeptical, deny it’s true or be paranoid constantly looking over your shoulder and being scared senseless.

    Most house hauntings have to do with the history of the house or what loved ones who have passed want to visit you from time to time. Depending upon the personality of the person in life, the behavior remains the same.

    The reason it’s important to get some history about your house is to know if any horrific event occurred there or even in the neighborhood.

    There was a violent assault down the street from me. I see her apparition occasionally. It’s not something you want to see. My dog is terrified of it and she usually is comfortable with spirits. Also is such cases, the spirit doesn’t know she’s dead. She’s unaware of the attack, so it remains an unsolved murder case.

    All I want to say here is that it was a brutal attack and her face is unrecognizable as such. She does have an eye that is out of the socket, resting on what would be her cheek. I’m surprised the spirit is pacing in front of her old house, given the damage to the rest of her body. It is absolutely frightening.

    And, of course, my neighbors don’t want to discuss it … but I’m sure they’re whisper among themselves as to how I know of the attack since it happened well before I moved into the neighborhood. Well … knowing what I’ve seen, I can understand it … but they don’t have to deny it ever happened.

    I rarely walk on that side of the street.

    You may think me heartless. The truth is a friend and I tried to help her. Not after the assault, but in her spirit state. She insists she needs a ride to her hairdresser. She can’t seem to find her car and she has a terrible headache.

    She repeats the same thing over and over again.

    We did take her to her hairdresser once, but the next time we saw her she made the same request. We took her to the hospital, a local mortuary, even to the cemetery, but didn’t encounter any spirits that could connect with her to get her to crossover. We even tried to help her move on, but she is stuck in needing to go to her hairdresser.

    I saw her in my house one morning and had to firmly tell her to leave, to go home and scare the living daylights out of the current resident of the house.

    I’d held a séance for her, but she doesn’t understand what the psychic was talking about, plus she doesn’t believe in such nonsense. She has her priorities straight, get to the hairdresser.

    I think it’s more interesting hearing the ghostly tales of others.

    “I was at the local deli picking up a sandwich to take back to the office,” Ted explained. “I saw an old guy sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus. There was something odd about him, but I was in a hurry to get back to work.”

    Just as he was finishing up the paperwork for his client, Ted saw this same man who was on the bench walk past his office and continue down the hall. He seemed to know where he was going, so Ted didn’t follow him.

    Ted met with his client and when he opened the door, there stood the man he had seen earlier waiting. The odd thing was that the man was about half a foot off the ground. He was hovering there.

    Ted’s client walked through the apparition and Ted stood in his office in utter shock.

    “I don’t know how long I stood there like an idiot,” he admitted. “I couldn’t stop shaking and didn’t trust my legs to walk a few feet to a chair.”

    The ghost eventually floated away after Ted got a good look at him. He knew the ghost had a reason or a message, but Ted wasn’t capable of thinking clearly at that moment.

    When Ted was busy with another project, a book fell from the shelf.

    Ted didn’t notice, he was in deep concentration.

    “I remember smelling coffee and thought I’d go get a cup. That’s when I noticed the book on the floor.”

    He picked it up, paying no particular attention to it and returned it to the shelf. He was focused on getting a cup of coffee.

    He met Kim in the alcove that served as their beverage area. There was the coffee maker and a small refrigerator with sodas and water. Occasionally there would be snacks, but mostly beverages.

    “I’ve had a strange feeling all day,” she began. “You know my grandfather founded this business. My father, brothers and uncles did most of the work here. Then when Granddaddy died, the place almost folded. My father worked night and day to set things right.”

    Ted heard this story before. The uncles cashed out to get their retirement. Kim’s father and his brothers worked to keep things afloat, but soon realized there wasn’t enough revenue to support them all. They sought other employment.

    “Come to my office, I want to show you something,” she said.

    Ted followed, bringing his cup of coffee with him. He wasn’t about to refuse his boss.

    “Do you believe in . . . ” she paused searching for the right word.

    “Ghosts?” Ted said, trying to help.

    “No, that’s not what I was thinking, deja vu, perhaps.”

    Ted was working on one of the oldest accounts the firm had. It went way back to the beginning of the company. That was why he grabbed a quick sandwich and returned to the office.

    “How did everything go with your meeting today?”

    “Very well, young Flemming seemed pleased with the investments.”

    “Well, it was right after that meeting on this date that Granddaddy was waiting for a bus when he was held up, robbed and murdered. Then, 24 years to the day, my father met with the family and that evening had a massive stroke.”

    Kim didn’t handle that account believing it was cursed and she would be next.

    “Are you warning me?” Ted asked trying to make a joke, but he was concerned. He realized the man he saw on the bench was Kim’s grandfather. Was the old man trying to warn him?

    “It’s been 24 years since my father’s death.”

    The air was heavy. Both Kim and Ted  sat quietly.

    As it turned out, Kim and Ted were both fine. It was the young Mr. Flemming who hung himself in his office.

    It was later revealed that the Flemming account had its ups and downs over the years. It was down 48 years ago when the elder Flemming had a verbal altercation with Kim’s grandfather and later robbed and killed him at the bus stop. The account was down 24 years ago when Kim’s father had a massive stroke and died caused by the altercation in the office that day and receiving threats through the night by telephone. It was when the doorbell rang that Kim’s father was at his wits end and suffered the stroke.

    Ted’s meeting went quite well with the young Mr. Flemming. The accounts were up and a great profit was realized from the investments.

    In a note left by Mr. Flemming to Kim or her heirs, he spelled out the details of his family’s involvement in her family’s deaths and the plans that were put in place in the event the accounts were down on that particular date.

    As it turned out, Mr. Flemming didn’t call off the hit on Kim before he took his own life.

    When Kim left the office that evening, she had a feeling her life was in danger. That made her hypervigilant.  She left her car in the lot and rented one to drive home. She didn’t want to put her family in danger, but with a different car, she felt she wouldn’t be followed. Just to be on the safe side she hired armed security to protect her home.

    The brakes on her car had been tampered with. When the hit man noticed the car in the lot, he went to her house. He was able to avoid the armed security guards, but the tale he told about an old man who blocked his entry into the house and still stood his ground after being shot three times, the hit man was willing to give himself up to the armed guards and the police without incident.

    Kim is a believer. She is sure her grandfather saved her life. I have to agree.

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    I hope you enjoyed this real ghost story. It is one of my favorites — I like it when the truth comes out and justice is served.