This Is The Perfect Time Of Year To Watch Creepy Scary Movies!

Two teenage girls, searching for thrills and excitement, stumble upon a mysterious game that beckons them into the realm of the supernatural. Intrigued by the promise of an otherworldly experience, they cautiously delve deeper into the website, unaware of the dangerous consequences that await them. As they navigate this dark and eerie realm, their every move becomes a matter of life and death. Will they heed the warnings and escape unscathed, or will they succumb to the sinister forces that lurk within? Embark on this chilling journey, if you dare, and discover the true price of playing with the supernatural.

Life was a lot calmer when I was growing up — yes, we got bored and wanted to scare each other silly, but with the internet and the advanced technology scary can take a completely different level — who really knows what they’re opening themselves up for . . . only time will tell if you decide to watch 47 Hours To Live.

View The Trailer To See If This Movie Is Right For You . . .

What Do You Think? It’s A Creepy Concept And A Scary Reality If You Buy Into It . . .

If you’re a fan of ritual game movies and killer phone apps, this one might be right up your alley. While it doesn’t break new ground, it’s reasonably well done with decent performances all around. Although some story threads felt unresolved, it’s still worth watching if you’re looking to kill an evening. 

There’s a new twist I learned! Imagine using your phone as a mirror for daring incantations like “Bloody Mary.” It may not be a scream-fest, but this movie nails it with its convincing performances. From start to finish, it holds together seamlessly. I was getting nervous and thinking there was something to this curse,

I Thought This Movie Was Worthwhile — The Stormy Weather Added To The Uncomfortable Feeling . . .

That phone game is dangerous — I believe it is real . . . creepy and strange stuff was happening — may have been a coincidence, but I don’t really believe in coincidences. Yes, this was a movie . . . but sometimes movies are based on facts or particial facts. There could be some truth to it — like Ouija Boards — they don’t affect everyone the same . . . But not worth messing with!

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