Here’s a free Haunted House from RavensBlight called The Bleak Estate.

It’s a nice home with a ghost in the attic.bleakestate1

That shouldn’t bother you . . . much. It’s just one area of the house that may be necessary to leave alone. Something else to consider is that there are no steps to the porch area of the house . . . There are few visitors of the human variety . . . but I’m sure this isn’t an issue for the paranormal beings that may or may not frequent the place.

And, RavensBlight has a variety of “friends” you can add inside and outside of your personal Bleak Estate. Ray O’Bannon has a whole variety of these you may enjoy.

Before I forget, click the image to the right to be taken to the PDF to print out on card stock. Ray has instructions for you, too.

micromonsters1This is an attractive addition to the other RavensBlight houses. And, as I mentioned earlier, there are Micro-Monsters you may enjoy inviting into your Bleak Estate. There are two sets of these.

Click the Micro-Monster set on the left to be taken to the PDF.

Then, if you want to have a house full of these Micro-Monsters, you may like the second set.MicroMonstersSet2a

These are pictured to the right.

You can click that image to be taken to the PDF for printing out.

Be sure to check out other “toys” Ray O’Bannon has on his website. You may enjoy some larger images of these monsters and zombies. Ray has a whole cast of characters. He has 8 sets of 3 different ones for 24 you may like placing around the house to decorate shelves and flat surfaces. He also has Robot Minions, if that’s your thing.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you do enjoy the Bleak Estate and the Micro-Monsters.