I don’t know these ladies nor where they were when this selfie was taken, but I can only imagine their surprise when they took a good look at it. The ghostly figure looks happy enough. I guess she was having a good time, too.

It may give some people pause and others a bit of a fright. There are also nay-sayers who will claim it’s fake. That’s fine, too. I’m wondering why the image is so small compared to the women in the picture. It makes me wonder if there was a picture on the wall behind them or some sort of reflection.

I do find the picture interesting . . . I have no real explanation . . . I can’t answer my own questions. I don’t like to think everything is a fake, but this doesn’t ring true to me, but what do I know. I could be taking a selfie one day and get the same type of thing and need to go through all kinds of explaining . . . 

Well, real or fake it’s interesting. I do have a story, of course I do 🙂

Here’s Jake’s Story and why he now believes in ghosts.

He was up at his family’s cabin in Michigan with some friends on a Saturday night. He was afraid of the woods at night. Not that he believed in ghosts, but he was uncomfortable with what could be out there that he couldn’t see. It makes sense to me.

He began talking brave about the woods and such, so his friends decided to call his bluff. They bet that he couldn’t go out in the middle of the woods alone to a particular old logging site that is told to have a single grave with a candle that is always burning. 

Jake wasn’t going to admit he was just “talking big” so he agreed. The proof was to take a selfie at the grave. 

As he walked through the woods with a flashlight in one hand and his cell phone in the other, he thought about the cute animals that would be in the forest. He didn’t want to jump out of his skin when he heard the “hoot” of an owl. 

The woods were quiet. He could hear the crunching of dead leaves and small twigs with every step he took.

He did find the grave, but the candle was not lit. He lit the candle and snapped the selfie.

Jake thought he heard someone talking. He looked around, but could see nothing. He thought a lone grave out in the middle of the woods was activating his imagination. He was curious, but also didn’t want to see anyone out in the woods — real or spirit.

He heard something fall with a loud thump. He looked around. Then he saw a man walking around in circles, like he was looking for something he lost. The strange thing was that his footsteps didn’t make any sound among the dead leaves and twigs.

Jake took off running for the safety of the cabin with the selfie to prove to his friends.

Sorry to report that there was nothing with him in his selfie snap shot. 

©Sharon Harvey   12/2014