Did You Have A Tree House When You Were A Kid?TreeHouse

I guess tree houses aren’t just for kids . . . but the one in the picture is awesome.

It seems to be designed for kids.

With a little imagination you could make it into quite a spectacular “get away” for the whole family. No long drive to get somewhere, just pack up a few things and go into the backyard tree house.

You would definitely have a spectacular view. You may not have modern lighting and plumbing . . . but you might be able to add that, too.

People definitely go all out in their creations of tree houses and play houses for children.

You could add a slide for a fast exit.

This is definitely “food for thought” when you’re thinking of building a tree house for the kids . . . or for the whole family to enjoy.

It may make a great home office, but you’d like to have wifi and electricity and plumbing. You’d need a refrigerator and maybe even a small kitchen. And don’t forget about heating and cooling.

I’m sure every family member would find a good use for this tree house. It may be a good place to unplug from all the gadgets and gizmos and enjoy star gazing and conversation.

I know the kids would love a “sleep over” in the tree house . . .

It would be impressive to invite people over and spend a quiet evening.

I can definitely see the value of having such a magnificent tree house structure in my yard.

I hope you enjoyed this post . . . Let me know if you’ve designed a special tree house for your family.

Until next time,