Did You Make Any New Year’s Resolutions?new-years-resolutions

Have you kept them . . . or have you already broken them?

Most of us don’t make New Year’s Resolutions . . . and for good reason. Then, again, there is something to be said about getting more exercise, eating right and stop procrastinating . . . among other things.

But, it does seem, about now, many resolutions have been broken . . . maybe revised . . . or completely forgotten.

I’ve Been Doing Re-Evaluations Of My Goals

I believe resolutions are merely goals we want to attain within the coming year.

You can make them New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day . . . or any time you choose. It’s usually when you find there are things you’ve neglected and need to make some changes to make your life easier. Or your plans for a vacation this summer and you want to get into shape . . . There are always goals we have for a particular time or event.

And life also gives us other things to take our time away from our goals.

As I said, I’ve been doing some re-evaluating of my goals. Some have been completely abandoned . . . others, I’m rethinking. And, of course, there are some, after more research, have been found not to be something I want to delve into at this time.

I love my websites and TwoCansOnAString.com in particular. There are no changes I plan to make here. This website reflects what is important to me.

Then, there are my other websites. Some I had thought of letting go . . . then, I started thinking . . . but depending upon the time of day . . . I have a different thought process. I wonder if decisions should be made in the morning or evening or sometime during the day.

I read the best time for making decisions is when you’re fresh and alert. So, when you’re not feeling well, it’s best to not make decisions other than doing what is necessary to feel better. Then tackle those other decisions when you’re feeling fresh and alert.

As with my other websites, I’ve been taking my time making a decision about them. There is no rush . . . but I do have a better idea of my priorities.

I do love paper crafts.

I’d love to make my own designs. So, I’ve been studying about that. It does take time away from my other websites . . . so, it should be an easy decision for me to follow my interest and allow me the freedom to concentrate upon what is truly important to me.

I know at one time, I thought having many websites would be a great thing. Then learning how to write for the internet and do guest blogging . . . and then just writing and being true to myself . . . and by being true to myself, that means that I need to pursue paper crafts and learn as much as possible.

It works with playing a musical instrument or learning a new skill. It does take a lot of practice and understanding of what you’re learning. It takes time to master . . . or at least to become better at it than you were before. Maybe baby steps is the process.

It’s best not to get over your head too soon.

No matter whether you made New Year’s Resolutions or not . . . are keeping them . . . or not . . . revamping them . . . or not. There are always things we want to do or learn to do better . . . or have a goal to accomplish by a certain date.

I may have the wrong attitude about things.

I know I will get to them when I have to. It’s a motivator to clean the house when company is coming!! And the thought does come into our heads that it wouldn’t be this much work, if we a did a little each and every day . . . or hire someone to come clean once a week or twice a month.

There are options and solutions.

And when you think about it, there are options and solutions to every goal or resolution you’ve made or didn’t make . . . but are now thinking about accomplishing within a particular time.

Goals are definitely a personal thing you have to be committed to accomplishing.eeyoreballoonbust

Don’t feel forced into doing something . . . anything you’re not ready to tackle.

It usually doesn’t work out well.

I’ve found, it best not to depend upon someone else to help you. It’s your goal . . . and you have to be self-motivated to achieve it.

I’ve read that it’s best not to let others know your goals . . . too many like to burst your dreams. But, someone you can trust and value their opinion may help you figure out exactly what you want to accomplish . . . and can achieve.

When You Find Yourself Running In Circles

It’s best not to make any decisions until you have to time to sit down quietly and think things through.

It may appear to others as procrastinating, but it’s not wise to make any serious decisions in haste . . . just to please others . . . or save yourself from not making a decision hastily.

As we get older, the opinions of others means less and less to us. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s that we don’t worry about insignificant things.

I remember a co-worker would always ask . . . “In 5 years, how important will this problem be?”

Depending upon your age . . . 5 years seems so far in the future . . . or just a snap of the fingers . . . and through personal experience we’ve learned that some decisions could have a significant impact 5 years down the road . . .

Life is strange, but it is definitely worth living to the fullest. We may get bogged down with the daily stuff . . . and need to take care of some old business . . . and in the end, we’re better off by putting forth the effort.

This isn’t an advice column. It’s just a forum I use from time to time to think . . . and to get others to think, too. We all have decisions to make . . . and we give it our best shot . . . but there’s nothing wrong with finding we made a bad decision or we need to do some re-thinking from time to time.

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