Haunted By A Poltergeist

Anything of the spirit world that decdes to make itself at home in my residence does frighten me … 

Yes, I live with residence ghosts … but they don’t scare me … but a poltergeist is another kettle of fish as far as I’m concerned. 

From what I’ve learned — They’re quite mean spirited.

Video Presentation Of The Byron Street Poltergeist:


Poltergeist Feed Off The Emotional Energy Of The Living

I find the whole concept of poltergeist to be quite disturbing … Objects and furniture as well as people being tossed about …

It is truly a frightening story that I believe. Paranormal Activities are much more common than many want to believe.

Poltergeists have driven people mad … and have ended lives … They seem to be quite evil and not something you’d want to having hanging around.

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