Communicating With Spirits

I have been communicating with spirits by using candles.

It started years ago when I was young and living at home with my parents. We had a power outage and my mother lit some candles so we wouldn’t be sitting in the dark. My father took a flashlight out in the garage to find an old lantern or two.

While he was setting up the lanterns, he spoke of how on the ranch they used these lanterns regularly. The power was always going out on windy or rainy days. He also said that there were spirits around us all the time. If we wanted to communicate with them all we had to do was ask a yes or no question. He started out by asking, “Is anyone here? To answer yes, make the flame grow brighter.”

We waited and watched. The lantern grew brighter and the flame of the candle on the coffee table got higher.

“Is there more than one spirit here?” he asked.

Both flames grew higher.

“Will you answer some questions for us?”

Both flames grew higher.

We had a discussion about our next question. We wanted to know how many spirits were in the room with us. So we started with numbers. Then we wanted to know who was here. Was it a relative or someone who lived in the house or on the property before the current house was built.

This particular night, there were two spirits — a man and wife. They were not relatives so we had to guess a lot of names. We resorted to the alphabet to narrow down the names for the man and his wife. They were Isabelle and Jacob. They didn’t live in the house or on the property, they had an accident on the property and died there.

This was enough for my mother. She didn’t want to communicate any more with Isabelle and Jacob. She did say, “I’m sorry what happened to you, but please leave now.”

My brother asked after a few minutes, “Is anyone there?”

The flames stayed steady, but we could hear whispering of two women. We weren’t sure if Isabelle was still around or if she left with Jacob or if some other spirits came to join our little communication session.

I think my mother was more unnerved by the situation than the rest of us. She brought out a battery operated radio and turned it on. She was trying to drown out the whispering we heard earlier.

It was the eeriest sound … then the front door opened and all the cupboards in the kitchen opened about the same time. We all sat still with our eyes as big as saucers.

My father got up to investigate. No one was at the front door. He closed all the cupboards in the kitchen, but he did decide to get out some plates and glasses and set them on the kitchen table. He thought some milk and cake would be appropriate to have to settle our nerves.

My mother moved the candle to the table. My father already set the lantern in the kitchen.

We were just finishing up our cake and milk when there was a loud knock on the front door.

“I wonder if it’s Jacob and Isabelle?” my brother whispered to me.

My father went to answer the door and I was right behind him.

There was a man carrying a lantern. He said, “I’m just checking to see if you folks are all right.”

“We’re fine,” my father answered.  He waited for more information before asking, “Do you know how long the power is going to be out?”

“We’re working on it, but it may take a few hours.”

My father thanked him for the information and closed and locked the door.

We had no sooner relocated to the living room when the lights came on.

At school the next day everyone was talking about the power outage.

I wasn’t going to volunteer about our ghostly communication and the events of the evening, but Larry wasn’t inhibited at all.

He spoke about how he and his siblings used the candle to communicate with spirits. He told of the ghost of his grandfather who came to visit.

This gave Rosemary courage to speak of the events that happened in her house. She said that they lit candles, but didn’t ask questions, but did watch the flame. They heard footsteps walking in the hallway, opening doors to all the bedrooms and opening closets. She and her siblings knew from the sound on the hardwood floors exactly where the spirit was. Later, when they had to go to bed, Rosemary noticed that her dolls were moved and the clothes hanging in the closet were all moved to one side.

I still didn’t share my experience. I was relieved I didn’t have an actual ghost walking around and moving things.

Years later I asked my father about that incident. He remembered it clearly.  He admitted that the man who came to the door seemed odd.

“Do you think it was Jacob?” I asked. I had always wondered if he was looking for help after his accident with Isabelle.

My father just said he wouldn’t have been surprised. Or it could have been another spirit. The house was on a hill and there were lots of accidents that happened years ago on that road.

Communicating with candles is not the easiest thing to do. That’s why many people use Ouija or Spirit Boards. It seems the Ouija Boards have been receiving negative comments so people have resorted to Spirit Boards. Perhaps communication with any spirits is frowned on by many regardless of the form.

I don’t use Ouija or Spirit Boards, but I do use candles. I usually don’t have the patience to communicate for a long time, unless the information I receive is interesting, but it usually isn’t. Spirits like to let me know they are here, but they don’t seem to have anything else to communicate.

Now, we have Spirit Boxes to help us communicate with spirits. It isn’t always easy, but some spirits do come through clearly if they have something important to communicate.

It is important to record your sessions with the spirit box so you can replay it over and over again. Some EVPs are difficult to understand while others are quite clear.

And, with Halloween coming around, it may be good to gather some friends around and do a spirit box session or two.

From some recent YouTube Videos I’ve watched, it seems October is an excellent month to go ghost hunting … but don’t do it alone … have a group of friends with you — and no horse play. This is serious business and you need to have people around you who take it seriously as well.

Just this afternoon I heard voices when I took my barrels out to the curb. No one was around, but I did hear talking . . . It could have been neighbors in their back yards, but it didn’t sound like the echo from neighboring yards … It was creepy.

I just know we’re not alone … there are spirits all around … all of the time …

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Halloween Is In The Air

October is scooting by quickly.

We had some cooler temperatures . . . and then it got warm again . . . Anticipating cooler temperatures again.

There is something about autumn and getting ready for Halloween.

I found this image and just had to use it. It is a bit spookier than I like, but as you look closely, there isn’t a skull moon, but it is made from the tree branches. I think this is quite clever along with the children walking along in their pursuit of candy.

Initially I didn’t see the children walking. My focus was captured on the moon.

That may have been the whole point, but once we begin to look around, it needed to be more of an All Hollows Eve picture . . .

This is something I need to keep in mind when I’m doing my paper crafts. It is great to draw the eye into the card initially, but there does have to be a complete “picture” once one decides to look around.

This reminds me to get your Halloween Treat Boxes together and ready to fill with delicious treats.

Remember our friend Ray O’Bannon over at Ravensblight Paper Toys . . . 

Remember all of his great treat box coffins?

This year I’m favoring the weathered crate for my Halloween Treat Box. I can decorate it with pumpkins and may have a spooky cat or a witch . . . maybe her feet sticking out of it or at least have her hat on the crate.

The weathered crate can be made spooky by having a skeleton trying to get out . . .

What’s great is that all of Ray’s paper toys are free to download and assemble — he has excellent instructions.

I do love Ray’s Haunted Houses.

I especially like The Ghost House.

It has a secret chamber under the house that is a great place to put some treasures.

If you’re into building a paper craft Haunted Ship, Ray O’Bannon has a collection of them along with cars and trucks and even a train. You can have some great fun exploring everything he has available to download, print out and assemble.

Click the image of the Ghost House to the right to be taken to the PDF and click here for the assembling instructions.

It would be best for you to begin right away with the Ghost House or one of the ships — this will take some time to assemble.

Depending upon the number of “coffin” treat boxes you have to make, time is of the essence.

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Take Advantage of Great Deals

I’m always torn at this time of year whether to focus upon Halloween or think ahead to purchasing Christmas gifts.

Well, it’s worthwhile to follow-up on any “great deals.”

It is essential that we check out sales throughout the year. We should not get hung up on the time of year, but what gifts we need to give throughout the year and actively seek out the best deals.

Let’s face it, giving gifts throughout the year for family and friends can get expensive. 

It is essential to focus on bargains.

Sometimes we can’t plan ahead for kids who absolutely want something one day and could care less about it a few days to a week or month later.

So, in some cases, planning ahead won’t pay off. Be sure to keep up-to-date with the interests of the children in your life. That includes adult children, too. We’re all changing our mind.

I was really excited about buying a GoPro camera.

I was close to making the purchase.

What stopped me?

I had a camera I wasn’t using regularly and thought it best to learn the camera I had than to run out and buy another camera that I may or may not use.

Sometimes it is good to slow down and think through your purchases.

I’m not promoting any products in this post.

I’m just thinking about gifts and projects for the upcoming holidays.

I love making paper crafts. This includes cards and treat boxes.

In some ways it is necessary to have the right tools and equipment to make my project creation and mass production done in a timely manner. I do have many necessary tools and products to create just about anything I desire for the holidays.

I’m finding it is about using my time wisely and getting things accomplished in a timely manner. I know for Halloween, I’ll be making hundreds of gift boxes. I must begin now to mass produce these. Then when that project is completed, I move on to Thanksgiving and then to Christmas. I do like making hostess gift boxes and filling them with goodies. This is something I do and enjoy.

I do use templates and use my Silhouette Cameo to cut out these templates for me. This is a major time saver. It gives me time to embellish them and have them ready when the “event” comes around for me to fill them with treats.

I also have dies I use with my Big Shot to cut out templates of boxes. This seems more hands on, but it, too, saves me time.

And there are times I do love cutting things out and putting them together one at a time. It all depends upon my mood and how rushed I feel.

It’s wonderful to have technology to make your life easier.

I would be lost without my laptop.

And many of you are now thinking of items you could not live without.

I know at one time — years ago, how a microwave oven was a major life improvement. I even remember when having a telephone not on a party line was a big deal . . . Many of you may not know what I’m talking about.

I’m not that attached to my cell phone, but I do marvel how others are able to do everything on their smart phones.

Technology is here to stay and will only get bigger and better.

Well enough of my rambling this morning.


Autumn Is In The Air

This morning was a bit chilly with the temperature reaching 80° F later today.

There are only a few days remaining of summer.

We’re passing into another season and getting closer to some major holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then the New Year. It all seems to be coming quickly.

I do wonder if you’ve had the opportunity to get your Halloween costumes or whether you’ve planned your All Hollow’s Eve Party . . . maybe you’re thinking of a theme for your party . . . or having one that is family friendly — maybe there are some DVD’s you’d like to have available for your guests to watch. Something fun and not too scary for children.

I do love Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I enjoyed the Disney cartoon version. 

It is a wonderful story that I read every year.

I’m always figuring out a different ending for it. I do so want a happy ending.

Well, let’s see what Halloween DVD’s are available for us to watch and enjoy:

I do love Scooby-Doo and these are fun for all ages. But I do wonder what else would be fun and appropriate. Maybe . . .

These are all family friendly, but you may have something else in mind. Just click one of the links and go off exploring for the DVD’s you and your family and friends would enjoy watching.

It is never too early to begin shopping for Halloween and planning your Halloween get together.

Here are a few suggestions:

That seems like a nice variety. Great for your guests and for the trick-or-treat visitors.

Please do your shopping online with me 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving Day finally arrived and here in Southern California I can hopefully say so has fall!!!

I was out and about yesterday wearing my sweatshirt with a hood — it was supposed to be windy, and I like to cover my ears on windy days.KidsPlayingInLeaves

I did some shopping . . . parking was a bit of a nightmare . . . but I was able to get some exercise . . .

I usually don’t like being in crowds, but there is an energy in the air when preparing for a holiday dinner with family and friends.

I’ve heard so many times how important it is to “live in the moment.” This isn’t easy to do . . . we think of the past and are bombarded with thoughts about a future event . . .

sizzixvillagebungalowI was thinking of papercrafts . . . all those projects I started and didn’t finish . . . But, then thinking ahead to spring . . . and this great Bungalow Sizzix Die i have . . . 

But it could be for Christmas . . . everything is adaptable for any season . . .

It is a cozy little place I would like to visit for Thanksgiving, too.

And then my thoughts shift to the Sizzix Surf Shack . . . There’s something quite relaxing and mellow about that, too . . .surfshack2

I have a friend who has a beach house in South Carolina . . . the hurricane did quite a bit of damage, but she’s fixing it up . . . and took a picture of a couple of alligators soaking up some rays in her yard . . . I can appreciate this Surf Shack on stilts . . . don’t want to get cozy with the wildlife . . .

There is so very much to do . . . and so little time . . .  Amazing how difficult it is to stay in the moment.

On this Thanksgiving Day it is worthwhile to take a moment and reflect upon the goodness we have in our life . . . good friends . . . a loving family . . . being able to play a musical instrument, draw or paint a picture . . . do papercrafts . . . or whatever you find enjoyable and relaxing . . . I have a neighbor who enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles . . . Some people enjoy reading or watching movies . . . Others like to shop . . . There are those who love walking and taking pictures . . . It’s all quite wonderful . . . We do have much for which to be thankful . . .

Today is beautiful . . . no matter the weather . . . there is beauty to see . . . And a feast to share with family and friends . . .

This is a wonderful day to celebrate . . . maybe not for traditional reasons, but reasons of your own . . . It is your Thanksgiving after all.

Many of you may be anticipating Black Friday . . . or Cyber Monday . . . or both . . . or just take a deep breath . . . relax . . . and live in the moment.

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How Are You Pursuing Happiness?

Talking with people, listening to others. watching movies, reading books . . . All show us something about others  . . . and about ourselves . . . 

There are kids with cancer who just want to live a normal life . . .

Aspen, CO.

There are people in dead-end jobs who can’t quit, because it pays the bills and provides for the family.

I’m finding “stuff” doesn’t make us happy. Maybe for the moment or when someone compliments us on what we’re wearing or how we look or where we live . . . But, it truth, it isn’t about “stuff” it’s about you and what truly makes you happy. It could be playing a musical instrument or singing . . . You may not become rich and famous, but you enjoy it nevertheless. It could be making paper crafts or some other hobby using clay or wood, glass or some other medium. Or walking with your dog out in nature.

You may be a sweatshirt and jeans type of person . . . but you know you need to dress better when you leave the house. You may just want to live in a comfortable home in a nice neighborhood with comfortable furnishings — nothing fancy and impressive. You live within your means and drive an older car, but it runs well and looks good. You may not be beautiful or handsome, but you don’t frighten people. You’re happy more days than not. You have a wonderful family who loves you just the way you are.

That appears as though you have found happiness. Your pursuit is over.

Yet, others may not view you as successful or affluent . . . they may judge your appearance and not allow you to join some community clubs or groups. There is a standard . . . and you may not match up to it.

Initially, my thought is who cares about their opinion . . . and then I think how important it is to fit in . . . but then, if the goal is to be happy and you’re happy with yourself . . . Why do you need this club or group?

I can go back and forth with this until my head spins . . .

We are social beings . . . and that means interacting with others . . . joining in and being , , , social . . . The alternative is being alone . . . isolated . . . secluded . . . excluded . . .

No one really chooses the latter . . . but some people have made it work . . . at the expense of being referred to as odd or strange or a recluse. And perhaps some unflattering judgmental terms . . .

I don’t have answers . . . just thoughts and observations . . .

For me, this began when I found this picture of a Tim Holtz Village Surf Shack . . . It has its charm and appeal . . . but would you want to live there? Would you be embarrassed to invite your friends and family?surfshack1

It’s kind of like Gilligan’s Island . . . Do you remember that television sit-com?

They made due with what they had . . . and their daily goal was to get off of the island . . . But life also happened on that island. They had good times and hard times . . . They had fun and adventures . . . They made it work . . . and knew they would make it for however long they needed before being rescued. So, basically, they made the best of an unfortunate situation.

There is something appealing about that . . . to a degree . . . villagedwellingbayoushack

And, here is another Tim Holtz Village Dwellings that someone made . . . and got me thinking about what I’d like to make and how that contradicts how I would like to live . . . I don’t want to be embarrassed by my home, but I don’t need to live in a mansion. But there is an appeal about a bungalow or a place on the bayou . . . or an old log cabin . . . a place in the woods . . . Nothing fancy, just functional . . .

I love the bricks holding up the dwelling, the hides on the side of the house, the barrels . . . the steps going into the shack . . .I may want to add some crates . . . 

It does have a certain character to it . . . makes you wonder about the person who lives there . . .

I’m beginning to think that what appeals to be is the structure and how creative I can be when building a shack as opposed to building a nice place.

I have a friend who lives in Alabama who has a non-functioning still in her front yard. It is a work of art . . . she decorates it for Christmas. I imagine in its day it brewed plenty of moonshine . . . A relic of long ago . . . And maybe the type of village pieces I want to create have that same appeal , , ,  I may not want to live there . . . but there is something unique and genuine about it . . . Maybe I came from very simple roots . . . That’s why I don’t go for the fancy or give much thought to what people think of me . . .  What’s important is what I think of myself . . . and whether I’m happy . . . And yes I am very happy.

I’m a blogger. I’ve been out in the world of work and keeping up appearances  . . . but now that I’m retired . . . I don’t have to dance to the tune of others . . . and I don’t have to fit in . . . I can be me . . . genuine, honest without pretense . . .  It makes life easier . . . and much happier.

During this fall/autumn season before Thanksgiving, it is positive to take a moment to reflect . . . Think about how truly fortunate you are . . . You may have goals to achieve and things to do . . . but deep down at this moment, you are happy . . . It doesn’t mean you don’t have to achieve your goals or do the things you want it do . . . it means that you’re happy now and you know how to achieve happiness in your life . . . That is truly an accomplishment . . .

I share my random thoughts from time to time . . . Just to get you thinking . . . As I’ve been thinking and striving for clarity and understanding . . . It’s not about being right or wrong . . . it’s about understanding here and now . . . and maybe tomorrow or next month or several years from now, you’ll find your thoughts and ideas and goals and aspirations have changed . . . You have a different perspective . . . which is neither good nor bad . . . it just is . . .

It’s comforting to live without judgment . . . from yourself or others . . . because it doesn’t really matter . . .

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