Abandoned With Everything Left Behind

I’m Always Curious About Abandoned Places

Too often there is a disturbing story that does along with it … A home invasion or a family member did the unthinkable to their family …

In such cases it may be understandable why remaining family members would not collect the belongings … Too heartbreaking … Especially where children are involved …

It would, however, be interesting to hear from the spirits in the house … But I don’t know about wanting to take home any of the items left behind …



We’ve All Heard Stories Or Seen Movies Where Whole Families Have Been Scared Out Of Their Homes

Leaving everything behind and not bothering to get their belongings at a later date.

I love antiques. I’m beginning to wonder if there are people who visit abandoned places or purchase them and collect all the items left behind to sell …

Sometimes people sell haunted items … and claim they are haunted. The thing that surprises me is that there are buyers for this haunted merchandise.

I do wonder if it comes from such places …

I hope you enjoyed this post … and will leave me a comment about your thoughts regarding haunted objects/items.


Would You Want A Haunted Doll?

Haunted Dolls Have Always Been Around

But would you want one?

I would have to say “No Way Would I Want A Haunted Doll In My Home!” … As many of you may know, if you’ve read any of my previous posts … Dolls Creep Me Out!! It has been something that has gone on from childhood — And no amount of therapy is going to change my mind about them … or clowns … or puppets … Yes, I have a lot of hang-ups …

So,,. for me it is all about the story. I’d rather collect the stories of others than to have them as my own personal paranormal experiences …


Patty Adams Of The G Team Paranormal Investigations Invited Her Friend Omar Gosh To Her Home Along With His New Haunted Doll

All I can say is “Why?”

It’s what they do … But I don’t believe they were prepared for the experiences they had. It is fortunate for us that they caught much of it on tape … but you be the judge …


A Scary Paranormal Experience With Patty, Omar And Two Haunted Dolls 


That Was Creepy …

I don’t know what to make of the EVPs … I believe there was communication … And there was definitely a story to be learned here … But … as is usually the case some facts are sketchy …

I think the little haunted doll of Omar’s is named Heather … I believe she may have been around when “Mary” was doing her killings and was trying to explain at least one case … But as I mentioned most of the facts are sketchy at best …

No matter how well protected one’s home may be … it is never wise to bring haunted items — especially when you’re living there with children … and inviting other famiy members into your home with their children …

For me, my home is my safe haven … Yes, I have a resident ghost with others stopping by from time to time … but I don’t willingly seek out haunted objects to see what will happen … I’m just not that adventuresome … 

That’s why I collect stories and leave the investigating to others …

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Is Your House Haunted?

Ghostly Activity Interrupting My Internet Connection

I’ve been having a difficult time adding content here at TwoCansOnAString.com This does happen from time to time, but it has been going on for much too long. I’ve been smudging and have had to call in experts to move some unwanted “visitors” out and hopefully keep them out …

Of course at this time of year I’m yearning for Halloween … actually fall with cooler temperatures. I do love wearing sweat shirts … there is something comforting for me with a sweat shirt rather than a sweater … Yet, I do have some sweaters that feel yummy. I’m all about my personal comfort moreso than great fashion …

Well … today I have a great video to share with you discussing some of the activities you may be experiencing in your home … I’d love to receive your comments on this subject regarding hauntings in your home.

In Anticipation Of The Fall/Autumn Season …

I thought it appropriate to discuss whether or not your house is haunted … or if the sounds you hear are the normal creaks and groans of your home … or some activity outside …

Many times there are logical explanations … and sometimes … you’re not alone … So … when you feel someone is watching you … maybe there is … and it’s not a peeping Tom … but something from another realm … 

Guiding Echoes’ Signs That Your House May Indeed Be Haunted


I Hope You Found This Post And Video Helpful And Informative

I’m delighted my spirits and internet connection have been quite cooperative 🙂

I do wonder if watching videos and playing with the spirit box and other tools have been attracting more spirit activity into my home. I may need to do more of this outdoors … or use a ritual that invites messages and also closes the session inviting them to move on to where they belong … 

This does seem to be a concern many have …

I do thank you for visiting … Please leave me a comment …


Haunted Dolls

Dolls Creep Out A Lot Of People.

I’m sure many of you have Haunted Dolls … or know someone who does … Or have had some experiences where you know a doll moved or blinked its eyes or turned its head … 

Well … over at Heather’s Hauntings, she caught a doll moving on tape with witnesses!! There was no hanky panky going on … the doll did indeed move … Check it out for yourself!!

Heather’s Hauntings Haunted Dolls:


This Was Quite An Experience!!

I enjoy Heather’s Videos and those of The G Team Paranormal Investigations … They were so thrilled they caught the doll movement on tape!!

It is rare to capture such images without going through hours and hours of video … This was truly a special treat!!

Of course there will be scoffers … scoff away … There could be a logical explanation … or a paranormal one … It seemed to go along with the EVP of that particular doll wanting attention …

Crazy stuff happens around us all the time … Do we notice it? Do we miss it? I know I’ve missed a lot … but then I notice when something has been moved … but not actually seeing it move … 

I hope you liked this video from Heather’s Hauntings … Leave me a comment below about your haunted doll stories.

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Did You Hear That?

Jill was attending a party with some of her co-workers.

She was fascinated by the house more than mingling with the party attendees.

There was an elderly man sitting at the top of the stairs.

“This is a lovely old house,” Jill said, hoping to learn more about it.

“Yes, it is. It’s been in my family for generations, but my grandson, Jerod, doesn’t seem to like it much. He’d be comfortable in an apartment . . . which I just may get for him.” The elderly man drifted off in thought.

Jerod, who was Jerod? Jill wondered. She went in search of him when she suddenly heard, “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!”

Jill and three others promptly ran for the door . . . but the majority of the party guests continued talking, laughing and drinking.

Jill left the party with her three new friends. They stopped at a coffee shop to discuss their experience. Evidently, they were the only ones who heard the old gentleman’s request.

Jill told them about talking with the elderly man at the top of the stairs.

“Jill, I saw you standing at the top of the stairs . . . talking to yourself. There was no elderly gentleman.”

“He told me he was Jerod’s grandfather.”

“Jerod’s grandfather has been dead for 20 plus years.”

Jill realized she was talking to a ghost. She was getting those side-eyed glances people give you when you talk about ghosts and hauntings and such.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Jill demanded. “What made you run to the door? You heard it, too, didn’t you?”

They slowly agreed, but that was different from conversing with a ghost . . .

Jill thought about it over the weekend. She did some research on the house and Jerod’s family history.

Monday morning she was ready to find Jerod and receive an explanation.

Well, she found that Jerod was no longer working . . . he had been confined to a wheel chair after being hit crossing the street. He was currently residing in a nursing home.

After work Jill went to pay him a visit.

She learned that Jerod’s younger brother worked at the office in the mail room. He was looking after the house until Jerod could return home. He was supposed to be making it handicap ready instead of throwing parties.

Jill, told him about meeting his grandfather and hearing him bellow from the top of the stairs to get out.

“Oh, so you heard it, too!!  Did you hear anything else . . . the women talking in the kitchen . . . the bouncing ball in the driveway . . . “

Everyday after work, Jill went to visit Jerod. They spoke of other things besides his grandfather.

Jerod’s physical therapy was going well and soon he would be out of his wheel chair and walking with crutches and later with a cane.

They eventually married and moved into the lovely old house along with the resident ghosts . . . and may I add . . . they all lived happily . . .

This was a fun Real Ghost Story!

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Dolls Creep Me Out

I may not be alone — dolls creep me out.

I felt this way before Chucky! There has always been something creepy about them.

But a Raggedy Ann doll?  What could be creepy about it?

It’s not the doll, but what’s in the doll.

Ed and Lorraine Warren renowned demonologists and paranormal investigators have Annabelle locked up in their private creepy Occult Museum in their house in Monroe, Connecticut.  Ed Warren passed in 2006, but Lorraine Warren continues with paranormal investigations.

The story of Annabelle is well known, but for those who may not know I’ll give a brief history. In the 1970’s a woman bought a Raggedy Ann doll at a hobby shop for her daughter’s birthday. Her daughter was an adult and a nursing student. It seemed lots of young girls liked having dolls and stuffed toys on their beds — perhaps a connection to their childhood and home. And, I remember how popular these dolls were to make in all sizes.

As you can see from the picture above, Annabelle was a fairly large Raggedy Ann doll.

As the story goes, two nursing students shared an apartment and the Raggedy Ann doll was a prominent figure in the house. As long as it was a doll and behaved as a doll, everything was all right, but it didn’t.  There were “messages” written on parchment paper — which the girls did not have in their apartment. The doll would move from one bedroom to the living room . . . and was seen standing on her own.

Of course, this frightened the girls and they consulted a psychic.  They were told how a little girl, Annabelle, died on the property and her soul was in the doll. They were also told that the little girl wanted to stay and live with the young nursing students. They agreed and were very sympathetic to the story.

As time passed, the doll’s behavior got more erratic and violent until the Warren’s were called in and the doll had to be removed. The doll had a demon inside, not a child. This demon was biding its time until it would eventually possess one of the nursing students.

This possession thing is what creeps me out. I try not to think about demons, but they are very much a part of the paranormal as angels. And, too, often they are encountered in antiques.

We, as collectors, have a kind of romantic attachment to stories and wanting to preserve the old, but we do, at times, encounter things that we can’t handle or don’t want to handle.

I’ve never really liked puppets or marionettes.  I thought they were just creepy.

My brother got a Howdy Doody Marionette for Christmas one year and I stayed away from it.  Gary got good at manipulating the strings and having him walk around and up and down the stairs and even do a little dance, but I wasn’t amused, I was afraid of it — it just wasn’t natural.

I’m not claiming it was possessed, I’m just saying I didn’t like it. Howdy Doody was fine on television, but not in the same room with me. And it was fine for my brother to have as long as he kept it in his room.

Well, it seemed this toy would be in other parts of the house. Maybe my brother was trying to scare me, but he claimed he left it in his room.  I guess one day, this little marionette got in my mother’s way and it was put out in the trash.

As my mother admitted decades later when I asked her what happened to Howdy Doody, she admitted to throwing it out. “That thing kept staring at me. I swear it moved, crossing its legs and folding its arms.”

Throughout the day she kept hearing something in Gary’s room. She thought maybe there was a mouse in the house, but all she saw was that marionette.  She studied it as it seemed to study her each time she went into the room.  She moved it in the closet and it returned to the desk.

She got a paper bag out of the drawer and put Howdy Doody in it and put it in the trash. When my brother and I came home from school, she had some cookies for us.  We did go out to play for awhile, but after dinner when we were doing our homework, nothing was said about the missing Howdy Doody doll.

I asked my brother about it and he just shrugged and said, “One day it was gone. I was glad to see it go.”  Then he leaned closer and said, “You were right, that thing was creepy.”

Sometimes there are real demons possessing items and sometimes things are just creepy with the help of our imaginations . . . or . . . not.

I hope you liked this post about creepy dolls — maybe you have a story or two of your own. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or you can email me: admin@twocansonastring.com

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