A Christmas Carol poem

It’s quite unbelievable that this Thursday will be Christmas Day! And Wednesday is Christmas Eve when Santa and his reindeer will pay us all a visit. Wow! We’ve been anticipating this since . . . Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving . . . and even before.

It’s amazing to me how the days, weeks and months have passed . . . is everyone filled with good tidings of cheer and joy? Do some still hold bitterness in their hearts? There are always the old Scrooges and the Grinchs among us. Greedy old buggers they are. Thinking only of themselves . . . without a care for the teachings of the true meaning of Christmas. Well, we can’t change the hard-hearted. It did seem to work for Mr. Scrooge and also for the Grinch, but . . . those are stories . . . myths perhaps . . . but it is possible today?

Here’s a great video: Hallmark’s The Christmas Secret. It’s a bit long, but so worth it. Enjoy!

 Merry Christmas!