I’m always curious how the weather affects ghosts and spirits.

I am reminded that ghosts and spirits were once living beings and for some reason are stuck here or chose to visit here to look out for others. It may be where their friends are and they enjoy being with them or they may have unfinished business or have business of another sort.

As I said, ghosts and spirits were once living beings and should be treated as such. So, cloudy weather may affect them as it did in life. I like cloudy weather. I love the rain, thunder and lightning. I know others who don’t. So, I would imagine going out on such a day to look for ghosts would uncover nothing or a cranky ghost.

I’ve been investigating an old haunted theater for a few months now with some ghost hunting friends. They are quite serious about their ghost hunting. I’m a bit more laid back.

On this particular cloudy, fall day, I went to the old haunted theater with a card table, a jigsaw puzzle and a couple of chairs.

I set it up in the lobby where the light was best, since the place had been abandoned for a number of years with no utilities turned on, I wanted to have natural light.

Just as a note, we do get permission from the owner each time we visit.

My friends thought I wasn’t into today’s ghost hunting adventure, but it was just the opposite. I wanted to see if there was a spirit who was into jigsaw puzzles and wanted to spend some time with me. I’ve noticed whenever a jigsaw puzzle is set up, no one can resist stopping for a few minutes, checking it out and putting a piece in place. Sometimes they get “hooked” and sit down. This was the behavior I was counting on for my ghost hunting adventure.

Along with the card table, puzzle and chairs, I had my camera, tape recorder and EMF meter.

As I was setting out the puzzle pieces, I spoke aloud to the ghosts. I explained how on cloudy days I had a bet with myself. The bet was to see if I could complete the puzzle before the first drop of rain fell. Now this was no idle bet. I have puzzles with 1000 pieces or more. I was serious. I chose a jigsaw puzzle of candy wrappers — theater . . . candy . . . This theater was originally built for live performances and later converted to show movies and later abandoned when a multi-plex came to town.

I rambled on a bit longer about the puzzle and the various candies and settled down to business.

I started with the frame and noticed the chair opposite me move to one side. I didn’t think a spirit was sitting down, but just moved the chair a bit to let me know someone was there. My EMF meter lit up.

I said, “I don’t know why I brought this puzzle, it always makes me hungry.”

I heard very clearly, “Sugar Babies.”

“Oh, are those your favorite? They certainly are chewy, but stick to my teeth.”

I was hoping the EVP was being recorded.

Not knowing the age of this “ghostly spirit,” I didn’t want to ask too many questions, but to share information. I do talk when I’m nervous.

I noticed the “Sugar Babies” coming together to one side of the puzzle pieces I set out. Was the spirit telling me what pieces he/she was putting together?

I decided to test this out and did the same with “Junior Mints.”

“Mary Jane” was spoken next and the pieces came together.

This went on for some time and the puzzle was taking shape.

“You’re good at this,” I said. “We’ll get this finished before the first drops of rain.”

I then heard quite distinctly, “No rain today.”

I answered with, “You’re probably right, but it’s a good day for a jigsaw puzzle.”

My answer was “Cards.”

This spirit evidently enjoyed playing cards. I waited to see if he/she was going to say more.

I wasn’t sure if this spirit had moved on to see what the others were doing or not. My EMF meter was still on, but I may have been visited by another.

I declared my experiment a success and made a mental note to bring cards the next time, but I didn’t know what game this particular ghost preferred and I didn’t know many, just the basics. Maybe the others would like to participate next time.

I got the feeling from this brief encounter that this ghost may have been an actor and was used to passing the time playing cards. Or it may have been the one running the films and played cards between changing reels.

I did some research and discovered that the original owner of the building did set up a weekly poker game. He made his business legitimate with the playhouse. His son started running the movie house to bring in more customers, but his father still ran his poker games. He did expand it to nightly when it became a movie theater and the games were set up behind the stage in the old dressing rooms.

I learned of other businesses in town that ran “after hour” events as well.

It’s interesting what you can learn about a town by asking questions of the living who are willing to share. It’s just a ghostly nudge that gets the mind thinking about the random words that were spoken.

By the way, the spirit was right, no rain.

Thanks for stopping by!!