Hauntings, Apparitions And EVPs.

I find EVPs to be quite fascinating. Especially when they’re engaging with the living.

Mostly they are cries for help or screams which can run chills down one’s back. I’m especially disturbed my the EVPs of children. 

The Video to the right has a nice variety of EVPs from various locations. Some are quite disturbing.

EVPs That May Creep You Out:


I’m All About Finding Evidence That Ghosts Do Exist.

I believe they do try to communicate with us at times. Just like us, some are friendly … some may be a bit cranky … All to varying degrees . . 

I believe in ghosts. I have seen them and heard them. I’ve heard others tell of their paranormal experiences that are Real Ghost Stories. There are times when we can’t explain what we’ve experienced, but we do know what we know to be true.

I’ve been having some strange dreams lately … I woke up around three in the morning to what I believed to be pounding on my front door. My little Yorkshire Terrier didn’t hear it … she was still sleeping, not barking. So, it must have been part of my dream … I It did seem so very real to me.

I do have a Spirit Box … I didn’t turn it on early this morning, but maybe I should have to see if any spirits were around. Basically I was a bit too disturbed by my dream to do any investigating … All right I’m a scaredy cat!! To be honest with you, it made me think of Amityville … and no one wants to go there at three in the morning!!

I believe my experience was a dream … I keep telling myself that 🙂

Some of those EVPs I found creepy … I never like to hear “Get Out!”

I did enjoy the video … especially the history of the various haunted places.

I must admit hospitals do creep me out … abandoned or currently being operational assisting the sick and injured. They’re not a place I like to visit friends or loved ones. I usually see an apperition or two … And I make it very clear that they don’t follow me home …

Now … cemeteries intrigue me … but I don’t want any ghosts following me home from there either … I don’t know if I’d hang out at a cemetery. I’d prefer to haunt my house … Just saying …

Please leave me a comment about the video or any of your personal experiences.

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