It’s never too early to prepare for the Holidays!

What a great way to dress up some sweet treats or small teacher gift. This is a complete set of 6 treat bags made of red felt with faux fur WIN_20150702_160411 (2)cuffs, black belt and suspenders. Each bag measures 9 inches long by 11 1/2 inches high.

These make excellent bags for hostess gifts. It’s important to shop early. They look great under the Christmas Tree, dressing up the mantle, on a side or entry table, just about anyplace to want to place some holiday cheer. These adorable Santa Pants won’t last long!

You may also want these adorable elf pants:

 These Elf Pants Treat Bags come in a set of 8, great for a Secret Santa gift bag and great for the kids to give out little gifts to their friends, teacher, bus driver, etc. Each bag measures 9 inches by 7 inches by 3 inches. I love the elf shoes. There are also jingle bells for a delightful festive touch.

As long as I’m into these great gift bag, I have one more:

A set of 3 Santa’s Sacks. These jumbo gift bags are large enough to hold a doll or stuffed animal. Comes with an appliqued tag declaring it has come from the big man himself. The drawstring closure has fuzzy pom-poms that give the bags a whimsical touch. These bags measure 13 inches by 13 inches by 8 inches.

It definitely looks like you’ve got it all in the bag — everything’s covered:

  • Santa’s Pants
  • Elf Pants with their shoes
  • Santa’s Sack

But, something does seem to be missing:
How about a set of 12 Santa Hat Gift Bags made of fleece and fluff. These bags measure 10 inches high and 4 inches wide. You’ll definitely want to stock up on these drawstring bags. They’re great for Secret Santa gifts or wrapped Christmas treats or holiday party favors.

I think that is all . . . until I find something else . . . this will definitely give you an assortment of bags for your cookie exchanges and Secret Santa gift exchange and just to hand out Christmas goodies to friends, family, neighbors . . .


Hi there! It’s Diva! I helped Mom place her order to get me a set of these Santa Hat Gift Bags! I have made some wonderful friends at the Vet’s Office — there’s my personal vet and the one that helped me when my vet wasn’t there, then all the friends I’ve made in the office and those wonderful techs. Oh and the groomer!

I think a cool dozen of them from me would make a great hit — maybe they’ll skip a shot or two in appreciation . . . I know they’re for my health, but they do smart.

Hold it, Mom! I think they have more than a dozen working there! How about buying me two sets of those Elf Britches! I think I like those better with the jingle bells on the elf shoes. 

We have plenty of time to gather the goodies for these people and their families.

I love my mom, she always plans ahead! I don’t know how this Secret Santa thing works, but I’d like to be the Secret Santa for the folks at the Vet’s office.

Now . . . I wonder . . . with those jingling bells . . . hummmmm . . . Yes! I want the Elf Britches!! 2 sets, please!!

Now, I’ll work on a list of goodies to fill the bags . . . people food . . . candy canes, chocolate . . . a Christmas ornament . . . or two . . . how big are those britches? . . . 

While Diva’s working on her list, I’ll close up by thanking you for stopping by!

Yes, I’m having Christmas in July!!!