Are You Familiar With Flip Books?

These are primarily for pin pal creations that you send through the snail mail service.flipbook

They’re relatively small books that include a letter and a mail tag where you ask questions or give information — it’s your choice. The pages are decorated much like a scrapbook page with various embellishments. There are also little fun gifts or goodies included.

So, it’s a paper craft project you intend to put in the mail. It is more than a card . . . it is much more elaborate.

A flip book is typically 3 double-sided pages put together with washi tape. You can make it much larger if you wish. It would be worthwhile for you to check on YouTube for a video tutorial. There are several wonderful videos that will get you started.

They remind me a bit of a scrapbook — the old fashioned ones where you find interesting things and do some writing or stamping or cut out letters to put together to spell out your own sentiments . . . there are many things you can add to it.

I Initially Thought Of Using This Concept As A Mini Album

Then I thought it wasn’t the purpose.

But, then again, it is a craft that you create and you can use the flip book concept and do as you please. You’ll notice that of the various YouTube Videos on the subject that everyone has their own way of embellishing them. The one true thing is that it is to be mailed to someone . . . or given to someone . . . But I see no reason why you can’t make them for yourself on various topics.

These may be good to make and include with recipes with your various cookie exchange programs or whatever you’d like to “swap” with others.

I think it would be fun to use these for template swaps . . . and with the various pockets you put in them, there would be plenty of room to tuck quite a few in them.

Much depends upon who you’re swapping flip books with . . . people may have very specific “requirements”. If it’s just to do your own thing, then you can do them however you wish and the recipient will be overjoyed.

I’ve Seen This Concept In Mini Albums

Many people add flip-ups, flip-downs, and flip-outs — either right or left . . .

It is natural in mini albums to add pockets and belly bands . . . and add other page attachments, thus the flips.

I’m sorry if my confusion about flip books isn’t making this concept clear. I’ll try to explain it again. Flip books are for mailing . . . communicating with another person much like a greeting card, but with a much more creative flair. People use stickers and they can make their own paper decorations with ink or watercolor, stamps, etc. It is excellent for multi-media creations.It’s an excellent way of sharing various craft ideas with other crafters . . . paper crafters primarily, but it may not be limited to that . . . It is amazing what people can put together in a flip book.

And to add to the confusion . . . Remember those flip books that were animations? They could be a stick man running or a ball bouncing . . . little pieces of paper stapled together and you’d flip through them . . .flipbook1

That’s not what we’re talking about here . . .

But, it’s worthwhile to bring up. ¬†Names have changed meaning over the years . . .¬†

To be honest with you, I hadn’t made the connection until I was searching for images to include in this post. I do remember making them. We’d use a tablet and draw illustrations on the bottom of the page, with each picture a slight variation . . . it looked like the man was running or the boat was rocking or the waves were rising . . . or the ball was bouncing . . .

Actually . . . now that I remember them, they were quite fun. You could have your stick figure dancing or climbing a mountain . . . They were fun and quite amazing to flip through. You’ll need a lot more paper, but I imagine if you want to try it out get a bulldog clip and fasten it to a post-it-note pack and have some fun drawing . . . then flip through the pages rapidly with your thumb . . . and it’s animated!!

Wow!! Going down memory lane is quite enjoyable!!

Thanks for stopping by!