I not only have been revamping one website, but decided to do another.

There could be something about the anticipation of fall for me that marks a new beginning.

We’re pretty much programmed in childhood to a new school year in the fall. Summer may be a time of recharging for the new school year ahead. Or it is all the holiday celebrations — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve . . . Valentine’s Day . . . that get us thinking and planning ahead.

This could be the “kick in the pants” of making appropriate changes — changing our behavior, trying new things . . . Yes, I know it is the New Year that marks the resolution making, but for me it seems to be during the summer.

I’m not afraid of change, I do welcome it. Revamping websites is part of what I do. I sometimes want a fresh look for my visitors. And, unfortunately, I sometimes lose interest in a website or I just want it to be better.

I could be in a rut where all my websites seem to look the same, but with the Divi Theme, one can make it into anything one would prefer.

The problem — deciding how to make it better . . . and keep the feeling and purpose upon which it was initially created.

This was my first real website — an eclectic blend of everything of interest to me (and hopefully to you), but I have gotten into a rut of sorts and it is time for me to get out of it and to have some serious fun . . . Just like when I first created this website.

So . . . on this Labor Day Weekend . . . What do I want to do?

Nothing drastic. Just freshen up this website a bit.

I think it just needed a bit of a boost — and more importantly, I need to write more posts on a regular basis.

Goodness, July and August have truly been neglected. I can’t do anything about that — it’s the past. I can, however, begin writing more posts here and now and continue on a more regular consistent basis. We’re getting into some fun times!!

Maybe I’ve been waiting around like Elvia — waiting for fall. We have had some very hot and humid days. We even had a few thunder showers that made being outside more miserable.

So what if we’re having a heat wave. Enjoy what we do have and be grateful.  I believe I am very fortunate to have this website — and the ability to revamp other websites. I just need to remember where it all started.

I did make a few changes on my “home page”. I hope you will check it out, if you haven’t already done so. I just wanted to extend my background image of a cluttered attic and to have a place to feature some past posts you may want to revisit. That’s what’s great about having an established website running for several years. There are a whole lot of posts that need your attention. The information is still relevant. Especially the recipe for Cupcake S’Mores.

Thank you for stopping by!