I get inspired by seeing what others are doing or have done for Halloween. It’s great to find something that would brighten up someone’s Halloween.

I find it fun to look for a suitable shoe at my local thrift shop. The size isn’t important and for this project a single shoe will work nicely, if the price is right. If you plan on making several of these or you want a pair to use as a centerpiece, you could really allow your imagination to run wild.

A picture is the starting point.


Image Compliments of http://www.bygonewhimsies.blogspot.com

You do want to make something unique. I started with an old grandma style shoe and added the pointy tip and curled it up. I used black paper and glued the cone tip to the shoe. To hide the seam I wrapped it with a nice wide piece of ribbon and put an embellished buckle on top.

Now some people go all out and put some black brocade fabric over the shoe and fashion the tip and stuff it with batting. That seems like a good idea, depending how involved you want to get with this project. And it depends upon the type of witch’s shoe you want to make and how you want to display it.

You can make it as fancy or as plain as you like. There are plenty of different items you can find at your local hobby shop or fabric shop.

The real fun begins when you’re ready to put stuff inside. Now, I don’t want to get gross on you, but think for a minute. This is an old used shoe. The idea creeps me out a bit. I put black inside, you could use fabric. I also stuff it with tissue paper. I don’t want the germs, yes germs, cooties, bacteria, etc. from the previous owner to contaminate my witch’s shoe creation. And, go ahead and laugh, I use rubber gloves when handling the shoe. I know, I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobe.

Craft stores have all kinds of interesting things you can buy and put together as a display for your shoe. Or you can make a grocery bag tree in there and do your decorating from there. Or you may like the various coffins I’ve posted on this site. There are also suggestions and other templates on that post of paper craft jewelry items. It is worthwhile to look through our archives of various craft ideas that would be suitable for this project.  You could even make up some witches:

Image and Free Templates are Compliments of http://www.ravensblight.com

These aren’t the most attractive or friendliest looking witches you’ll ever encounter, but they do fit in nicely with the display for your original shoe design.

Here are the Instructions


Mrs. Vericella

Aunt Rubella

And if that is too tame for you, how about:


This is definitely a fun assortment of ghouls for your decorating pleasure.

I hope you are inspired to get started with this project. If you prefer, I do have a witch’s shoe template you can use so you won’t have to go rummaging through thrift stores. You can use it to display a Halloween scene instead of Halloween Treats and you definitely could do both.