It’s Amazing How Something Simple Can Be Made Halloween Creepy

I’m not into the gross, but I can appreciate the spooky and the thought provoking.HalloweenTypewritter

This image with the Victorian Birds seems tasteful, but also creepy in a Hitchcock sort of way. Maybe a bit Poe . . . and Stephen King as well. Many writers get their ideas from normal everyday objects . . . and ask “What if . . .”

It got me thinking . . . always a dangerous sign . . .

So many . . . yes, so many people have a fear of clowns . . . how would clowns work in place of the birds. Maybe a bit too creepy to create if you have a fear of them . . . Yet these birds do have a bit of a clownish feel with the ruffled collar, yet that could be the Victorian or Elizabethan era theme.

Witches would be a safe bet . . . ghosts, too . . . and all those people who are into zombies . . . that would be a scary way to go.

You get any sort of gathering of the creepy and scary and it brings inspiration of other frightening spooky images.

A Typewriter Seems A Natural Centerpiece . . . but a Haunted House Works Well, Too

Or a witch’s hat or shoe . . .

I was thinking of a model train engine . . . maybe even a model car . . . an old airplane . . . or a pirate’s ship . . .

You may like a skull with some bones . . .

It’s great to allow your thoughts to get into the creative mode and do something scream worthy for your very own centerpiece decor. The more original you can be, the better . . . but you can get plenty of helpful ideas from

I find The Dark Promise appealing . . .


And you’ll find a lot of interesting things by Ray O’Bannon from Ravens Blight of interest.HauntedHouseTreatBox

Here’s a Haunted House Treat Box you may enjoy.

It’s perfect for giving treats to the neighbors and for kids to give treats to their friends and maybe even their teacher.

I love paper craft boxes for all occasions.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun over at Ravens Blight.