I’m wondering whether to put this on my front door, out in the yard or somewhere in the house.HalloweenSign

This is a fun project you can make. Just get a wooden plaque at your favorite craft store or building supply place. Then with some letters, paint and sealer you’re ready to put it wherever you like.

I think this would creep out just about anyone who reads it. And the thing is you can’t resist reading it!!

The reactions you’ll get will be absolutely priceless!!

You know everyone will first look behind them . . . some may laugh . . . or be creeped out all day!!

I think I may put it on the back of a sweatshirt. Then I have more of an opportunity to creep out more people. Or would the front of a sweatshirt work better . . . hummm, decisions, decisions.

However you use the creepy saying . . . Have fun!!

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