Today is a beautiful day to celebrate and remember the long hard struggle for independence.

This read-a-loud book may be helpful for you to share with your family.

We celebrate this day with parades and fireworks. We, as a nation eat millions of hot dogs and hamburgers, wave the American flag and decorate with red, white and blue banners, streamers and bunting. It is a colorful sight to behold.

I plan to sit out on my patio to watch the fireworks from the city park. I have my American flag waving proudly in the nice breeze of the day out in front of my house. A BBQ is in order with family and friends gathering. It is a day of celebration. And, a day of reflection . . . what freedom means . . . it is different for many people. And, today as in the days of our founding, not everyone agreed . . . but it was necessary to come together, to cooperate and compromise in order to make this new nation — The United States of America.

Be safe this 4th of July!