Do You Ever Get Confused About The Word “Eve”?

There’s “All Hollows Eve”, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve . . .

For the Halloween one, it seems to be a shortened version of “evening.” For the Christmas and New Year’s Eve meaning the “night before.”

But I could have it wrong . . . it’s how I see it.

In any event, I wish you a safe and sound New Year’s Eve. Yes, it will be a night of celebrating . . . some may be foolish and drive under the influence . . . please be safe and if at all possible, stay off the streets tonight. And caution your children . . . we want to have a Happy New Year, not start it out with heart ache, sorrow, loss or serious injury.

I know most people don’t think about such things . . . and it isn’t something to dwell upon, but a word of caution is important as a reminder.

I’ve Been Thinking

Always a dangerous thing to do . . .HauntedMansionPapercraft

I want to give you some sort of paper craft you can do with or for your family and friends. I think I’ve pretty much shared things in the past . . . and this is a last minute thing on my part . . .

I do love Ray Keim’s paper crafts. He is truly a master with the DisneyLand and DisneyWorld Haunted Mansion. I know it’s New Year’s Eve rather than All Hollows Eve . . . but when people gather . . . there are always ghost stories told or stories of strange or unusual or even funny events shared . . . and everyone seems to like these paper crafts . . . It will keep the family busy for quite some time.

It is a fun way to spend the day and through to the New Year. Just click the image and you’ll be able to print out the instructions and the actual pieces you’ll be putting together of this wonderful Liberty Square Paper Craft. And take some time to look at Ray’s website. There may be something you would prefer to download. It is a wonderful website.

You may want to help this talented artist out by giving him a donation to help him keep these paper crafts free.

For younger children, this Mickey and Friends Ice Skating Paper Craft Playset may be exactly what you need tomickey-and-friends-ice-pond-playset-winter-printable keep children engaged this New Year’s Eve.

Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the page to download this winter playset.

This is great fun for children to engage with their favorite Disney icons. It’s good for children to use their imagination and come up with some sort of story . . . perhaps preparing the a great ice skating race or a delightful ice skating talent show. Children have better imaginations . . . maybe you can give your children a little boost in seeing what story they could create to go with this delightful playset.

I downloaded mine on card stock to make them a bit more durable. They do get a workout when children are playing and racing their favorite character to the finish line . . .

Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!!!