You really don’t need to venture far from home to encounter ghostly apparitions or orbs.

It doesn’t have to be late at night, it can be during the daylight hours. Granted, they are easier to see at night, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only time they are present.

You may not like hearing this, but there could be ghosts in your house. There could be ghosts walking down the street right along with you in your neighborhood, at the mall or downtown. It’s rare I don’t see one or two or more as I’m going about my normal routine.

You can either accept this, be skeptical, deny it’s true or be paranoid constantly looking over your shoulder and being scared senseless.

Most house hauntings have to do with the history of the house or what loved ones who have passed want to visit you from time to time. Depending upon the personality of the person in life, the behavior remains the same.

The reason it’s important to get some history about your house is to know if any horrific event occurred there or even in the neighborhood.

There was a violent assault down the street from me. I see her apparition occasionally. It’s not something you want to see. My dog is terrified of it and she usually is comfortable with spirits. Also is such cases, the spirit doesn’t know she’s dead. She’s unaware of the attack, so it remains an unsolved murder case.

All I want to say here is that it was a brutal attack and her face is unrecognizable as such. She does have an eye that is out of the socket, resting on what would be her cheek. I’m surprised the spirit is pacing in front of her old house, given the damage to the rest of her body. It is absolutely frightening.

And, of course, my neighbors don’t want to discuss it … but I’m sure they’re whisper among themselves as to how I know of the attack since it happened well before I moved into the neighborhood. Well … knowing what I’ve seen, I can understand it … but they don’t have to deny it ever happened.

I rarely walk on that side of the street.

You may think me heartless. The truth is a friend and I tried to help her. Not after the assault, but in her spirit state. She insists she needs a ride to her hairdresser. She can’t seem to find her car and she has a terrible headache.

She repeats the same thing over and over again.

We did take her to her hairdresser once, but the next time we saw her she made the same request. We took her to the hospital, a local mortuary, even to the cemetery, but didn’t encounter any spirits that could connect with her to get her to crossover. We even tried to help her move on, but she is stuck in needing to go to her hairdresser.

I saw her in my house one morning and had to firmly tell her to leave, to go home and scare the living daylights out of the current resident of the house.

I’d held a séance for her, but she doesn’t understand what the psychic was talking about, plus she doesn’t believe in such nonsense. She has her priorities straight, get to the hairdresser.

I think it’s more interesting hearing the ghostly tales of others.

“I was at the local deli picking up a sandwich to take back to the office,” Ted explained. “I saw an old guy sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus. There was something odd about him, but I was in a hurry to get back to work.”

Just as he was finishing up the paperwork for his client, Ted saw this same man who was on the bench walk past his office and continue down the hall. He seemed to know where he was going, so Ted didn’t follow him.

Ted met with his client and when he opened the door, there stood the man he had seen earlier waiting. The odd thing was that the man was about half a foot off the ground. He was hovering there.

Ted’s client walked through the apparition and Ted stood in his office in utter shock.

“I don’t know how long I stood there like an idiot,” he admitted. “I couldn’t stop shaking and didn’t trust my legs to walk a few feet to a chair.”

The ghost eventually floated away after Ted got a good look at him. He knew the ghost had a reason or a message, but Ted wasn’t capable of thinking clearly at that moment.

When Ted was busy with another project, a book fell from the shelf.

Ted didn’t notice, he was in deep concentration.

“I remember smelling coffee and thought I’d go get a cup. That’s when I noticed the book on the floor.”

He picked it up, paying no particular attention to it and returned it to the shelf. He was focused on getting a cup of coffee.

He met Kim in the alcove that served as their beverage area. There was the coffee maker and a small refrigerator with sodas and water. Occasionally there would be snacks, but mostly beverages.

“I’ve had a strange feeling all day,” she began. “You know my grandfather founded this business. My father, brothers and uncles did most of the work here. Then when Granddaddy died, the place almost folded. My father worked night and day to set things right.”

Ted heard this story before. The uncles cashed out to get their retirement. Kim’s father and his brothers worked to keep things afloat, but soon realized there wasn’t enough revenue to support them all. They sought other employment.

“Come to my office, I want to show you something,” she said.

Ted followed, bringing his cup of coffee with him. He wasn’t about to refuse his boss.

“Do you believe in . . . ” she paused searching for the right word.

“Ghosts?” Ted said, trying to help.

“No, that’s not what I was thinking, deja vu, perhaps.”

Ted was working on one of the oldest accounts the firm had. It went way back to the beginning of the company. That was why he grabbed a quick sandwich and returned to the office.

“How did everything go with your meeting today?”

“Very well, young Flemming seemed pleased with the investments.”

“Well, it was right after that meeting on this date that Granddaddy was waiting for a bus when he was held up, robbed and murdered. Then, 24 years to the day, my father met with the family and that evening had a massive stroke.”

Kim didn’t handle that account believing it was cursed and she would be next.

“Are you warning me?” Ted asked trying to make a joke, but he was concerned. He realized the man he saw on the bench was Kim’s grandfather. Was the old man trying to warn him?

“It’s been 24 years since my father’s death.”

The air was heavy. Both Kim and Ted  sat quietly.

As it turned out, Kim and Ted were both fine. It was the young Mr. Flemming who hung himself in his office.

It was later revealed that the Flemming account had its ups and downs over the years. It was down 48 years ago when the elder Flemming had a verbal altercation with Kim’s grandfather and later robbed and killed him at the bus stop. The account was down 24 years ago when Kim’s father had a massive stroke and died caused by the altercation in the office that day and receiving threats through the night by telephone. It was when the doorbell rang that Kim’s father was at his wits end and suffered the stroke.

Ted’s meeting went quite well with the young Mr. Flemming. The accounts were up and a great profit was realized from the investments.

In a note left by Mr. Flemming to Kim or her heirs, he spelled out the details of his family’s involvement in her family’s deaths and the plans that were put in place in the event the accounts were down on that particular date.

As it turned out, Mr. Flemming didn’t call off the hit on Kim before he took his own life.

When Kim left the office that evening, she had a feeling her life was in danger. That made her hypervigilant.  She left her car in the lot and rented one to drive home. She didn’t want to put her family in danger, but with a different car, she felt she wouldn’t be followed. Just to be on the safe side she hired armed security to protect her home.

The brakes on her car had been tampered with. When the hit man noticed the car in the lot, he went to her house. He was able to avoid the armed security guards, but the tale he told about an old man who blocked his entry into the house and still stood his ground after being shot three times, the hit man was willing to give himself up to the armed guards and the police without incident.

Kim is a believer. She is sure her grandfather saved her life. I have to agree.

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I hope you enjoyed this real ghost story. It is one of my favorites — I like it when the truth comes out and justice is served.