Here’s a wonderful Christmas Tree Centerpiece that’s good enough to eat!

I doubt it’s going to last through Christmas . . . maybe I should buy some more bags of Hershey Kisses . . .


Image and Tree Idea from

To make this “Kiss-Mas-Tree” you need to begin with a foam cone from your favorite craft store or dollar store. Select the size that suits the centerpiece you want to create. I ended up going for a large one and a couple of small ones. I know I’ll have nibblers — sneaky little angels they are.

You can go for the red and green ones and add the traditional silver ones for good measure or go totally silver or divide them up as I did. I made a silver and green small tree, a silver and red small tree and my large one I did with the silver, red and green.

These little kisses aren’t as soft as one would imagine. You’re going to need to have a clean turkey skewer to use to poke a little hole in the bottom of each Hershey Kiss. I used wooden round toothpicks, broke them in half . . . to secure the kiss on the toothpick and then stick it into the foam cone.

I started from the bottom and worked my way around, then up to the top. It’s a fun project for the kids to do, but keep an eye on the kisses . . . 

For the top, you can get creative with the colorful garland or ribbon or stars . . . allow your imagination to go crazy! There are all kinds of great decorative touches available that you can buy and use to top these little trees off right.

Putting these kisses in a small jar as hostess gifts is also a good idea.

I’ll need to look into finding some labels . . . but you can use any of your tree topper left-overs to decorate the lids of the jars. Something to think about.

How about this!!!!!


Printable Candy Jar Labels from

Here are labels that will do these proud.

Click the link under the picture and you’ll have more labels than you may originally thought you’d need. I like being able to decorate the bottom of the kisses — they look nice through the jar. The jar labels for the front and also for the top and the lid can be embellished, too. Be sure to check these out . . . 

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