I love having something I can make, set out and make minor changes to from time-to-time.Cemterpiece

It is inspiring to paint messages on rocks as reminders of how very blessed we truly are.

I may get into my fall mode and write “thankful” with a “boo” here and there. It can be like a memory game. I can paint the sayings and turn the rocks over and as the season progresses try to remember where I put the saying I want to feature.

I’ve added crystals to my rock assortment. The images does look a bit generic to me, but you can add fall leaves and small pumpkins and dried fall flowers to make it a bit more festive. Then change it for winter, then you’re back to the beginning for spring and summer. You could do some lovely things for Christmas and Easter, too.

This does look summer to me. I’m sure you have a gazillion ideas of how you can make a holiday centerpiece with this idea and candles.

Inspiration always begins from within. This is like a blank canvas . . . it just needs your master touch.

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