This Interactive Toy Concept Wi Spi Helicopter bridges the gap between a toy and a serious tool for taking pictures and videos. And isn’t that what you want people to believe when they see the helicopter hovering over their yard, that it’s “just a toy.”

This reminds me of the amateur sleuths of all ages who are out to solve a mystery.

If you’re into photography and want to take those birds-eye-view shots, this is the camera for you. You can take video, too.

Onboard camera takes digital videos and pictures

  • Wi-fi control using Apple and Android smart devices
  • 7 minute flights on a single charge
  • With Gyroscope technology

You may be into radio controlled helicopters and this takes it to the next level. I find this Wi Spy Helicopter unique and a “must have” at the price.


Here’s the link along with some other products for your shopping pleasure:

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