What Does Christmas Feel Like To You?Christmas7

For me, Christmas is colder temperatures . . . not snow cold, because I don’t get snow regularly during  the winter . . . just at odd extreme times.

There is something about having a wet Christmas rather than a white Christmas. I doubt “I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas” would be a very good song. But this may indeed be what I’ll be experiencing this year.

It’s mainly about the sharing, caring and giving to family, friends and even neighbors. Also about greetings of goodwill for all. Having a happy disposition. And spreading good cheer to all we encounter on our rushing around this Christmas week.

Life does feel wonderful when we’re out and about on our various errands. My thoughts go to family and friends who are no longer with us. I do believe they are celebrating this glorious Christmas season together and with me.

My traditions are their traditions . . . taught to me and practiced when we were all together. It is a good time . . . even remembering those who are no longer with us . . . it doesn’t have to be sad and taint our Christmas celebration.

We all have precious memories we do cherish and honor not just at Christmas, but all year round. It may be a bit melancholy, but it doesn’t have to be . . . it is all a matter of perspective.

This Is The First Christmas I’m Sharing With My Precious Yorkshire Terrier Diva.DTDM1

She’s a great little girl that I absolutely adore. So loving and funny in her excitement of every day being special. She may not understand Christmas, but she knows something is different with a Christmas tree and decorations . . . she may feel the excitement of what is hiding in her stocking . . .

I believe we can learn a lot from our pets. It’s mainly universal love. Loving no matter what. And also seeing a new adventure in every single day. Each day is a wonderful gift . . . we must enjoy it and recognize it for what it is.

I know that some people experience loss during Christmas and at various times throughout the year. It always seems worse at Christmas.

I wish I had something wise and memorable to say to you . . . to give you comfort while you’re grieving . . . but although your heart is aching remember the good times . . . the journey you’ve shared and how you’ve grown and prospered because of knowing them.

We are loved. And we do love. That is special in and of itself. Love is very powerful. That’s what makes our pets seem human to us. It’s what the Christmas season is all about.

Take a moment to look back in loving memory . . . allow the love to come forth into your life . . . and live and thrive and give and enjoy this Christmas.

Think of all your blessings and how fortunate you truly are . . .

Every holiday is what you make it. And creating new memories that will brighten your life for years to come.

I Wonder Why People Watch Sad Movies At Christmas

I’m beginning to believe that with tears . . . our hearts are opened a bit wider to give more and to feel more.

That may seem strange. Just ask around and discover for yourself. Many people have a favorite Christmas movie they watch each and every Christmas. Ask them why . . . some will just say, “It’s our family tradition.”

But delve deeper, if you can . . . don’t be disappointed if they don’t know . . . but their tears are not negative at all . . . that seems to be a miracle. It could be a cleansing to a degree. I guess a good cry is healthy.

Maybe similar to laughter.

Have You Noticed The Number of Vlogs On YouTube?

There’s also that new vlog people share while driving home from work or just driving around.

It seems many of them are in their car . . . some may be home and sharing what they’re doing. Why is this “reality” thing so popular?

Do we really want to look into the homes, cars, errands of others?

What is fascinating about them?

They are fascinating with the number of subscribers they get . . . are these lives so different from yours?

Would you want to vlog your life?

Yes, I’ve watched many of them . . . just to see what they’re about. Some have interesting moments . . .

Maybe it is an escape from your life . . . or the sense of wanting to be part of something different . . . I don’t really know. I just admire people who sustain their vlogs for years . . . sharing their home life . . .

I couldn’t do it. I have my hands full with my blogs . . . and is this any different, really?

It does give me something to think about . . .

I’ve rambled on for quite some time with my random thoughts during this Christmas week. I hope yours is much more exciting . . . you may even vlog about it . . .

I wish you a very productive and delightful Christmas week,