It’s about technique . . . paying attention to detail.1920ArtDeco

The image at the right is all about layering. It’s the folding and the 3-D effect that makes the image pop out. I do study a lot of “how to” videos in the realm of paper crafts. There is a steady flow of “adding dimension” with pop dots . . . or adding ribbon and bows . . . but no one takes the time to cut a piece out and make each element stand out . . . by using paper.

Or is it the boldness of the colors? There is shading, but there is definite dimension with the curl and curve of the paper.

I guess I do like art deco . . . and I like to make 3-D images . . . is it worth the work?

There is an expression that if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing right. So, with that in mind, maybe short cuts just don’t cut it . . .

We are in an age of immediate gratification. We’re in a hurry . . . we buy things that will make our jobs easier . . . it is all about progress . . . but have we been missing the details?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about priorities.

And trying to figure out what is truly important.

The image above may not wow you as it did me . . . or it may have . . . and we may reach the same conclusion . . . it’s a lot of work . . . no one would pay what it would cost to create . . . especially if they wanted a dozen or more invitations in this style. Yes, it could be automated on my part to a degree, but it would still take a long time to create. For each one, I would have to pay attention to detail.

It’s like a master chef creating the presentation on the plate . . .

Do we pay attention to the details? Is all this effort even noticed?

Are we in such a hurry that we miss the details? Do we have the time to look?

Everyday is an adventure of detail . . . the flowers in our gardens . . . how they bloom, blossom, then slowly die out . . . bringing new growth . . . When do we notice that the wood on our fence or gate is deteriorating? Usually when it is falling apart and we’re forced to notice it to have it replaced.

We do take so many things for granted . . . until they no longer work . . .

Attention to detail is something I think I’ll be noticing for awhile . . . I don’t want spring to pass me by without noticing it, admiring it and basking in it.

Just a thought.