Yes!! has a new look!!

It pretty much stayed very similar, but for me it allowed me to look at 4 years of posts — with the conclusion, we do want to see what is current.

Yes, some of the recipes are still good — especially the S’Mores . . . it’s getting that time of year again!!

And . . . thinking about what I like . . . 

I’ve always enjoyed Family Game Night!! A time for the family to sit down together to play a board game or a card game.

I think I’ve found a good one with Monkeys Up!

This game claims to:

  • Increase Emotional Bonding
  • Improve Sibling Rivalry — Kids learn boundaries, rules and sharing.
  • Builds Self Confidence
  • Reduces Stress by setting the daily concerns aside
  • Boosts Child Development while encouraging children to become lifelong learners
  • Unplugging from all the gadgets and gizmos

This is a fun game with the beauty that kids don’t realize they’re learning. It’s for 1 to 6 players ages 6 years and up. This game uses strategy and memory skills.

The game consists of:

  • 18 plastic monkeys
  • 1 cube
  • Simple Instructions

It’s easy to play and so much fun!!

Watch this video:

This is one of those games with unlimited “repeat” time.

You will definitely want to play over and over and over again!!

I believe this is a “must have” in your family game night rotation.

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