Medium — A Beautiful Series On Amazon Prime

The genre of Medium is Suspense, Drama, and Fantasy. This series centers around a woman who has dreams about crimes. She is married and has three daughters — and there is plenty of drama. 

The main characters of Allison DuBois — Patricia Arquette, Joe DuBois — Jake Weber, and Manuel DeValos — Miguel Sandoval along with others make up this delightful series.


It’s never my intention to give spoilers , , , but . . . I must say that this series ended very well in my opinion. I believe it followed the basic premise of life with its ups and downs and natural progressions,

This is an entertaining series. There were times I became frustrated — it may speak more of me than the series or the behaviors of the various characters. Yet I did want to watch every season, There have been some series I watch a few episodes and move on, but not with Medium.


I Believe Medium Is A Worthwhile Series To Binge Watch — I Did!

You can escape and get caught up in the characters and the actions. It tells a slice of life we may never experience, fortunately, for ourselves. It is about crime, the awful things in society, and the lives of those who investigate such issues.

I encourage you to take a look at it or re-experience it from when you watched it back in the early 2000s when it was originally broadcast on television.


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