WickedWitchWestI absolutely wasn’t going to jump into Halloween!

Then . . .!

I thought of The Wicked Witch of The West from the Wizard of Oz and then I saw the picture below and MeltedWitchesthese Melted Wicked Witches of the West were born! It is such a fun concept. The kids will eat them up!! This will truly be the highlight of any Halloween Party for kids as well as for adults. Remember the line: “I’m melting, I’m melting!” Oh yes, indeed!!!

You can make the Wicked Witch goo by melting green candy melts and dark chocolate candy melts separately in the microwave.

You won’t need much of the dark chocolate candy melts. A bag of the green candy melts made about 2 dozen of these melted wicked witches and as you can see from the picture, you just need to drizzle the dark chocolate in to make it look interesting — maybe give it a gentle swirl.

Do you see the witches hat and broom? You’re going to want to make those first before melting the candy melts. I guess I better stop dreaming about these gooy witches and get down to business.

Ingredients for the Melted Wicked Witches of the West Food Craft Recipe:

  • A bag of green candy melts for 2 dozen of these beauties
  • A bag of dark chocolate candy melts to drizzle into the green globs and to attach the kisses to the Oreo to make the witch’s hat
  • A bag of pretzel sticks for the broom handles
  • Yellow Laffy Taffy
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Hershey Kisses

To make the wicked witch’s hat you’ll need half an Oreo cookie and stick a Hershey’s Kiss on the non-filling side of the cookie. These you can make after you melt the candy melts and made your green gooy globs on a large cookie sheet covered with wax paper. I’d go with a little bit larger size than a regular cookie — maybe a cookie and a half size — especially if you want to put these in ziplock bags for Halloween Party Favors.

To make the witch’s broom you’ll flatten the yellow taffy and cut it in half horizonally, then cut the the broom fringe with sharp scissors and attach the non-fringed side of the broom bristles to a pretzel stick.

All right, you got your brooms made, right? You’ve melted your green and dark chocolate melts in separate bowls, right? You put wax paper on a large cookie sheet, right?

Let the assembly begin!

Spoon a nice generous amount of green candy melts onto the cookie sheet, trying to keep it in a neat circle. Drizzle the dark chocolate into the green goo and give it a swirl with a toothpick or butter knife. Separate an Oreo Cookie and put the frosting side into the green goo to the left edge. Add an unwrapped candy kiss dipped into the melted dark chocolate candy melt and attach to the center of the Oreo Cookie. Now put your pretzel broom into the green goo to the right. There you have it!

Continue the process until all of your Melted Wicked Witches of the West are complete and set in the refrigerator to cool.

I’m sure you’ll get the feel of making these in no time. You could be making quite a few of these once you get started. Have fun!!!


In case you’re having difficulty finding the ingredients, here are some links:

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