Merry Christmas!!

My goodness!! Christmas is here!!Christmas3

I find it surprising. The days, weeks and months seem to have flown by. I remember preparing for Halloween . . . then Thanksgiving . . . and Christmas.

Next is the New Year — 2016 . . . unbelievable.

Maybe I should begin preparing for Easter . . . it will be here in record time, just as Christmas has arrived so quickly.

It is said that the older you get, the quicker time seems to pass.

This Statement Seems Strange To Me

As we get older we may slow down a bit.

When we’re younger we’re trying to cram so much into every single day. Wouldn’t it seem logical that one with a busy schedule would find the passage of time going by at a faster pace?

I’m not expert . . . just observant . . . and blogging about it. It’s unfortunate I have no answers, just questions. And I do ask you, “Does time seem to be going by quickly?”

I Think I’ll March Ahead To Easter

I know there’s the New Year and the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day and other holidays . . . but . . . Easter for 2016 will be Sunday, March 27. 

In some ways that seems quite a ways away . . . but back in October, Christmas seemed so far away . . .

Easter seems to be coming early this coming year . . . it’s been in the April for awhile. Now, the end of March.

Before I March Ahead . . . How’s Your Christmas?

I’ve been getting my fill of Christmas Carols.

I do love them and will miss them. I will be playing them while I take my Christmas tree down and put away the decorations. It is part of my tradition.

I play Christmas Carols while decorating the tree and the house. So it seems fitting to do the same when taking everything down.

Now, I sometimes keep the tree up until after the New Year . . . and sometimes right after Christmas.

In the case of my blogs . . . except for  things will be changing over the weekend. will be still about Christmas . . . it’s my year round Christmas website. It is Christmas 365 days a year . . . not a repeat, as in the movies . . . just having the focus of Christmas throughout the year.

I’m also eliminating some of my websites. I want to be able to devote time to the ones I’m keeping. With time going by so quickly . . . I need to concentrate on those websites that are the most important to me.

I do hope this Christmas Day was filled with joy and goodwill for you and your family.

It may be a rainy day for me. During the early morning hours there was rain . . . and I do hope it continues. We need the rain and I have no outdoor plans.

It is cold . . . which is quite refreshing for Christmas.DTDM1

I feel good. This has been a wonderful Christmas. Maybe because it was my precious Diva’s first Christmas with me. She seemed to feel right at home with the tree and the decorations . . .

My little Diva is a remarkable little Yorkshire Terrier that brings me much joy and happiness.

I’m sure you feel the same about your furry pets.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!