I absolutely love paper crafts. Ravensblight.com has a new collection of mini haunted houses that are fast and easy to make.MiniHauntedHouses1

The creator Ray O’Bannon has a creepy little tale about this trio of mini houses that stand about 5 inches tall. They can be tucked away nicely in any little area in the house.

I believe this would be a wonderful introduction to paper crafts for your youngsters who would love to create this little trio of mini haunted houses that have been abandoned, but remain to decay . . . they do have ghostly visitors who make themselves at home . . . I wonder . . . a mini haunted house neighborhood within your home . . . the concept gives me chills . . .

These truly get your imagination running over-time . . . No time for delay with chitchat. Here are the links:

I print them out on heavy card stock. The instructions are easy to follow and you’ll have this little collection of mini haunted houses completed and displayed in your house in no time at all. Browse the website a bit and you may like to have some micro monsters walking around this neighborhood. Something else may grab your fancy . . . Maxine1

How about Maxine? She’s a real beauty. Just click the image and you’ll be able to download this 1958 Plymouth Fury. Of course, Ray O’Bannon has a tale to tell about her . . . and you may have one or two of your own . . . there is mystery surrounding Maxine . . . and you may be able to undercover it.

And, as you browse around, you may find something else you’d love to make.

Have fun!

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