Although I love real ghost stories, it doesn’t mean I don’t get creeped out and down right scared when strange paranormal activities happen in my own home . . . and with my personal belongings.

Antique mirrors are known to have some of the silver reflective “mirror” coating worn off. The glass may become warped . . . which makes the image seem like a carnival fun house mirror. And perhaps . . . just perhaps there may be something more sinister afoot.

I try to be logical . . . not everything has to be sinister or ghost related. Some things are just old and strange.

Well, now that I said that . . . you and I know I don’t believe it . . . stay with me and I’ll tell you why.

Aw, geez . . . with my antique mirror, it doesn’t seem to reflect what is directly in front of it, but gives a skewed image of what is beyond it.

Initially this intrigued me . . . giving off a kind of Alice in Wonderland imagery . . . That’s why I bought the creepy old thing . . . but once I hung it up, it made my walls and furniture look a bit topsy-turvy . . . and I didn’t look that great myself.

As I glance in the mirror, I see other images floating around inside, very similar to peering into a crystal ball.

I’m not sure if these floating images are ghostly spirits within the mirror or reflecting what is in the room. Is it possible that it is reflecting ghostly apparitions within my living room and dining room?

Are you getting a bit creeped out? I know I am and I’ve had this mirror hanging on my wall for quite some time now . . . 10 years!!!

I sometimes do my paper crafts at my dining room table . . . and I eat at my dining room table . . . and I have friends and family eat at that same dining room table . . . I may have some “uninvited guests” joining me . . . Aw geez!!

Well . . . if you aren’t a little spooked by now, you soon will be . . . but . . . not everyone finds the mirror creepy . . . 

I find it interesting how some of my invited guests do see the floating objects within the mirror and others don’t. I’m beginning to think those who don’t see anything out of the ordinary to be the lucky ones. They are spooked by it and don’t spend time gazing into it.

Yet, I have noticed some of my guests walk quickly past the mirror and don’t want to sit opposite it. Could be some sort of an internal “thing” they’ve picked up on subconsciously.

Yes, I’ve had blessings and smudgings done on this mirror . . . numerous times, in fact.

I’ve also moved it to various locations throughout the house . . . and it has basically decided where it resides now.

Oops!! I kind of let the cat out of the bag there . . .

Since purchasing the mirror and bringing it into my home, I heard strange sounds coming from within the walls of the house where the mirror hung . . . goodness, even when it was setting on the floor, there were strange sounds coming from under the house and seemed to run through the floor in all directions.

A psychic told me that the mirror didn’t want to be there . . .

I inquired whether it didn’t want to be in that particular location of the house . . . or it didn’t want to be in my house at all . . . 

I was assured that the mirror wasn’t opposed to being in my house (oh lucky me!!) . . . in fact the mirror chose me to purchase it . . .

The psychic didn’t have to say that . . . I wish he hadn’t said that, actually!!!

So . . . when the psychic left I got the antique mirror out of the house!!!

I set it out in the garage. Besides draining the battery of my car . . . it returned to the entry of my home, propped against the wall — not hung on the wall.

I was foolish enough to return it to the garage . . . And, you guessed it, it returned . . .

So . . . I decided (yeah, right, my decision . . . ) to hang it on the wall where it would be happy . . . and that turned out not be in the entry, but on the wall of the living room where it gets a nice view of the living room and the dining room.

I sit with my back to it mostly . . . it doesn’t seem to mind. I do get goose bumps from time to time and that creepy feeling that I’m being watched . . . and when I dust it, I do peer into it, just to make sure everything is in place . . . (those floating images) . . .

I suppose I’ve made peace with it . . . it does hang straight . . . it does seem happy . . . and I’ve learned a lesson . . . some antiques you own . . . and some . . . own . . . you . . .

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