My Yorkshire Terrier Diva and I have been together one year today!!!

This bundle of love arrived to her “forever home” a year ago.DSCN0024_edited-1

This is truly cause for celebration!!! She’s still training me . . . I can’t imagine my life without her.

This first year has been a joyous adventure . . . with many more years to come. She’s a California girl . . . she doesn’t like the rain . . . she loves the sunshine . . . she loves her walks and her backyard explorations.

I’m sure everyone believes their dog is the smartest and the best . . . and this is how it should be. We are very blessed to have such loyal precious companions.

Diva has been very supportive with my blogging and my crafting. She gets in the thick of things when I’m decorating for each season and holiday. She likes to see what’s in boxes and selects what appeals to her. She prefers the bright colors of Christmas . . . and the smell of toys and goodies in her stocking . . . she does like ribbons and bows . . .

When I’m crafting and discover something missing, I can usually find lace and ribbons in her bed. She does have the decorating spirit.

As I said, this first year has been a joyous adventure for both of us . . . and we look forward to many more to come . . . I believe Diva is a blogger . . . and when I begin doing videos of my crafts . . . Diva will be part of that as well.

My life is truly enriched by having her.

I need to plan a special treat for us . . .