Yes, yes, I know it’s August, but you can never begin too early with your Halloween decorating ideas.



Goodness!! You can go creepy, funny or cute; scary, disgusting or thought provoking.

I think if I went to so much work decorating a pumpkin I would go with an artificial pumpkin that I could pack away and bring out year after year. And as long as you’re at a craft store, you might as well take a good look around for various elements you may want to set on top of your pumpkin.

This idea is definitely something you may want to keep in mind while you’re shopping. You never know what may catch your eye.

And be sure to shop for bargains. I’m usually not one to go to the dollar bargain bins, but I’ve found some real treasures that no one else wanted and it was perfect for one of my holiday projects.

Sometimes it’s nice to have something in mind, but it can be quite refreshing to throw caution to the wind and collect things to your heart’s content and see what great creation materializes for you.

You can also use some of the free printables I’ve posted here. A pumpkin may be just the right setting. Take a look in the archives. I have a collection of houses, boxes and wreaths, cakes and cupcakes — everything can be fashioned in other media to put on top of your pumpkin decoration.

Have fun and leave me a comment below.

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