I remember way back when I was a child, I was told not to play with my food . . . but now . . . it’s wonderful to play with food and make it into something delicious and delightful for the kids in your life . . . and those who haven’t grown up.


What you see is how you make these Bunny Racers. Yes, you’ll need a Twinkie, Peep Bunnies, Pretzels, Marshmallows and Spring M & M’s. You’ll also need some frosting to use as “glue” to stick the pieces together.

You can put these together however you see fit. I’d start with the Twinkie. I’d make up the race car by cutting a marshmallow in two and put on the front wheels then add M&M hubcaps (As I mentioned, I’d use frosting to “glue” the marshmallows onto the Twinkie and the M&M’s onto the marshmallows). I’d then cut a slot out of the Twinkie to set the Bunny Peep inside. I’d add the pretzel windshield — I’d also break out the bottom of the pretzel to make the points for stinking the pretzel into the Twinkie. I’d then cut another marshmallow to make the back tires with M&M hubcaps.

Yes, these are no bake and great fun for the kids to make. You can add “headlights” a front “grill” on your race car and you may want to put “goggles” on your bunny using frosting gel. This “food craft” opens up a lot of imagination and creativity for your youngsters. 

Have fun!

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