November has arrived with wonderful rain.

Many of you may not agree and many of you may be experiencing other weather. I do enjoy the rain, especially when I don’t have to be out in it. I love sitting at my breakfast table, looking out the window while I’m writing this blog on my laptop.

My power-walkers have been out earlier. Those are brave dedicated women who won’t let a little rain dampen their spirits. I do hope they didn’t get a chill. I’ll find out as the days progress — if I see them . . . or they’re in bed with a cold.

Tis the season for colds . . . be sure to take care of yourself.

My little Yorkie, Abby, is sleeping. She’s tired from the excitement of seeing so many children in their wonderful costumes last night roaming the neighborhood for good treats. I did hear someone remark about the number of granola bars they received. Hummmm, I gave out candy.

After the trick-or-treat crowd disappeared, Abby and I did take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. There were lots of interesting smells that caught her attention. We returned before the rain began to fall. It was a wonderful evening.

For a Friday night, I was surprised Halloween ended as early as it did. I suppose they had other things to do. I know after my walk I read Legend of Sleepy Hollow and some Edgar Allen Poe. It’s a tradition I established to settle down to get thinking about Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I realized fall has much more to offer until winter sets in.

I know many are thinking ahead to Christmas. Wanting to get started with their Christmas shopping. I think that’s wonderful. I, too, should be adding some Christmas ideas for your shopping pleasure, but for today I prefer to enjoy this rainy fall day and to think about the season and the way it makes me feel.

On my home page I have some thoughts and a fall video. I do feel much more nostalgic than at the beginning of the season, but I did feel it coming through.

I have always had a special liking for fall. There seems to be a special energy in the air. There’s something new with the beginning of a school year for children . . . then the whole Halloween thing. Now, it’s time to relax a bit and enjoy the beauty of the season.

Yes, there’s putting away many Halloween decorations, but I can keep out the pumpkins that haven’t been carved to be enjoyed until I decorate for Christmas. Yes, there’s that word again . . . of another holiday season . . . yes it does want to crowd right in . . .

I also keep out the haunted house and the village. This is something that doesn’t change just because Halloween is gone. Haunted houses do have their “season” of recognition, but if you’ll notice, that spooky old house is still there and still in spooky during the rest of the days, months and years to come.

It’s our focus that changes.

In the still of the night while Abby and I walked around. I thought of the peacefulness, the calm stillness of the night . . . then I remembered it still was Halloween and quickened my step for home.

Once inside, I did think about Icabod Crane and his adventure and mysterious disappearance. It is a wonderful story of a time long ago . . . with a mystery at the end . . . and the possibilities for imagination. I do believe and have thought that since Icabod was unable to capture the heart of the woman he desired, it was time for him to move on. He did get the wits scared out of him . . . but once he was able to think clearly again, he could move on to the next town and discover the opportunities open to him.

I like to think of this as an on-going adventure for him. Just as fall can open up many opportunities for all of us.

As I watch and listen to the rain . . . I pour another cup of coffee . . . thinking of this day and how wonderful it is to be alive to experience it.