Queen of Hearts


As the days, weeks, months go by moving from one seasonal holiday to the next, I was ready for a rest when my friend Julie said it is time to prepare for the next big thing. Oh my, not rest . . . but it’s all about fun and making each celebration special and perhaps a bit different. 

I found this image of The Queen of Hearts and immediately thought of Mother’s Day . . . all right, you got me . . . I thought of Halloween . . . then Mother’s Day.  Goodness, you get this costume together for Mother’s Day and you’re all set for a grand Halloween costume as well. I like things to serve more than one purpose . . . I’m not embarrassed to wear the same costume again. If it was good enough to put together, it’s good enough to wear for appropriate occasions. 

Now, I forgot one very important factor. The Queen of Hearts is a foul tempered monarch with her favorite expression being, “Off with their heads!.” This is not at all appropriate for Mother’s Day when Mom is queen for the day with all the love and adoration bestowed upon her. So this just won’t do for Mother’s Day, unless Mom wants to be the Queen of Hearts and play whatever role she chooses. We do have that cranky side that we usually don’t want emphasized.

The image didn’t come with a pattern or a link to where this costume could be purchased, so it was time for me to do some searching on my own.

Of course, my first stop was Amazon. No elaborate collar, but the dress and jumbo playing cards are available to purchase. Then there’s a royal sceptor, but no grand crown as in the picture.


So my search continued. And it ended with making your own costume. Now is the best time to get started working on your Halloween Costume. There are plenty of patterns in the books at your favorite fabric store. This would be the best solution for you to create an original beautiful costume.

You may want to plan a grand Alice In Wonderland Themed Party. Admit it, you do like to dress up. It’s great for the kids, too. You can read the book or view the DVD, then plan the costumes and what character each person wants to be. This does seem like a fun spring party. Won’t the neighbors be surprised when they see your guests arriving in costume. And the spring is the best time to hold this type of party and have an elegant tea party.

And, if sewing isn’t your thing, I got your costumes covered:

This should give you a good start on your Alice in Wonderland Themed celebration. I don’t know about you, but in my neighborhood on Halloween, I’ve noticed whole families dressing up in a themed costume selection. The adults want to have as much fun as the kids . . . and the kids do like it when Mom and Dad join in the fun. As a candy-hander-outter I enjoy seeing the great costumes . . . sometimes I dress up, too. I’ll need to figure out what my beautiful Yorkshire Terrier Diva wants to be . . . and we’ll coordinate our costumes.

Now, I know many of you are thinking it’s too soon to be planning Halloween costumes, but some people plan for Halloween all year round. They get their party refreshment recipes all set up and continue collecting more throughout the year. They are looking at costumes and accessories, getting the best possible costume way in advance. They don’t want to be disappointed by waiting too long once the season begins. And, as with the Alice in Wonderland themed party, they have themed dress up parties several times a year. 

It’s something to think about!

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